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Top 14 Phenomenologists Quotes

#1. I think I'm less anonymous than I was. - Author: Philip Seymour Hoffman
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#2. Until then I had floated at random, like a rootless aquatic plant, relying entirely on the opinions of others. - Author: Soseki Natsume
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#3. If a man will stand up and assert, and repeat and re-assert, that two and two do not make four, I know nothing in the power of argument that can stop him. - Author: Abraham Lincoln
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#4. Buddhism is reason. Reason will win over your lord. - Author: Nichiren
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#5. I never think of the time I have lost. I just carry out a programme because it's there. It's mapped out for me. - Author: Nelson Mandela
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#6. I love it when these Internet dudes say to me, 'Hey man, we just want to be 'content neutral.' - Author: Harvey Weinstein
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#7. Fortune is not only blind herself, but blinds the people she has embraced. - Author: Marcus Tullius Cicero
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#8. But unfortunately, when you have a kid, you sometimes eat everything they leave behind. So far today I've had some of her leftover pancakes with peanut butter. - Author: Joely Fisher
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#9. The distinction has blurred between young adult and adult books. Some of the teen books have become more sophisticated. - Author: Ann Brashares
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#10. Is that the beginning of an amused grin forming on the angel's face? - Author: Susan Ee
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#11. The fact that Anna is somewhere
having coffee or a dream
is an assault on me.
I hate these moments of poverty.
What does man eat? ask the phenomenologists.
Like the dogs, names,
down there,
starving. - Author: Anne Carson
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#12. A piece of paper doesn't make you a pastor any more than making predictions makes you a prophet. - Author: D.R. Silva
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#13. To not give a fuck about adversity, you must first give a fuck about something more important than adversity. Imagine - Author: Mark Manson
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#14. Since when has grafts, bribes to get your children into the higher institution become a Nigerian thing? - Author: Sunday Adelaja
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