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#1. Everybody says that it takes a loss to lose and I think it did take a loss for us to lose in a sense. But overall, when we win games here at Duke, and we don't play well, we might as well have lost the game. - Author: Jason Williams
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#2. Usually when we lose a game is because we turn the ball over or not play well enough and usually it is the turnover thing. We have to take care of the ball. It is starts with me and not turning it over. - Author: Ben Roethlisberger
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#3. I used to hate England because they ruled my country but I am happy they gave us the game of cricket, which they can't play very well, and the English language, which I can't speak very well, - Author: Kapil Dev
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#4. I've had a lot of majors where I didn't play well until the last round. Keep yourself in contention; that's the name of the game. I usually ended up shooting a good round and all of a sudden, somehow, I won. - Author: Jack Nicklaus
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#5. I feel like in order for our team to have the upper hand, I have to play extremely well, and I have to bring the rest of the team with me. That's how I feel approaching every game. - Author: Kevin Love
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#6. My courses do not intimidate. Instead, they encourage the player to play well and become more open to the enjoyable aspects of the game. - Author: Tom Weiskopf
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#7. Play out the game, act well your part, and if the gods have blundered, we will not. - Author: Ralph Waldo Emerson
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#8. It's going to be intense. This is what we played the whole tournament for, we had to play an extra game but I think that's a good thing, we got some line combinations working together fairly well now. - Author: Corey Perry
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#9. I could always throw the ball pretty well and I worked pretty hard at learning how to play the game. But I didn't consider it work as a kid, since I just loved playing baseball. - Author: Jim Abbott
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#10. I guess it's good in a sense that it stops any of it from happening, but now you're telling me if it's Game 7 of the NBA Finals and a guy has a chance to make a play he's going to be like, 'Well, do I want this $10,000 or do I want a championship?' - Author: Blake Griffin
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#11. But war's a game, which, were their subjects wise, Kings should not play at. Nations would do well To extort their truncheons from the puny hands Of heroes, whose infirm and baby minds Are gratified with mischief, and who spoil, Because men suffer it, their toy the world. - Author: William Cowper
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#12. We live in a reward-centered society. When I was a child, my father used to say, "It's not whether you win or lose but how well you play the game." I used to think that was about sports, but as an adult, I realize what I create, do, etc., is more important than winning a prize. - Author: Renee Lawless
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#13. I was taught to play the game from a total team concept-to be able to do everything reasonably well and some things extraordinarily well. If I'm not shooting well, I'll try to be an asset in other ways-like defense, passing, rebounding, and hustle. - Author: Rick Barry
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#14. If you play for me, you play the game like you play life. You play it with pride, you play it with aggressively, and you play it as well as you possibly can. - Author: Bill Martin
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#15. The beautiful thing about the game of golf is you can play good golf and compete well into your later years, and you can't do this in basketball or football or baseball. But in golf, it's a longer live sport. - Author: Tom Watson
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#16. It is a fine game to play - the game of politics - and it is well worth waiting for a good hand before really plunging. - Author: Winston Churchill
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#17. It is all very well to say that a man should play for the pure love of the game. Perhaps he ought, but to the working man it is impossible. - Author: John Bentley
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#18. My father wasn't a hard guy. He was a well-liked guy. He had a lot of compassion about things in life. There were rules, but there was also flexibility within those rules. He didn't push me when it came to golf: he just taught me the right way to play the game. - Author: Tom Watson
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#19. No one gets out of the game of life alive. You either die in the bleachers, or on the field. So, you might as well play out on the field, and go for it. - Author: Les Brown
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#20. I think we deserved to get through and I congratulate the players. We said before the game that nothing was decided and that we had to play a good team which is very dangerous. We did well and we didn't give away many chances. - Author: Frank Rijkaard
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#21. I never used golf as a job. I used it as a game. I always thought if I played the game well, my financial rewards would be there, but it came from, because I played well. But I had to play well to get the financial rewards. - Author: Jack Nicklaus
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#22. I knew I could play really well in one game, score the winning goal and then, come the next game, I wouldn't play at all or I might come off the bench for the last five minutes. So I was frustrated towards the end of my time at Spurs. I wasn't happy. - Author: Jermain Defoe
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#23. But play the game of life according to the rules. You might as well, because you can't cheat life in the end. - Author: L.M. Montgomery
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#24. We were playing a game against an unknown and unforgiving opponent. The stakes were terrible - play well or die - but we didn't even know the ground rules. - Author: Nando Parrado
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#25. Self is not liberated. It was never bound. What gets liberated are the demons as well as gods of your mind. Set them free. You are sick of playing with the game. Be willing to not play the game. This takes huge resolve. - Author: Gangaji
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#26. As in a game of cards, so in the game of life, we must play what is dealt to us, and the glory consists, not so much in winning as in playing a poor hand well. - Author: Josh Billings
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#27. Well, I just can't play the game anymore. I'm 63 years old, and I've been in the business for 40 years now. I take good advice and direction really well, but I don't need somebody that finished college two years ago to come in and tell me what I should be recording. - Author: Charlie Daniels
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#28. People who score zero are not only those who do not participate in the game, but also those who play very well but have no goal in focus! - Author: Israelmore Ayivor
