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Top 29 Pony Ride Quotes

#1. You don't want a tiny diamond on your finger when you can have three carats. You don't want a one-dollar bill when you can have a Benjamin. And you don't want to ride a miniature pony when you can saddle up on a rock-star cock at the rodeo of your pleasure. - Author: Lauren Blakely
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#2. You seem to be trying to ride a pony named Trouble all the way to the border. - Author: Erik Bundy
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#3. I think, in general, it's better not to respond to reviews of your work. - Author: Nell Freudenberger
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#4. Scott Sigler's Infected is a bucking pulp pony that throws you this way and that, and just when you think you've got your balance, that ole pony bucks the other way. All in all, one hell of an exhilarating ride, and highly recommended. - Author: Joe R. Lansdale
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#5. A business is seldom if ever built up except on lines of strictest integrity. - Author: Andrew Carnegie
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#6. I sure didn't want to try to take a ride on that pony only to find out he had no more get up and go. - Author: Tara West
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#7. I'm an armchair kind of guy, especially when it's raining, which it always is and always will be. - Author: Arthur Smith
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#8. Reading is Intriguing...it can take you on a great Adventure! - Author: M. Ann Machen Pritchard
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#9. If I find out that Whin has been sedated or restrained I'll ride you naked through the streets of Imre like a little pink pony. - Author: Patrick Rothfuss
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#10. He felt that in the depth of his soul something had been put in its place, settled down, and laid to rest. - Author: Leo Tolstoy
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#11. In all honesty, I'd enjoyed the horse ride more than the man ride. At least the horse had been a stallion. Looking back, my lab TA was more like a Shetland pony - hairy and small. - Author: Penny Reid
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#12. Isabelle chewed thoughtfully on her straw. 'That new lead singer they have is hot. Is he single? I'd like to ride him around town like a bad, bad pony- - Author: Cassandra Clare
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#13. Of all people who engage in controversy, we, who are called Calvinists, are most expressly bound by our own principles to the exercise of gentleness and moderation. - Author: John Newton
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#14. Because truth is unpopular does not mean that it should not be proclaimed. - Author: Billy Graham
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#15. I was so strictly brought up that the only time I could get away would be on my own pony. I could ride wherever I wanted on my godfather's estate in Kent.I wasn't brought up to be afraid of anything. - Author: Elizabeth Taylor
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#16. Why can't you give me a straight answer?"
"Why can't you ride me like a pony?" He scowled straight back at her, unrepentant. "Don't pretty girls like ponies? I thought they did. - Author: Kylie Scott
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#17. The individual who dares commit a crime is guilty in a two-fold sense; first, he is guilty against human conscience, and, above all, he is guilty against the State in arrogating to himself one of its most precious privileges. - Author: Mikhail Bakunin
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#18. At least if we don't close down the Environmental Protection Agency, we at least put a snaffle bit on them and ride the pony down. - Author: Dick Armey
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#19. Do you take credit cards? I bet your pony would be worth a ride. - Author: Cari Quinn
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#20. You and I should do whatever we can to keep our youthful joy alive. If your life is too predictable, don't go postal. Take a ridiculous ride back to whatever it was that gave you joy as a child. Jump on a trampoline. Saddle up a pony. Give adulthood a rest. - Author: Nick Vujicic
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#21. A handwritten, personal letter has become a genuine modern-day luxury, like a child's pony ride. - Author: Shana Alexander
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#22. When people are really drunk they have a propensity to harm themselves and others - they fall off buildings, they drive into other cars. - Author: Emily Yoffe
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#23. Jesus resolved the false opposition between obedience and freedom and opened the path to freedom - Author: Pope Benedict XVI
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#24. There was no Congressional Club for my first campaign. There was no organized state group of Young Republicans, but there was a dedicated core of young people who volunteered to do anything my campaign needed. - Author: Jesse Helms
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#25. Look here upon this picture, and on this... - Author: William Shakespeare
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#27. But, oh, sweet holy Lord, I would ride that one-legged pony all the way around the corral. - Author: John Green
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#28. Good." His eyes flash fire. "Now ride me like a fucking pony. - Author: Dahlia Adler
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#29. It is better to ride a pony than a horse which throws you. - Author: Navjot Singh Sidhu
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