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#1. If you let a man cancel plans or decline to do things for you, you lose. - Author: Gillian Flynn
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#2. Underneath the scars, the muscles, and the tattoos was a hurt and lost man. - Author: Tillie Cole
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#3. How fugitive and brief is mortal life between the budding and the falling leaf. - Author: Thomas Bailey Aldrich
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#4. That's the funny thing about music. Part of the magic, I quess. Sometimes it replenishes me, like I'm feeding off its energy and it fills me. And other times, it pulls at my pain, weaves its way through the strands of my soul and wrecks it. - Author: Caisey Quinn
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#5. Nothing is more helpful to reduce pride than the actual experience of self-knowledge. If we are discouraged by it, we have misunderstood its meaning. - Author: Thomas Keating
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#6. Because we are afraid of life, we seek to control or master it. - Author: Alexander Lowen
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#7. Pretty sad. Pretty lonely. But that's how I prefer it? I quess? I guess. It's a good guess. It's the best quess ever. - Author: Dan Harmon
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#8. The idea that a war can be won by standing on the defensive and waiting for the enemy to attack is a dangerous fallacy, which owes its inception to the desire to evade the price of victory. - Author: Douglas Haig
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#9. I go about in the world - free, busy, happy. Among people, I have no time to think of myself. - Author: Susan Glaspell
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#10. In a sense these are questions that most people ask themselves to some extent. They become philosophical when asked with a persistence and rigour that pushes past conventional or evasive answers. It's nothing to do with acquiring a technical facility in an academic discipline. - Author: George Pattison
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#11. Before the first World War women were arrested for smoking cigarettes in public, for using profanity, for appearing on beaches without stockings, for driving automobiles without a man beside them, for wearing outlandish attire for example, shorts - Author: Geoffrey Perret
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#12. He could tell her that dogs used to look like cats and vice versa without a lick of proof and it would change the way she regarded the animals. - Author: S.A. Tawks
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