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#1. Suspicion on one side breeds suspicion on the other, and new weapons beget counter-weapons. - Author: John F. Kennedy
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#2. I'm aiming by the time I'm fifty to stop being an adolescent. - Author: Charles Caleb Colton
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#3. What a person thinks about determines what he is. - Author: Charles L. Allen
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#4. As Hurston herself noted, "Roll your eyes in ecstasy and ape his every move, but until we have placed something upon his street corner that is our own, we are right back where we were when they filed our iron collar off. - Author: Zora Neale Hurston
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#5. Rylie didn't realize how afraid she'd been until it drained out and left her weak. Gwyn stopped - Author: S.M. Reine
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#6. Tom [Cargil]s suggestion with a further idea: Propsers of new [C++] features should be required to donate a kidney. That would - Jim [Waldo] pointed out - make people think hard before proposing, and even people without any sense would propose at most two extensions. - Author: Bjarne Stroustrup
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#7. Maybe not as an idol, but I have influenced some people, including my son Joshua. So that feels good. Wherever I play musicians come to meet me, that is a great compliment to me. I am honored. - Author: Dewey Redman
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#8. No, I see it as meaning very little at the moment because none of the groups are about anything. - Author: Lester Bangs
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#9. Or in other words, it's the substance you've got when you start that determines the outcome. - Author: Jodi Picoult
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#10. Hope is good. Without it, well, you do the math. But hope has to be like a prayer. Putting it out there to something more powerful than yourself. - Author: Lisa Unger
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#11. Blue radiated psychic energy for others, but touch was where she gained hers back. She was always hugging her mother or holding Noah's hand or linking her elbow in Adam's or resting her boots on Ronan's legs as they sat on the sofa. Touching Gansey's neck just between his hair and his collar. This - Author: Maggie Stiefvater
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#12. Bestigui, who was five feet six inches at the most, had pushed his way out from behind his desk now; as unafraid of the enormous Strike as a pit bull whose yard has been invaded by a Rottweiler. - Author: Robert Galbraith
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