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#1. Ordering wine in this place was not unlike ordering milk - he was fortunate there were no real (or any) men at the bar to mock his pussiness.

Aleksandar Hemon

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#2. My hand may slip from lack of practice, but I do not believe my clumsy writing derives from an agitated mind.

Soseki Natsume

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#3. I myself believe that the evidence for God lies primarily in inner personal experiences.

William James

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#4. Analysis is soul of thought and ghost of wit.

Raheel Farooq

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#5. Men will die upon dogma but will not fall victim to a conclusion.

John Henry Newman

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#6. I feel like a sailor, or better, like an explorer of the immense universe of art. The artist is a discoverer in search of the keys that open the door to emotions and feelings . Art is the place where rationality, fantasy, truth and fiction mix up in a detonating mixture.

Augusto De Luca

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#7. I think that the game is the game. I think that expansion is good for the game because it gives more jobs to the people and more ballplayers can play, but I think the game is still the game. The ballplayers, they come into the game with one thing in mind - it's their job.

Tony Oliva

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#8. I'm often uncomfortable taking pictures, especially if people are grieving, or hurt, or hungry. At such times I have to remind myself that I'm a photographer and that this is my job.

Eugene Richards

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#9. As a reader, I've always been interested in dystopian novels like 'Nineteen Eighty-four'.

Barbara Demick

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#10. The way to shut us up - to denigrate and destroy the truth we hear and see -is to render us unworthy and unsuccessful and without homes or roots.


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#11. It might be the end of this chapter. But, for us, our story is only just beginning.

Zoe Sugg

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#12. I am so tired of rearranging my life around what the stupidest people might do.

Bill Maher

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#13. I know it's mad, but for a second I thought it was ... " "Saints, you're seeing her in everyone and everything now, Kell? There's a word for that." "Hallucination?" "Infatuation.

Victoria Schwab

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#14. Fraternities aren't cool at all, not in the real, rock-and-roll sense, the one I now knew. They have a reputation of housing douchebags that pay for friends and try to seem better than everyone else, and actually smart, cool people shouldn't want to be a part of anything like that.

A.D. Aliwat

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