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#1. But when she looked at Prue tonight, she saw this was not now quite true of her. She was just beginning, just moving, just descending. - Author: Virginia Woolf
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#2. Prue hadn't really been in love with Fabian. Indeed, it was obvious that at times she found him both boring and irritating. But wasn't that what so many marriages were - finding a person boring and irritating and yet loving him? Who could imagine a man who was never boring, or irritating? - Author: Barbara Pym
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#3. By phonemic trans-formation into visual terms, the alphabet became a universal, abstract, static container of meaningless sounds - Author: Marshall McLuhan
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#4. When in doubt, bourbon through it. - Author: Donna Ison
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#5. I only wanted to know, Prue. I be getting ancient and old, and the time draws nigh when life'll be a burden. I'd lief know as there was good in store for the best girl ever. - Author: Mary Webb
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#6. Every woman is a hallway full of locked doors under different names: past, future, hopes, fears, lust, and love. Some men come with keys. Some men come with lick picks. Byron St. James comes with a chainsaw. - Author: Jessica Gadziala
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#7. Lotte watched Peter's fingers gently massaging his forehead and felt a wave of affection. The slightest stress - anxiety, embarrassment, confusion - brought his hand to his brow, like a thumb to the mouth of a child. - Author: Prue Leith
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#8. There was some banging around in the hall, and Aunt Prue appeared in the doorway in an equally large and disturbing hat. This one was black, with a wraparound veil that made Aunt Prue look like the mother of a mob boss at his funeral. - Author: Kami Garcia
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#9. Increasing your self-esteem is easy. Simply do good things and remember that you did them. - Author: Roger Delano Hinkins
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#10. Nothing is more generally known than our duties which belong to Christianity; and yet, how amazing is it, nothing is less practiced? - Author: George Whitefield
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#11. This is Prue's funeral, can't we bury our sister in peace?! - Author: Constance M. Burge
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#12. His mother's words faded to myth, concocted by a gentle soul to delight the imagination of a boy.

Until one day, they were no longer a myth. One day, he would wish he had never heard them at all because they spelled his happiness--and his eternal sorrow. - Author: Natalia Marx
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#13. This fantasy about the disposability of black life is a constant in American history. - Author: Teju Cole
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#14. I love you , I love you, I love you, I will say it a million more times if I have to. - Author: Brody Campbell
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#15. Anyone can live for themself , but life's worth better living for others. - Author: K. Qasim Ali
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#16. I do believe all shall be well with you, Prue. It's come to my heart as soft as dew, and as sweet as a red rose, that you'll get love as well as give it. After my time, though, after my time. But no matter for that, so I do know it's to come. - Author: Mary Webb
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#17. Attempted murder should carry the same penalty as first-degree murder. Otherwise, you're simply rewarding incompetence. - Author: Burt Prelutsky
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#18. Don't spend time with anyone you don't like. - Author: Prue Leith
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#19. [My guilty pleasure is a] deep, eco-unfriendly, hot bath. Preferably with a glass of champagne and someone sitting on the loo seat gossiping. - Author: Prue Leith
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#20. A room is not a room without natural light. - Author: Louis Kahn
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#21. By associating with the cat, one only risks becoming richer. - Author: Colette
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#22. Mercy! You stop all that talk!" "Stop what? Speakin' the truth?" "Don't you drag the truth inta this house!" Aunt Prue was flustered. - Author: Kami Garcia
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#23. My dear Prue, we are the inheritors of a wonderful world, a beautiful world, full of life and mystery, goodness and pain. But likewise are we children of an indifferent universe. We break our own hearts imposing our moral order on what is, by nature, a wide web of chaos. It is a hopeless task. - Author: Colin Meloy
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#24. It sounds boring, but anything is easy to start-starting a novel, starting a business ... it's keeping the thing going that is difficult. - Author: Prue Leith
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#25. A kind of bogan embodiment of Eastern philosophy, Prue swears prolifically, sells organic vegetables out the front of her house, is a strict vegan, chemical-free ('apart from toothpaste') and determined to live alone. - Author: Anna Krien
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#26. You eat to get happy, feel bad for indulging, and then eat more to escape your emotional discomfort. I'm sure you'll agree - this isn't the most constructive strategy. - Author: Laura Katleman-Prue
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#27. Kira, the highest thing in man is not his god. It's that in him which knows the reverence due a god. And you, Kira, are my highest reverence ... - Author: Ayn Rand
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#28. There are two ways to get rid of an anxiety monster,my friend-you either have a bath or a nap. - Author: Andrew Kaufman
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#29. The question at this age is what kind of dog you will shortly resemble. She will be a beagle, Prue a terrier. Pamela will be an Afghan, or something equally unearthly. - Author: Margaret Atwood
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#30. It is seeing ourselves in others that often prompts the remark, 'There's something about that person I don't trust. - Author: Robert Breault
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