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#1. prejudice unchallenged is prejudice perpetuated. - Author: Christian Rudder
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#2. Life perpetuated in parti-colored loves
and beautiful lies all in different languages. - Author: Frank O'Hara
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#3. What subsists to-day by violence continues to-morrow by acquiescence and is perpetuated by tradition; till at last the hoary abuse shakes the gray hairs of antiquity at us, and gives it-self out as the wisdom of ages. - Author: Edward Everett
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#4. The large and rising offshore wealth translates to substantial losses in fiscal revenue. By my estimate, the fraud perpetuated through unreported foreign accounts each year costs about $200 billion to governments throughout the world (see fig. - Author: Gabriel Zucman
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#5. A lot of filmmakers from my generation were lucky enough to have their work more or less perpetuated by people who saw them originally on TV and on HBO and certainly on home video. - Author: Joe Dante
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#6. The major rule in the American belief system - that anyone can do anything ... is a lie that we have perpetuated, and it fosters mediocrity. Knowing what you're good at and doing even more of it creates excellence. - Author: M.J. Ryan
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#7. Righteous marriage is a commandment and an essential step in the process of creating a loving family relationship that can be perpetuated beyond the grave. - Author: David A. Bednar
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#8. I assured myself that I'd seen the most wicked block perpetuated by man or beast. - Author: Sid Luckman
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#9. A lot of drive is innate, self-perpetuated, reinforced energy. As a kid, I could always sell anything I could get my hands on - from newspapers to lemonade to 'TV Guide.' I knew how to make a presentation. - Author: Michael Ovitz
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#10. Ginsberg, Burroughs, and Kerouac were all on the side of the savage. That their penny-ante gnosticism was not only perpetuated but mythologized and spread abroad as a gospel of emancipation is something for which we have the Sixties to thank -- or to blame. - Author: Roger Kimball
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#11. Not only do most people accept violence if it is perpetuated by legitimate authority, they also regard violence against certain kinds of people as inherently legitimate, no matter who commits it. - Author: Edgar Friedenberg
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#12. It is important to understand that the system of advantage is perpetuated when we do not acknowledge its existence. - Author: Beverly Daniel Tatum
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#13. The free electoral process is one of the things that outsiders envy most about this country.The distinctly American two-party system is perpetuated through that process. - Author: Robert A. Agresta
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#14. The greatest tyrannies are always perpetuated in the name of the noblest causes. - Author: Thomas Paine
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#15. There is a genocide that is taking place among black men, in particular young black men, but it is not a genocide being perpetuated by white cops, by the Nazis, or by the Klan. Unfortunately and tragically, it is being perpetuated by other young black men. - Author: Niger Innis
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#16. Originality is a myth perpetuated by the naive, the romantic, and the unscrupulous. - Author: Tom Robbins
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#17. In one word, Queequeg, said I, rather digressively; hell is an idea first born on an undigested apple-dumpling; and since then perpetuated through the hereditary dyspepsias nurtured by Ramadans. - Author: Herman Melville
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#18. I think that the Information Age is great, but there's a downside to it obviously as well, and it's that false information can be perpetuated so quickly. And it's sad that so many people will believe it. - Author: Josh Hopkins
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#19. They want more production and they want it cheaper. But no matter what happens, the creative idea will be perpetuated by somebody who comes up with a vision. I don't care if there are three ceos - it takes one guy with an idea. - Author: Joe Grant
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#20. One religion after another has accepted and perpetuated man's original mistake in making a private servant of the mother of the race. - Author: Charlotte Perkins Gilman
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#21. His [the President's] earnest desire is, that you may perpetuated and preserved as a nation; and this he believes can only be doneand secured by your consent to remove to a country beyond the Mississippi ... Where you are, it is not possible you can live contented and happy. - Author: Andrew Jackson
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#22. The whole track of history is marked with the ruin of empires which having been founded in injustice, or perpetuated by wrong, were ultimately destroyed. - Author: William Mackergo Taylor
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#23. In art, rebellion is consummated and perpetuated in the act of real creation, not in criticism or commentary. - Author: Albert Camus
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#24. The ruling family in Kuwait is good at blackmail, exploitation, and destruction of their opponents. They had perpetuated a grave U.S. conspiracy against us ... stabbing Iraq in the back with a poisoned dagger. - Author: Saddam Hussein