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#29. Life is a Game you play only once you don't get the second chance and if you get you will never come in the same identity. So perform well. - Author: Sandeep Kakkar
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#30. You know, I think when I reflect on it, I think there's certainly a sense of history. When you have ambitions to play this game, you want to be one of the best ever, and you want to play so well and be so effective that you want people to remember your name 100 years from now. - Author: Marcus Allen
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#31. Life is like a game of whist. I don't enjoy the game much; but I like to play my cards well, and see what will be the end of it. - Author: George Eliot
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#32. When I produce other people, that's the thing I can do well because I've been in a band, and I can play the political game and make everybody feel happy, and I can check their performances, and I can work on the sound while they're being a band. - Author: Ric Ocasek
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#33. If you aren't playing well, the game isn't as much fun. When that happens I tell myself just to go out and play as I did when I was a kid. - Author: Thomas J. Watson
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#34. One-day cricket is a very important part of our play. We've got a long way to go until the next World Cup and for us it's one ruthless game after another where we can play well. - Author: Matthew Hayden
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#35. Just because I had a good game doesn't change who I am,
my identity is in Christ and not in basketball, I love playing basketball and it's my job but at the same time I recognize that I'm a sinner and that's not gonna change regardless of how well I play on the court - Author: Jeremy Lin
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#36. I'm like a chameleon. I can kind of change and get my game going to whatever the situation is. If I play well, which I don't think I've even reached yet at all in this tournament, it's really hard for anyone to beat me. - Author: Serena Williams
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#37. It is never easy to win but it is a lot easier to win when you play well. The key is winning golf tournaments when you are not playing so well. Managing your game is something that I feel that I am still learning to do. - Author: Rory McIlroy
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#38. For me, chess is at the same time a game, a sport, a science and an art. And perhaps even more than that,. There is someting hard to explain to those who do not know the game well. One must first learn to play it correctly in order to savor its richness. - Author: Bent Larsen
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#39. The best way to win is to play well early or late in the game. The middle part tends to take care of itself. - Author: Tony La Russa
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#40. If you don't play well, you have a bad game or a nightmare you know that the amount of coverage is worldwide. - Author: Steven Gerrard
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#41. Do not permit yourself to fall in love with the end-game play to the exclusion of entire games. It is well to have the whole story of how it happened; the complete play, not the denouement only. Do not embrace the rag-time and vaudeville of chess. - Author: Emanuel Lasker
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#42. Anytime I can add a smile to somebody's life that's all well and good, but I play the game to play the game. - Author: Arian Foster
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#43. The first task is to get to know the players really well-watching them as individuals in training and in match play-to see what is good in their natural game. Then, and only then, can we begin to outline the general tactics. - Author: Helenio Herrera
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#44. Did Muddy Waters play an acoustic? Well of course he did. But did he turn his back on being able to plug it in and play louder? No, he plugged in and turned it up and got miles and miles ahead of the game in one fateful act of just plugging in. - Author: Billy Gibbons
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#45. The reality is our season prepared us so well that if we have to play Duke in the second game, we've done that three times this year. We've played North Carolina and Duke back-to-back that this would be the third time. We're just very prepared for this moment. - Author: Shay Doron
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#46. The motivation for me is just the game itself, just playing the game the right way and trying to win, compete every time I step out there on the floor. That's motivation enough for me to go out there and play well. - Author: Kobe Bryant
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#47. Eating is really one of your indoor sports. You play three times a day, and it's well worth while to make the game as pleasant as possible. - Author: Dorothy Draper
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#48. I didn't really seek attention. I just wanted to play the game well and go home. - Author: Kareem Abdul-Jabbar
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#49. The rewards of golf, and of life too I expect, are worth very little if you don't play the game by the etiquette as well as by the rules. - Author: Bobby Jones
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#50. I always knew I wanted to play golf and go to college. I try hard to be a positive role model, especially on the golf course. I try to carry myself well, and don't do anything outrageous. I try to play the game like a gentleman and give everyone respect. That's how the game should be played. - Author: Dustin Johnson
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#51. When you lose a game or don't play well you can't wait for the next one, because it soon disappears, the disappointment. - Author: Ryan Giggs
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#52. Tennis lessons westlake village provide a good coaching for youngest.Because that are very experiance men in tennis.His students on the importance of strength and agility training as well as mental and psychological strength and the roles they play within the game of tennis. - Author: Various
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#53. The fashion game is fun for architects to play and diverting for the public to watch, but it's deadly for building users. When the height of fashion moves on, they're the ones left behind, stuck in a building that was designed to look good rather than work well, and now it doesn't even look good. - Author: Stewart Brand
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#54. Grantland Rice, the great sportswriter once said, 'It's not whether you win or lose, it's how you play the game.' Well Grantland Rice can go to hell as far as I'm concerned. - Author: Gene Autry
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#55. It's about how the players play and compete. I know everybody is going to equate that on winning or losing, like they always do, but if we play hard and compete well in the game .. then I think we are building on something. - Author: Nick Saban
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