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#1. The big trick in putting is not method; the secret of putting is domination of the nerves. - Author: Henry Cotton
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#2. The Initiate must be totally naked, to demonstrate that he is truly a human being and not something else in disguise like a cabbage or something. - Author: Gregory Hill
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#3. No industry or country can reach its full potential until women reach their full potential. This is especially true of science and technology, where women with a surplus of talent still face a deficit of opportunity. - Author: Sheryl Sandberg
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#4. Hunger that comes and goes turns time into memory. - Author: Jane Hirshfield
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#5. Silence holds the door against the strife of tongue and all the impertinences of idle conversation. - Author: James Hervey
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#6. The space of the bow of any one of you in Paradise is better than all that the sun rises upon. - Author: Muhammad
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#7. The writing was so clearly written on the wall about me, but I didn't see it. I had no role models. I didn't know there was even a possibility of being gay. I battled with it, but this was the way God made me. If you have a problem with it, take it up with the man upstairs. - Author: Bryan Batt
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#8. If you're a content brand, you have to be in every place your audience is. Sometimes your audience is on the couch and wants to watch a 30-minute show, and sometimes they're checking their Facebook feed and want to see something that's only a minute long. - Author: Ricky Van Veen
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