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#1. Her to look at a picture. She approached and saw the likeness of Mr. Wickham, suspended, amongst several other miniatures,

Jane Austen

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#2. I read the greens in Spanish, but I putt in English.

Chi Chi Rodriguez

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#3. I was a very lucky kid, because I grew up affluent Santa Barbara, California. My experience as a child was probably so different from people I met later who grew up in the rural South, where many doors were closed to them.

Floyd Norman

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#4. You can't separate a house from a family. It's a living, breathing home.

Leonard Lauder

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#5. My mirror probes down to the heart. I write words on the forehead and around the corners of the mouth. My human faces are truer than the real ones.

Paul Klee

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#6. We worship Him not because He is the best of our gods, but because He is, or was, the greatest killer among them.

N.K. Jemisin

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#7. I'm a huge Springsteen fan.

Minnie Driver

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