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#1. It's all about the confidence. - Author: Denise Bidot
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#2. There's no point in arguing with partisan supporters. Their views are their identity. Nothing you can tell the most phlegmatic follower. - Author: Michael Lewis
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#3. All the old houses that I knew when I was a child were full of books, bought generation after generation by members of the family. Everyone was literate as a matter of course. Nobody told you to read this or not to read that. It was there to read, and we read. - Author: Katherine Ann Porter
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#4. I'd always maintained that much of the anarchy and craziness of the early Internet had a lot to do with the fact that governments just hadn't realised it was there. - Author: William Gibson
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#5. Kenny wasn't the quickest of movers but he was 20 yards quicker than anybody else with his football brain and he would be in position before any defender knew what was happening. I've always said the best signing that Liverpool ever made was Kenny Dalglish. - Author: Ronnie Moran
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#6. The Pledge of Allegiance says 'liberty and justice for all'. Which part of 'all' don't you understand? - Author: Pat Schroeder
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#7. People are all alike in their promises. It is only in their deeds that they differ. - Author: Moliere
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#8. Let me tell you about Australia. It's really, really, really, far from wherever you live on Earth. You fly and you fly and you fly. Then relativity takes over and you get younger and younger. And when you land, you're a gleam in your father's eye. - Author: Greg Proops
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#9. If you're not worried that you're pricing it too cheap, you're not pricing it cheap enough. - Author: Roy H. Williams
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#10. It's what everyone is after, I mean they want success and when they get it it's an incredible pressure but what you have to do is try to keep the big picture in view. - Author: Gerry Beckley
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#11. I learned a lot about America and a lot about Pat Schroeder, and that's why I will not be a candidate for President. - Author: Patricia Schroeder
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#12. Just getting to wake up and play somebody else for an entire day is just an amazing thing. - Author: Carly Schroeder
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#13. My brother's a grip. My mom's a scriptwriter. My dad's a director. So it's like, at heart, I'm a below-the-line girl. - Author: Kristen Stewart
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#14. Ask people you know if they can introduce you to someone you are specifically looking to meet. - Author: Beth Ramsay
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#15. Catch on fire with enthusiasm, and people will come for miles to watch you burn - Author: Jo Ann Butler
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