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Top 19 Quotes About Beef Jerky

#1. Reading a Lydia Davis story collection is like reaching into what you think is a bag of potato chips and pulling out something else entirely: a gherkin, a pepper corn, a truffle, a piece of beef jerky. - Author: Kate Christensen
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#2. All I can do now is carry on with my life. - Author: Amanda Laneley
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#3. Passion is all too often a cover for overwork cloaked in the rhetoric of self-fulfillment. - Author: Miya Tokumitsu
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#4. Oh man, a six pack of soda - five dollars, bag of beef jerky - six dollars, scaring the living shit out of your best friend - priceless, - Author: Dominick Anderson
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#5. I was a gamble of Nature, a throw of the dice into an uncertain realm, leading perhaps to something new, perhaps to nothing; and to let this throw from the primordial depths take effect, to feel its will inside myself and adopt it completely as my own will: that alone was my vocation. That alone! I - Author: Hermann Hesse
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#6. And I'm lost behind
The words I'll never find
And I'm left behind
As seasons roll on by - Author: Chris Cornell
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#7. Iggy: I'll grab a zebra; Gaz, you fill all the bubbles with your trademark scent. so people are choking and gagging; and let's throw beef jerky in their eyes! Now, that's a plan! - Author: James Patterson
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#8. I eat beef jerky and ride with bare feet on the dashboard. We - Author: Gillian Flynn
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#9. I have to pause the video while I corral the dogs in the other room. They howl in protest, and I tell them they are harshing my mellow and Yogi Beef Jerky's going to be pissed.
Such a Pretty Fat: One Narcissist's Quest To Discover if Her Life Makes Her Ass Look Big, Or Why Pie is Not The Answer - Author: Jen Lancaster
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#10. The ability to observe without evaluating is the highest form of intelligence. - Author: Jiddu Krishnamurti
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#11. I'm a girl who eats, I love to eat. - Author: Aubrey O'Day
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#12. I've always been obsessed by beef jerky. - Author: Elizabeth Hurley
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#13. Dear Mr. Gibbon. Sorry I was absent. Here is some salted food. Please grade it the way you would a jenti piece of beef jerky. - Author: Douglas Rees
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#14. To neglect the wise sayings of great thinkers is to deny ourselves the truest education. - Author: William James
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#15. Thank God it wasn't beef jerky, or I might've ended up dead."

"The President's Neighbor" a comedy script by Brett Bacon. - Author: Brett Bacon
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#16. All I know is, he found out you left and he locked himself in the shed and barricaded the door. No one's seen him since," Doug said. "When I bolted, Sean and Evan were trying to boost Caleb up onto the roof so he could look through the skylight and make sure the kid wasn't dead or something. - Author: Kate Brian
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#17. Don't just be interested, be interesting. - Author: Luci Swindoll
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#18. I work pretty quickly. I'd probably draw somebody once or twice in pencil, then just go to ink. Not really care too much about it, and it just kind of worked out. - Author: Box Brown
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#19. The chase is among the best of all national pastimes; it cultivates that vigorous manliness for the lack of which in a nation, as in an individual, the possession of no other qualities can possibly atone. - Author: Theodore Roosevelt
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