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#1. Pinchas Perry, the director of 'The Chicago 8,' offered me the role of the judge, and he did not know that, 35 years earlier, I'd played a judge in the theater production. So life has its own little twists and turns.

Philip Baker Hall

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#2. I've known Pinchas Zukerman since he was a teenager.

Zubin Mehta

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#3. You're the same yet everyone speaks so differently about you. It's the reflection of their own intelligence and maturity.

Sarvesh Jain

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#4. It's important to give kids an opportunity to see what the world is about, and music is a fantastic friend.

Pinchas Zukerman

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#5. reliquary of time

Roberto Pinchas

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#6. You're the hero of your own story.

Dan Baker

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#7. There is no disorder but the heart's.

Mona Van Duyn

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#8. Music has the power to unite us. It proves that by working together, we can create something truly beautiful.

Pinchas Zukerman

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#9. Raising the minimum wage allows business people to stop thinking about workers simply as costs to be cut and allows you to start thinking about workers as customers to be cultivated.

Nick Hanauer

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#10. If the defeated and depressed group of disciples overnight could change into a victorious movement of faith, based only on autosuggestion or self-deception-without a fundamental faith experience-then this would be a much greater miracle than the resurrection itself.

Pinchas Lapide

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#11. If God had meant for us to focus on our past...HE would have put eyes in the back of our heads!

Mama Char

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#12. Cold be night, cold be heart;
I shall forever sit in dark,
Until one day ride at Flight
Against armies of Thalorion
For last fight ... .

M.J. Chrisman

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#13. He was a spry, suave and very precise general who knew the circumference of the equator and always wrote "enhanced" when he meant "increased." He was a prick.

Joseph Heller

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#14. I have got to make everything that has happened to me good for me

Oscar Wilde

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#15. You and I keep looking for light in the darkness, expecting it to appear. But it already has." I touch his shoulder. "We're it, boyo. Broken and cracked and stupid as we are, we're the light, and we're spreading.

Pierce Brown

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#16. I never heard so much content in so short a period.

Pinchas Zukerman

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#17. There isn't anything I won't do for you, Tru. Nothing I won't do to make you happy. What I feel for you ... it's limitless. There is nothing before or after you. There is only you.

Samantha Towle

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#18. Change is one of the most vibrant elements we can use to create a different tomorrow.

Steven Redhead

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#19. Music has been a fantastic guidance for me. I'll be eternally thankful for this guidance.

Pinchas Zukerman

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