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Top 32 Quotes About Being Acknowledged

#1. You know, it's hard for me to, like, act the way I've been acting and, like, being, like, nice to everyone. And I feel, like, I deserve to be acknowledged for that. - Author: Aaryn Gries
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#2. Nature gives liberty even to dumb animals. - Author: Tacitus
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#3. There are so many great artists, I think, who kind of suffer from being icons, legends, acknowledged masters. - Author: Richard Linklater
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#4. We shall not refuse tobacco the credit of being sometimes medical, when used temperately, though an acknowledged poison. - Author: Jesse Torrey
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#5. Medium clever," Simon acknowledged. "Like a cross between George Clooney in Ocean's Eleven and those MythBusters guys, but, you know, better-looking."
"I'm always so glad I have no idea what you're vacantly chattering about," said Jace. "It fills me with a sense of peace and well-being. - Author: Cassandra Clare
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#6. Being acknowledged by 'Vogue' and invited to do 'Today I'm Wearing' was a really great moment for me, and the photo diary of my outfits was a really fun thing to do. - Author: Suki Waterhouse
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#7. While commentators on Fox and right-wing radio have the backing of Rupert Murdoch, a major Republican contributor, and other conservative corporations, progressives understand that their position is extremely vulnerable. - Author: Bernie Sanders
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#8. All new ideas pass through three stages: first they are dismissed as nonsense, then they are rejected as being against religion and finally they are acknowledged as the truth, with the proviso from the initial opponents that they knew it all along. - Author: Karl Ernst Von Baer
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#9. Normally, if I'm being acknowledged it is for something in front of the camera. This puts the spotlight on the fact that there are opportunities other than just being an actor. - Author: Melvin Van Peebles
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#10. After all, didn't everyone deserve happiness? Even men who'd killed. If they repented and acknowledged their sins, wasn't it my job as a human being to help him on the road to recover? - Author: Pepper Winters
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#11. The most important quality in a leader is that of being acknowledged as such. All leaders whose fitness is questioned are clearly lacking in force. - Author: Andre Maurois
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#12. Most people would trade everything they know, everyone they know- they'd trade it all to know they've been seen, and acknowledged, that they might even be remembered. We all know the world is too big for us to be significant. So all we have is the hope of being seen, or heard, even for a moment. - Author: Dave Eggers
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#13. Being liked or not, having company or not, being understood or not, being acknowledged or not are not issues of concern on the spiritual path. - Author: Donna Goddard
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#14. I am glad that the Crown have proved that I am the leader of the Half-breeds in the North-West. I will perhaps be one day acknowledged as more than a leader of the Half-breeds, and if I am I will have an opportunity of being acknowledged as a leader of good in this great country. - Author: Louis Riel
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#15. I think, as written, 'Assassins' simply acknowledges the very human need to be acknowledged. As director, I've got to put aside any particular biases or prejudices that, as a moral human being, this is not an appropriate or acceptable way to get what you want. - Author: Joe Mantello
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#16. Instead, that possessive side of him, the one that recognized Tate as his match, his equal in all ways he ever could have imagined, stirred to life, as he acknowledged the possibility of being bound to this man forever, in every way he could be. Curious - Author: Ella Frank
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#17. Don't worry about being acknowledged by others; worry about failing to acknowledge them. - Author: Confucius
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#18. You do not need to worry about being sure right now,' she said. 'You need to laugh, that is all. Just laugh. We will help you. - Author: Sarah-Kate Lynch
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#19. In business courtesy and efficiency have a symbiotic relationship. - Author: Eleanor Roosevelt
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#20. The good husbands understand and offer to help. "All you have to do is ask" they say. But even helpful husbands have to be thanked, their contributions acknowledged, credit given. All those pleases and thank yous. Being grateful takes time and energy. It's often easier to do it yourself. - Author: Bettina Arndt
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#21. I resent it being a truth universally acknowledged, no matter what era I find myself in, that a single woman of thirty must be in want of a husband. - Author: Laurie Viera Rigler
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#22. What I love most about Mother's Day is that I am acknowledged and honored for being a mother. - Author: Liya Kebede
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#23. Most women fight wars on two fronts, one for whatever the putative topic is and one simply for the right to speak, to have ideas, to be acknowledged to be in possession of facts and truths, to have value, to be a human being. - Author: Rebecca Solnit
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#24. It was very cool to be honored and be acknowledged in that way for the first time ever, being nominated for an Emmy. - Author: Sheila E.
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#25. If theological ideas prove to have a value for concrete life, they will be true, for pragmatism, in the sense of being good for so much. How much more they are true, will depend entirely on their relations to the other truths that also have to be acknowledged. - Author: William James
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#26. One aspect of politics too little acknowledged is that besides being jolly serious and all that, it is also a hugely enjoyable game for boys. - Author: Andrew Marr
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#27. What the mind forgets is that the ability to respond is the basis of life. If the ability is acknowledged willingly, you become blissful. If it happens unwillingly, you become miserable. Being - Author: Sadhguru
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#28. But crushing truths perish from being acknowledged. - Author: Albert Camus
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#29. Anyone literate can take an implement in hand and make marks on a flat surface. Being a writer, however, seems to be a socially acknowledged role, and one that carries some sort of weight or impressive significance - we hear a capital W on Writer. - Author: Margaret Atwood
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#30. It has to be acknowledged that in capitalist society, with its herds of hippies, originality has become a sort of fringe benefit, a mere convention, accepted obsolescence, the Beatnik model being turned in for the Hippie model, as though strangely obedient to capitalist laws of marketing. - Author: Mary McCarthy
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#31. Being a true friend is giving of the one thing you can NOT get back; Time - Author: Angel Dust
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#32. The thought of someone spending $20 to come and see me and saying, 'Oh, I prefer the record and she's completely shattered the illusion' really upsets me. It's such a big deal that people come give me their time. - Author: Adele
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