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#1. The attributes of the first, or elementary, characteristic are to nourish and protect, to give warmth and security. The second, or transformative, characteristic is defined by the dynamic element of nature, which has an inherent urge toward growth and transformation. - Author: Massimilla Harris
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#2. Most liberals I know were for invading Afghanistan right after 9/11. - Author: Michael Moore
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#3. You can't smoke in a restaurant in Los Angeles, which is mildly ironic, when you consider the fact that you can't breathe outside a restaurant in Los Angeles. - Author: Greg Proops
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#4. Beauty didn't mean anything in the forest. - Author: Sarah J. Maas
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#5. There is a present because it works with my theories. If you find a better one than mine, then I may reconsider, but for the sake of the universe - and oh, how we philosophers make the universe weep - there is a present, and it is the time you just left. - Author: Mary-Jean Harris
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#6. For goodness, growing to a plurisy,
Dies in his own too much: that we would do
We should do when we would; for this 'would' changes
And hath abatements and delays as many
As there are tongues, - Author: William Shakespeare
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#7. Is there not perhaps a contradiction between our feeling of freedom and the rigor, as we now understand it, with which things operate in the world? - Author: Carlo Rovelli
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#8. The water closet's rusting and slightly broken porcelain throne betrayed its purported grandeur. The air was dank and unrecycled. The motel room stunk of body odor because all of the windows were tightly nailed shut and never opened, even though that was in violation of municipal ordinances. - Author: Daniel Maldonado
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#9. A book is always an emergence above everyday life. A book is expressed life and thus is an addition to life. - Author: Gaston Bachelard
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#10. [ ... ] the success of Egyptian surgery in setting broken bones is very fully demonstrated in the large number of well-joined fractures found in the ancient skeletons. - Author: James Henry Breasted
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