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#1. Media play a powerful role in establishing and perpetuating social norms. - Author: Jackson Katz
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#2. The balls of sight are so formed, that one man's eyes are spectacles to another, to read his heart with. - Author: Samuel Johnson
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#3. Profits should be for a purpose. Profits should be productive. You should make money for producing benefits that make the world a better place. Making money is a good thing when it is made in service to humanity or the democracy. - Author: Andrew Young
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#4. What am I hanging around for? But I'm hanging around because it's still fun. - Author: James Toback
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#5. I grew up with an older brother who was always stronger and faster and better than me at everything, but I was close enough in age to try and compete, so we had a competitive childhood. - Author: Anthony Browne
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#6. The day I understand what's going on in her psychotic little brain they'll have to lock me in a psych ward. - Author: J. Gabriel Gates
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#7. attend unto my wisdom, and bow thine ear to my understanding: PRO5.2 That thou mayest regard discretion, and that thy lips may keep knowledge. PRO5.3 For the lips of a strange woman drop - Author: Anonymous
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#8. The only difference is that religion is much better organised and has been around much longer, but it's the same story with different characters and different costumes. - Author: James Randi
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#9. If we live behind a mask we can impress but we can't connect. - Author: Donald Miller
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#10. If you practice a little jnana yoga in your daily life, it will help you tremendously. - Author: Frederick Lenz
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#11. The people of Israel have come home never to be uprooted again, - Author: Benjamin Netanyahu
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#12. If we can observe and understand how our thoughts are impacting us, we can change who we're being and how we're experiencing the world. - Author: Lori Deschene
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#13. I am yours to command, my queen," he whispered, making my heart clench in complete, helpless love. "I will obey, even if you order me to cut out my own heart. Even if you order me to the hell that is the Winter Court Elysium. - Author: Julie Kagawa
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#14. I refuse to believe the people of Texas and all Americans in the world have forgotten us. - Author: P.J. Parker
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#15. The people the Republicans should reach out to are the white votes, the white voters who didn't vote in the last election. The propagandists are leading us down the wrong path. - Author: Phyllis Schlafly
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#16. I regret the way that America has elected to make films for its bluntest section of society and in ways that flatter them, and we have to recognize how much that is being done for money. We have to find another way of measuring ourselves. And film is one of the few ways that might be done. - Author: Edward Jay Epstein
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