Top 6 Persian Birthday Quotes

#1. The institutionalization of Black Studies, Feminist Studies, all of these things, led to a sense that the struggle was over for a lot of people and that one did not have to continue the personal consciousness-raising and changing of one's viewpoint.

Bell Hooks

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#2. She hated him and loved him, longed for him and loathed him, and cursed herself for feeling anything at all

Rick Yancey

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#3. Naturally, I've always been mad about clothes. You don't get born in Paris to forget about clothes for a minute.

Diana Vreeland

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#4. I've always wanted to tackle the casual part of dressing. Knits to me are always just easy. I've fantasized about packing a suitcase of only knits: You just throw them in, roll them in a ball, pull them out and they still look fabulous.

Nanette Lepore

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#5. I just felt that it was my responsibility, since so many people had taken the time to help me along, to do the same for others.

Frederick Lenz

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#6. Don't worry," I said. "These men are good. They're going to heal the world.

Maria V. Snyder

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