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Top 12 Placism Quotes

#1. He had good children and he raised them fine. All doing well -maybe except Joe ... they're talking about sending him to college, but all the rest are fine. - Author: John Steinbeck
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#2. 'Watchmen' is a cornerstone of both DC Comics' publishing history and its future. - Author: Jim Lee
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#3. To get Game-Changing results, start focusing on Game-Changing thoughts. - Author: Robin Sharma
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#4. I am not a trained writer and I don't think anyone would accuse me of being a funny person. But I feel God has truly blessed me. - Author: Vantile Whitfield
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#5. I think that racism has gotten more subtle, and it's not even racism anymore: it's placism. Like where you live or whether you went to community college or Harvard, and it exists within the race. - Author: Esai Morales
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#6. Hitler was a beginner compared to the comic-book industry. - Author: Fredric Wertham
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#7. It's important to know that the vast majority of people who were excited in 2008 are still really enthusiastic. We've got more volunteers now than ever, and they're engaged, they're motivated, they're not paying attention to the ups and downs of polls or Washington. - Author: Barack Obama
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#8. It is generally admitted, and very frequently proved, that virtue and genius, and all the natural good qualities which men possess, are derived from their mothers. - Author: Theodore Hook
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#9. What is difficult is the promotion, balancing the public side of a writer's life with the writing. I think that's something a lot of writers are having to face. Writers have become much more public now. - Author: Kazuo Ishiguro
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#10. Lawyers (are) operators of the toll bridge across which anyone in search of justice has to pass. - Author: Jane Bryant Quinn
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#11. Give dysgenic groups [people with 'bad genes'] in our population their choice of segregation or [compulsory] sterilization. - Author: Margaret Sanger
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#12. The politicians think that I have not included enough of them; the nonpoliticians think that I have gone back to the old ways; and the mass public groups think I have forgotten them. - Author: Corazon Aquino
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