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Top 15 Patrias Quotes

#1. If his suffering did not make Jesus give up on us, nothing will.

Timothy Keller

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#2. The slight chill in the air was balanced magnificently by the sunshine.

John Green

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#3. I like changing my hairstyle, much to my mother's annoyance. It depends on my state of mind.

Fernando Torres

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#4. I'm just looking for projects I enjoy.

David Macaulay

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#5. Whenever the spirit of fanaticism, at once so credulous and so crafty, has insinuated itself into a noble mind, it insensibly corrodes the vital principles of virtue and veracity.

Edward Gibbon

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#6. They were nice, friendly people, and they invited us to share their fire and drink a cup of rancid butter tea with them.

Heinrich Harrer

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#7. I didn't have a mother; I had a mama. I measure other women by the stature of my mama.

Al Green

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#8. If you're looking at things with the right set of eyes, people are endlessly fascinating. And then, of course, if you look at it the wrong way, then the whole world is horrible and tedious and boring. That's the battle, really
to keep looking at the world in the right way.

John Cusack

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#9. Th' unwilling gratitude of base mankind!

Alexander Pope

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#10. Interestingly, it is often the younger members of the audience who ask the most sophisticated questions.

Garth Nix

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#11. I think this is one of the major challenges that we face in the U.S. The major incidents in the U.S. have not conformed to our stereotype of an established terror organization attacking a major iconic landmark.

Bruce Hoffman

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#12. Maybe the secret of the stars has nothing to do with being alone.

Beth Revis

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#13. I like to think about stringing songs together like a string of pearls, or a string of beads, but ultimately it has to be stuff that really works with the band, and gives a spin to the older material.

Emmylou Harris

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#14. I seem to remember asking myself if I was insane, and answering, 'Of couse I am - sanity is a compromise. Sanity is the thing that keeps one back.

Aleister Crowley

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#15. The people who were really important are the ones whose names are forgotten. And that's true of every movement that ever existed.

Noam Chomsky

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