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#1. I find that the very things that I get criticized for, which is usually being different and just doing my own thing and just being original, is the very thing that's making me successful. - Author: Shania Twain
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#2. Obviously the way that I talk and the way that I dress all has to do with the way that I was raised. As far as the drive, when I was 18 or 21 years old, everything I did was because I wanted to go play music simply because that's what I wanted to do. - Author: Cody Johnson
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#3. It is of the essence of any party to gain its orientation not from truths but from illusions which usually correspond to the irrational mass structure. Scientific truths only interfered with the habit of the party politicians of avoiding difficulties with the aid of illusions. - Author: Wilhelm Reich
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#4. Shoot for the moon, because even if you miss you miss, you'll land in the stars. - Author: Les Brown
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#5. When someone calls you a 'nigger', then you feel sorry for him... You have to pity him because his mind has such a sorry way of expressing itself. - Author: Adam Makos
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#6. Of all things I find most unbearable is the injustice of one generation to another. - Author: Joyce Cary
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#7. There are no Rohingya among the races [in Burma]. We only have Bengalis who were brought for farming [during British rule]. - Author: Thein Sein
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#8. If I did not wear torn pants, orthopedic shoes, frantic disheveled hair, that is to say, if I did not tone down my beauty, people would go mad. Married men would run amuck. - Author: Brenda Ueland
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#9. Anytime you stop and talk to somebody and you learn about them, you start to walk in their shoes a little bit and you see things through a different lens. - Author: Anderson Cooper
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#10. The pianokeys are black and white
but they sound like a million colors in your mind - Author: Maria Cristina Mena
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#11. The only graceful way to accept an insult is to ignore it; if you cant ignore it, top it; if you cant top it, laugh at it; if you cant laugh at it, its probably deserved - Author: Russell Lynes
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