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#1. If I am willing to read a book in its entirety, I will give it five stars. I do not list books that I did not finish; they were not written for me as the audience. - Author: Paula Shene
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#2. Balthazar has a great New York vibe with the accent of a Parisian brasserie. I usually have the corned beef hash with a fried egg on top and wash it all down with Krug Champagne. - Author: Daniel Boulud
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#3. How do you ask a woman to gargle your nuts? - Author: Aries Spears
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#4. The blessedness of being little!!!
- Author: William Shakespeare
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#5. Ah'm uh man even if Ah is de Mayor. But de mayor's wife is somethin' different again. - Author: Zora Neale Hurston
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#6. I avoid the carwash when I think it might rain anytime in the near future, which means I drive around the majority of the time in a pollen and bird poop covered car. This presents a stand off between Neat Freakshow and Practical Pennypincher, and Neat Freak usually triumphs. And then it rains. - Author: Kristin Armstrong
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#7. Even the works of Shakespeare might be more thoroughly appreciated if they were re-examined from unorthodox positions. Someone, once in a while, should take a good long look at Hamlet through his legs. - Author: Soseki Natsume
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#8. Having a thick skin doesn't mean that you're hard or harsh. I was lucky because I was born with a thick skin. That doesn't mean that things don't bother me, but you have to keep it in perspective. - Author: Shelley Moore Capito
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#9. I may just release all the interviews as Part Two and then write a larger summary later on. That way we do not suffer further delays. - Author: David Wilcock
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#10. If you can't win, make sure you don't lose. - Author: Johan Cruijff
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#11. This is the true liberty of Christ, when a free man binds himself in love to duty. Not in shrinking from our distasteful occupations, but in fulfilling them, do we realize our high origin. - Author: Frederick William Robertson
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#12. I think that others can drive a creature to naughtiness, always accusing and blaming them. After a while it must make the creature unhappy and drive him ... to be naughty, because nobody expects them to be good ... - Author: Brian Jacques
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#13. I'm not tryin' to come off as the best lyricist. - Author: Missy Elliott
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#14. Sometimes, Miki, you've got to stop
building sand castles just to watch the ocean take
them away," Kane murmured against his cheek.
"Sometimes, you just need to find someone to sit
on the beach with you. - Author: Rhys Ford
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#15. Marriage is long enough to have plenty of room for time behind it. - Author: William Faulkner
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#16. I don't know whether everybody likes the films that I do. I know that I love them, and I believe the way that I raise my kids that they will love them, and that's what most important to me. - Author: Lee Daniels
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