Top 34 Playstation 4 Quotes

#1. PlayStation 4 won't impose any new restrictions on used games. This is a good thing ... When a gamer buys a PS4 disc, they have the rights to that copy of the game.

Jack Tretton

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#2. It's possible to do computing in the Cloud, PlayStation 4 can do computing in the Cloud. We do something today: Matchmaking is done in the Cloud and it works very well. If we think about things that don't work well ... Trying to boost the quality of the graphics, that won't work well in the Cloud.

Mark Cerny

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#3. I've got the Xbox 360, a Wii, and a PlayStation 3. I got everything you could think of.

Larry Fitzgerald

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#4. PlayStation consolidated the second wave of gaming. There was a slack period before it came when nothing much was happening.

Jeff Minter

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#5. I can get any retail buyer on the phone with you and get them to verify that not a single retail location in America where there's a PlayStation 3 on the shelf for sale. They've all been sold in a matter of minutes.

Jack Tretton

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#6. [PlayStation 2] is a new canvas for humanity that takes us back to our nature.

Trip Hawkins

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#7. I'm a GM in fantasy basketball and I'm a GM on PlayStation, so on PlayStation I probably would have got a little more, but this is real life, so I don't know.

Jalen Rose

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#8. Maybe some people can wake up and play PlayStation all day, but that's never been me.

Tom Brady

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#9. Crack mothers, crack babies and AIDS patients
Youngbloods can't spell, but they could rock you in PlayStation.

Mos Def

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#10. I'm a gamer. I play PlayStation all the time.

Luke Goss

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#11. Messi is a Playstation.

Arsene Wenger

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#12. I just think you need showing that the world outside is much bigger than the world inside your Playstation," Nadia insisted.
Alex scoffed. "Coming from someone who has clearly never played Skyrim.

Erin Lawless

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#13. We're going to create a portable handheld environment, and you should expect the same things you've always expected from Playstation - a great quality product, versatility, great value to the consumer.

Ian Jackson

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#14. PlayStation: Live in your world. Play in ours...
...and once you're hooked on gaming
you'll live and play in our world exclusively.

Beryl Dov

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#15. [The PlayStation 2 is a] historic, a mass-market appliance that fundamentally changes society in the way the printing press did.

Trip Hawkins

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#16. Young bloods can't spell but they can rock you in Playstation

Mos Def

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#17. 'Blasto' is a new game for Sony Playstation. It's an awesome three-dimensional game, and I play the character Blasto who's sort of a Flash Gordon barrel-chested superhero who goes to Uranus and shoots these little green alien Fascist guys. He rescues babes; he goes on wild rides.

Phil Hartman

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#18. A man chooses...a slave obeys.

Andrew Ryan

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#19. I get lonely when I'm a Playstation widow.

Ashley Judd

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#20. I grew up with video games. My generation kind of grew up with the Nintendo and the Sega Genesis. Then, I had a Dreamcast and, finally, the PlayStation. So yeah, I've always been a big gamer.

CC Sabathia

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#21. Because operators are based thousands of miles away from the battlefield, and undertake operations entirely through computer screens and remote audio feed, there is a risk of developing a 'PlayStation' mentality to killing.

Philip Alston

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#22. I play both X-Box 360 and Playstation 3. I prefer X-Box 360, but they don't have 'MLB - The Show,' so I have to play every other game on the X-Box.

Mo Williams

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#23. Messi's like a PlayStation. He can take advantage of every mistake we make. He made the impossible possible. He has something exceptional. He has six or seven years in front of him, touchwood that nothing happens to him, and he can reach unbelievable levels.

Arsene Wenger

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#24. I moved on from dice baseball to 'MLB: The Show' on PlayStation.

Nate Corddry

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#25. PlayStation 3 is another form of meditation. Come on, when you're on set, all day? That's what I do in my trailer, I just play PlayStation 3.

Steve Zahn

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#26. I've played a Nintendo Wii. I don't see it as a competitor. It's more of an expensive niche game device. We're selling a lot of PlayStation 3s now and it's still the best way to buy a Blu-ray player.

Howard Stringer

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#27. Don't worry, Chris. The day that Sony PlayStation attacks the world and threatens to destroy it, we'll give you a call. (Katra)

Sherrilyn Kenyon

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#28. 'Madden' is all about speed, and the Falcons have it on both sides of the ball. I love playing sports games. I played my PlayStation so much, I pretty much wore it out.

Carl Crawford

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#29. All this home-computer gaming, Nintendo 64, PlayStation, now this Xbox thing, maybe I just want the boys to see what blowing aliens away was like in the olden days.

Thomas Pynchon

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#30. I'm obsessed with my PlayStation. I'll come home and plug away at 'Fallout' for a couple of hours. Or, if I'm feeling the hacking and slashing, I'll play a little 'God of War.'

Tracy Spiridakos

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#31. Available on all video game systems: Playstation 475, Ybox, and Wii 3 4000.

Shawn Michaels

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#32. I'm not the type who spends his free time in training camp playing with his Playstation or playing cards on trips. The other players thought it was odd: There he is, reading again.

Oliver Kahn

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#33. I play a lot of Playstation, and always trying to look pretty for the girls.

Freddy Adu

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James Kochalka

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