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#1. Human memory, they say, is like a coat closet: The most enduring outcome of a formal education is that it creates rows of coat hooks so that later on, when you come upon a new piece of information, you have a hook to hang it on. Without a hook, the new information falls on the floor.

Ursula Goodenough

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#2. Everybody is fighting a hard battle that you know nothing about, never give up with yours.

Auliq Ice

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#3. I love seeing other channels counterprogram the Super Bowl. PBS: DAMN RIGHT we're airing a new 'Masterpiece Classic'! Fuck off, sports!

Tara Ariano

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#4. What other stuff do they teach you at federal agent school? I ask. It shouldn't bother me that he's fitting in so well. So what if he's faking it? Good for him. I guess what bothers me is him faking it better than I am.

Holly Black

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#5. I can see why you like it here," he said,making a sweeping gesture that encompassed Kyle's collection of movie posters and science fiction books. "There's a thin layer of nerd all over everything." said Jace.
"Thanks. I appreciate that." Simon gave Jace a hard look.

Cassandra Clare

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#6. I want children to be glued to interactive books that encourage singing and dancing. I feel when kids work together it brings about a different energy.

Lisa Loeb

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#7. In a world gone astray from God there is no peace, but it also lacks charity, which is true and perfect love ... Nothing is more beautiful than love. Indeed, faith and hope will end when we die, whereas love, that is, charity, will last for eternity.

Pier Giorgio Frassati

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#8. To carry feelings of childhood into the powers of adulthood, to combine the child's sense of wonder and novelty with the appearances which every day for years has rendered familiar, this is the character and privilege of genius, and one of the marks which distinguish it from talent.

Samuel Taylor Coleridge

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#9. That love is the most powerful force in the world. That love can do anything.

Cassandra Clare

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#10. I've been hit on plenty of times, mostly by men with little finesse who thought what was between their legs made up for what they lacked between their ears.

Megan Hart

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#11. When one rises above the individual villainy displayed, one can only pity them all, just as we shall be pitied some day.

Arthur Miller

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