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Top 13 Political Dissident Quotes

#1. You may not yet be able to bring your unconscious mind activity into awareness as thoughts, but it will always be reflected in the body as an emotion, and of this you can become aware. - Author: Eckhart Tolle
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#2. My parents tried to shield me from how famous they were when I was growing up on Long Island. I had no idea. - Author: Alexa Ray Joel
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#3. A light to guide, a rod To check the erring, and reprove. - Author: William Wordsworth
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#4. True Scouts are the best friends of animals, for from living in the woods and wilds, and practising observation and tracking, they get to know more than other people about the ways and habits of birds and animals, and therefore they understand them and are more in sympathy with them. - Author: Robert Baden-Powell
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#5. Here I am: a Russian-speaking Jew living in Canada, and you, an Indian ex-patriot living in San Francisco. All of a sudden we commune in this moment about a much older Russian political dissident.That's the human part of being human: feeling those moments. - Author: David Bezmozgis
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#6. If liberals want to send tens of millions of dollars down the drain, I have no problem with that. - Author: Paul Weyrich
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#7. As long as ignorance and misery exist in the world, books like the one you are about to read are, perhaps, not entirely useless - Author: Victor Hugo
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#8. Remember: you're not JUSTa fan. The whole thing falls apart without people who believe in it. - Author: Daniel Herborn
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#9. I don't think I have accomplished what I still have to accomplish. There is one thing that I would like to do, and that's to bring security and peace to the Jewish people. - Author: Ariel Sharon
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#10. I will be rich or I will die trying. - Author: T. Harv Eker
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#11. I really do think that dreaming and fantasies are very important to the human psyche and the soul. That's why I want to act. - Author: James Duval
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#12. There is so much in the world to hate, why hate yourself? - Author: Lydia Lunch
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#13. The first rule of persuasion ... " "Don't you mean manipulation?" "You - Author: Iris Johansen
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