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#25. Everyone endeavours to eliminate through the other individual his own weaknesses, defects, and deviations from the type, lest they be perpetuated or even grow into complete abnormalities in the child which will be produced. - Author: Alain De Botton
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#26. It's not anything that is just perpetuated by White America or just perpetuated by Black America. It's just a cultural understanding that you're just not a part of the equation when it comes to sexuality and I think that people mistake your lack of opportunity with the level of your talent. - Author: Viola Davis
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#27. Poverty is curable, but it's just not done, because it's not profitable. And that is the kind of violence that's perpetuated on humanity. - Author: Tom Morello
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#28. Human forms are perpetuated through sex, and sex also perpetuates human consciousness. - Author: Vanna Bonta
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#29. That took the view that every misbehavior, every cruelty perpetuated by one kid on another should be let slide in the name of letting kids be kids? (Let them be kids, really let them, and you will end up with a tribe of bulimic eugenicists with huge amounts of credit card debt.) - Author: Karl Taro Greenfeld
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#30. The Nobel Prize is run by a self-perpetuated committee. They vote for themselves and get the world's publishing industry to jump to their tune. - Author: Doris Lessing
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#31. It takes a certain brashness to attack the accepted economic legendsbut noneat all toperpetuatethem. So theyare perpetuated. - Author: John Kenneth Galbraith
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#32. The preference that cultures grant to themselves, in other words, must be perpetuated at any cost. This preference is inseparably bound up with the identity, the autonomy, the very existence of these cultures. - Author: Rene Girard
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#33. Though liberals have portrayed themselves throughout the past several decades as champions of the homeless, they are actually guilty of having created and perpetuated their condition. - Author: Mona Charen
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#34. It is essential for genetic material to be able to make exact copies of itself; otherwise growth would produce disorder, life could not originate, and favourable forms would not be perpetuated by natural selection. - Author: Maurice Wilkins
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#35. The myth that holds that the great corporation is the puppet of the market, the powerless servant of the consumer, is, in fact one of the devices by which its power is perpetuated. - Author: John Kenneth Galbraith
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#36. Coercion created slavery, the cowardice of the slaves perpetuated it. - Author: Jean-Baptiste Rousseau
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#37. Intelligence reports and local folklore together perpetuated tales of his bloody adventures across the rim worlds and badlands of Terran space. It was his trademark and often over the last two decades, history proclaimed in large bloody letters that 'Kilroy woz 'ere. - Author: Christina Engela
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#38. The advice nearest to my heart and deepest in my convictions is that the Union of the States be cherished and perpetuated. - Author: James Madison
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#39. I believe that only through a truly educated citizenry can the ideals that inspired the Founding Fathers of our nation be preserved and perpetuated. - Author: David O. McKay
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#40. I had never encountered a being who deliberately perpetuated fraud against himself. - Author: Harper Lee
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#41. When the intensity it takes to extricate one from a negative state is equal to or greater than the intensity that perpetuated the state, then the person can be freed of that state - Author: I. Alan Appt
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#42. Whoever becomes imbued with a noble idea kindles a flame from which other torches are lit, and influences those with whom he comes in contact, be they few or many. How far that influence, thus perpetuated, may extend, it is not given to him here to see. - Author: Henry George
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#43. Our failure as a society to properly acknowledge and confront the psychological, social, and political effects of white privilege has perpetuated racial inequality and race-based political resentments. - Author: Tim Wise
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#44. We must understand how we responded to formative trauma and how that response is perpetuated today. Otherwise, we will remain stuck in self-defeating attitudes and behaviors, all the while blaming them on someone else. - Author: Russell Willingham
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#45. Resistance is not a peripheral opponent. Resistance arises from within. It is self-generated and self-perpetuated. resistance is the enemy within. - Author: Steven Pressfield
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#46. Be what you wish your children to be. Parents have perpetuated by precept and example their own stamp of character to their posterity. - Author: Ellen G. White
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#47. The kingly office is entitled to no respect. It was originally procured by the highwayman's methods. It remains a perpetuated crime, can never be anything but the symbol of a crime. It is no more entitled to respect than is the flag of a pirate. - Author: Mark Twain
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#48. But part of that incipient racism had always led whites to assume the leadership positions and perpetuated the view that whites rather than blacks were the heroes of the movement. - Author: John Howard Griffin
