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Top 6 Polanski Macbeth Quotes

#1. The book breathless is so sad but at the begging it is happy and the part that I'm at is sad because the guy that has cancer he wants to kill his self it is so sad I just kind of like it right know but it is sad to me and when I make kids read it when I have kids it will be so cool.

Lurlene McDaniel

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#2. All duties are matters of conscience, with this restriction that a superior obligation suspends the force of an inferior one.

Roger L'Estrange

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#3. I found in my experiences that it's not that men are consciously discriminating against promoting women, but I do believe as people we have self-images about what's good.

Sonia Sotomayor

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#4. those whom you praise will see in you the qualities that you see in them. Your success in the application of this formula will be in exact proportion to your faith in its soundness.

Napoleon Hill

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#5. I am determined to use competition law to protect European industry and consumers.

Neelie Kroes

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#6. I see Macbeth as a young, open-faced warrior, who is gradually sucked into a whirpool of events because of his ambition. When he meets the weird sisters and hears their prophecy, he's like the man who hopes to win a million - a gamble for high stakes.

Roman Polanski

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