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Top 37 Quotes About Artsy

#1. The only thing that makes a book YA is that it is about teenagers, and it is written in a very conventional, non-artsy, non-pretentious way. YA is not the place for the oblique or the cryptic. If it is in any way experimental in form, it is not YA. - Author: Russell Smith
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#2. I'm not trying to say I'm this artist who is all artsy and that I only write music for myself, because I don't. I write music for other people to enjoy, so I think about if it'd be an idea someone else would like. - Author: Conrad Sewell
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#3. My first year of university, I ran around and signed up for these clubs, and I noticed they were all drama clubs: really lame, artsy things. - Author: Penelope Mitchell
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#4. I think I'm more approachable with long hair. When it's short, I come across as being artsy and weird. - Author: Selma Blair
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#5. I'm not good at anything except writing jokes. I wasn't good at sports, I wasn't good at anything artsy, ever. I think there was a real worry for a while about what I would be good at. I was just this chubby little Indian kid who looked like a nerd. - Author: Mindy Kaling
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#6. I read Rand and thought, "I want to be one of the earth movers, the scientific people who power the world. I don't want to be one of these lisping liberal artsy leeches." So I was working against my actual abilities. - Author: George Saunders
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#7. More bungalow-type setups. Rent by the week. Artsy places," Zane
explained. "It's different."
"Do I look like an artsy type to you?" Ty asked, bristling on principle.
It didn't even faze Zane. "You look like sex on legs to me. You'll
blend in, no problem. - Author: Madeleine Urban
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#8. I am an artsy girl. It's no secret that I am artsy, you know. - Author: Kreayshawn
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#9. You ready? I have gold teeth, I have braids, I'm wearing Rick Owens moon boots, I have rips in my denim, a biker vest, I love artsy girls, my favourite artists are Jimi Hendrix and John Lennon. I'm obsessed with being different. - Author: ASAP Rocky
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#10. I love to watch low-budget indie artsy films, but I do also love the big blockbuster things. I would love to do that one day, do a Marvel film. That would be really great. - Author: Ed Oxenbould
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#11. I am an artist you know ... it is my right to be odd. - Author: E.A. Bucchianeri
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#12. My breath caught in my chest. Misunderstood artsy types weren't supposed to smile like that. They were supposed to glance at others condescendingly and ooze sarcastic witticisms. I felt like this guy was going to wiggle his eyebrows and ask me to wrassle - Author: Katherine Pine
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#13. He gave her his hand, sensing the thin strong rod of obdurate competence that was the armature of her artsy Village style. - Author: Michael Chabon
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#14. To me, I approach a small-budget, artsy, European movie the same way as a big commercial Hollywood movie. That's the most important thing. Hollywood usually represents this big dream in people's minds, but to me, it's just hard work. - Author: Olga Kurylenko
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#15. If you have a personality predisposed to liberalism, you might gravitate more to the artsy crowd or the anti-establishment crowd. And then those peers will affect you, and they will give you values, and you will copy them. - Author: Jonathan Haidt
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#16. I've never thought Mr. Nelson had much use for me since I wasn't an athlete. He probably considered me a failure to the male species, and I'm sure he harbored questions about my sexuality. To him, I was some artsy-fatsy guitar playing fairy. Like I said, the man was an asshole. - Author: Katie Ashley
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#17. There's a latter-day notion that artsy hippie types in the 1960s disdained the space program. Not in my experience they didn't. We watched, transfixed with reverence, not even making rude remarks about President Nixon during his phone call to the astronauts. - Author: Patrick Nielsen Hayden
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#18. I was surprised by how much I loved Portland. It is so wonderfully creative without being artsy. Great food scene. - Author: Sloane Crosley
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#19. I've been described as a smart actor because I've attended college. Or I've been called an artsy jock. And I am thinking, 'So, are actors supposed to be dumb?' - Author: Omari Hardwick
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#20. Although my dad was a doctor, we weren't necessarily a super-artsy family. We were just a classic, traditional family who got to take a lot of piano lessons and became a bunch of musicians. - Author: Lisa Loeb
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#21. All of the young people - the artsy people, people who get overlooked because they're weird or they don't have hype around them - need to get some shine. - Author: ASAP Rocky
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#22. Everyone has their thing, and I was the weird, artsy kid. - Author: Spencer Grammer
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#23. For me, growing up in Harlem and then migrating down to SoHo and the Lower East Side and chillin' down there and making that my stomping ground ... That was a big thing, because I'm from Harlem, and downtown is more artsy and also more open-minded. So I got the best of both worlds. - Author: ASAP Rocky
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#24. I mean really, how could an artistic individual stay grounded in the nitty-gritty of how many minutes per pound meat has to stay in the oven when trying to fathom the creative philosophy behind the greatest artistic minds of the world? - Author: E.A. Bucchianeri
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#25. I was always trying to take art photographs, but the most interesting pictures were the snapshots. The artsy pictures were boring, always. - Author: Janet Malcolm
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#26. I know that my look is more 'toothpaste model' as opposed to artsy, which sucks because I can play those roles. - Author: Margot Robbie
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#27. I like to go from mainstream movies to more artsy films. I don't sign on for the money. Maybe I should, but I don't. There's always a good reason for doing something. - Author: Famke Janssen
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#28. I always assumed I'd spend my life happily performing in artsy-fartsy little theaters. - Author: Teller
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#29. Jackson [Rathbone] is the most artsy, creative and, I think, the most talented. - Author: Nikki Reed
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#30. Weirdism is definitely the cornerstone of many an artist's career. - Author: E.A. Bucchianeri
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#31. I'm not tall enough to be a model, but I wish I was 6-foot, because I love it. It's kind of artsy, and I'm artsy. And I love clothes. - Author: Danica Patrick
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#32. I was in more of the artsy crowd in high school. - Author: Noureen DeWulf
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#33. Art is in the eye of the beholder, and everyone will have their own interpretation. - Author: E.A. Bucchianeri
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#34. For a while, I just thought that I wanted to be an illustrator because that's all I wanted to do. I also did some sculpting. It was always very artsy and very feminine, everything that I did. - Author: Jason Wu
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#35. I'm more of a science-fizz-bam-boom-poof girl than an artsy-fartsy type. - Author: Angela Cervantes
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#36. My father loved 'Godard and Truffaut.' He was more artsy. My mom loved the 'Bourne' trilogy; she likes big blockbusters. She loved that I did 'I Am Legend.' My passion for acting came with my passion for movies. - Author: Alice Braga
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#37. I was just over high school, and I was kind of artsy. - Author: Sara Shepard
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