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#49. I'm not sure if the shame/guilt distinction resonates for me. I just know that shame is a debilitating emotion that is perpetuated by Church and State. - Author: Marilyn Dumont
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#50. How would that excellent mystery, wedded life, irradiate the world with its blessed influences, were the generous impulses and sentiments of courtship but perpetuated in all their exuberant fullness during the sequel of marriage! - Author: Arthur Frederick Saunders
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#51. Vietnam had never been a true civil war. It was a war of conquest, initiated and perpetuated for more than two decades by the United States, fueled by presidential secrecy and lies. It was no catastrophic accident. As Ellsberg wrote, it was simply "a crime. - Author: Andy Greenberg
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#52. The divine plan of happiness enables family relationships to be perpetuated beyond the grave. Sacred ordinances and covenants available in holy temples make it possible for individuals to return to the presence of God and for families to be united eternally. - Author: Gordon B. Hinckley
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#53. Every injustice that has ever been fastened upon women in a Christian country has been "authorized by the Bible" and riveted and perpetuated by the pulpit. - Author: Helen H. Gardener
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#54. There is something wrong with this world." She stood like she was making a speech. "Something very wrong when it's the twenty-first century and this type of elitist travesty is still being perpetuated. - Author: Alex Flinn
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#55. An error which is not perpetuated cannot be viewed as any error at all. - Author: Robert Sheckley
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#56. To take the inherent positive sexuality of males and turn it into violence is the patriarchal crime that is perpetuated against the male body, a crime that masses of men have yet to possess the strength to report. - Author: Bell Hooks
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#57. It was a myth that's often perpetuated at commencement that holds that only hope and promise lie beyond the halls of academe. Don't worry, be happy. Everything is fine. - Author: Paul Tsongas
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#58. The idea that the business world's needs get ignored in Washington is perpetuated by business so it can fulfill even more of its needs, real or imagined. - Author: Timothy Noah
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#59. People had their image of what a cowboy was, ... A lot of it was perpetuated by the media presentations of the cowboys in fiction and old Westerns. And because of the tenure of the times, African-Americans were left out. As a result, reality was distorted. - Author: Philip Roberts
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#60. I just think the Kardashians have an absence of taste and I don't think that that should be perpetuated. I'm sorry I'm sounding like an old farty, snob, but it bothers me. - Author: Tim Gunn
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#61. Most violence committed against women is perpetuated by men. I once read a quote that the thing a man fears most from a woman is that she'll laugh at him, and the thing a woman most fears from a man is that he'll kill her. - Author: Tami Hoag
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#62. Sex separation in the classroom leads to a bullshit socio-economic situation perpetuated by people with good intentions. - Author: Darnell Lamont Walker
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#63. Continuously, we have to fight to defeat the primitive tendency towards the glorification of arms, the adulation of force, born of the illusion that injustice can be perpetuated by the capacity to kill, or that disputes are necessarily best resolved by resort to violent means. - Author: Nelson Mandela
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#64. In sports as in child rearing, marital arguments, or tantrums, the same laws of learning apply; when an emotion is encouraged and the rules permit it, it is perpetuated, not 'drained.' ... An emotion without social rules of containment and expression is like an egg without a shell: a gooey mess ... - Author: Carol Tavris
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#65. There is not always 'two sides to every issue.' That statement is a ridiculous slogan invoked by vested interests and perpetuated by minds of limited scope. - Author: Anton Szandor LaVey
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#66. One must be patient like the earth. What iniquities are being perpetuated on her! Yet she quietly endures them all. - Author: Sarada Devi
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#67. There is no crueler tyranny than that which is perpetuated under the shield of law and in the name of justice. - Author: Charles De Montesquieu
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#68. We can think of the land bridge theory as a master narrative that for a couple of centuries has served multiple ideological agendas, lasting despite decades of growing evidence that casts doubt on the way the story has been perpetuated in textbooks and popular media. - Author: Roxanne Dunbar-Ortiz
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#69. The world didn't like to look at the dark underside very often. But that didn't change the ugliness; it only ensured that those who perpetuated the ugliness were left alone to kill and maim and rape. - Author: Ted Dekker
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#70. P40- this violence, as a process, is perpetuated from generation to generation of oppressors, who become its heirs and are shaped by it. - Author: Paulo Freire
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