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Top 13 Quotes About Arpanet

#1. In the early days of the military Arpanet, my daughter was studying in Nicaragua. Because the U.S. was essentially at war with them, contact was difficult. I managed to use MIT's Arpanet connection, and she found one, so we could communicate thanks to the Pentagon! - Author: Noam Chomsky
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#2. Communicating online goes back to the Defense Department's Arpanet which started in 1969. There was something called Usenet that started in 1980, and this gave people an opportunity to talk about things that people on these more official networks didn't talk about. - Author: Howard Rheingold
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#3. Anyway, if you really want to see the Arpanet as the origin of the internet, please explain why the government sat on it for thirty years and did almost nothing with it until it was effectively privatised in the 1990s, with explosive results. - Author: Matt Ridley
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#4. We just did what we'd done when we were an act in the '60s. But I found it impossible to hold a dialogue with 500,000 people. In a certain sense, it was numbing. - Author: Paul Simon
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#5. I am sorry to say that sometimes matters of very small importance waste a good deal of precious time, by the long and repeated speeches and chicanery of gentlemen who will not wholly throw off the lawyer even in Congress. - Author: William Whipple
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#6. If I was 14 and knew some gay people, I wouldn't nearly have had the struggle I had. Our world is definitely changing. - Author: Portia De Rossi
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#7. Man being condemned to be free carries the weight of the whole world on his shoulders; he is responsible for the world and for himself as a way of being. - Author: Jean-Paul Sartre
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#8. Comedians are people who say funny things, and comics are people who say things funny. - Author: Staton Rabin
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#9. There are very little things in this life I cannot afford and patience is one of them. - Author: Larry Hagman
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#10. The ARPAnet was the first transcontinental, high-speed computer network. - Author: Eric S. Raymond
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#11. You have behaved in an exemplary manner until now. Even when you could have gained by doing something wrong, you refrained from doing so. You didn't fall prey to the logic of doing a small wrong for the sake of the greater good; of the ends justifying the means. That takes moral courage. - Author: Amish Tripathi
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#12. Everything you need to know about a customer has been written by them or about them. And it lives on the Internet. All you have to do is uncover it. And use it. - Author: Jeffrey Gitomer
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#13. He made no attempt to move toward me but stood still, his bright blue eyes assessing me. I shivered. He was giving my goose bumps a field day. - Author: Myra McEntire
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