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#1. Everyone's looking," she whispered, letting him lead her to the center of the waltzing couples, several of which moved to allow them plenty of room.
"Everyone's been looking at you all night," he said wryly. "Especially me.

Lisa Kleypas

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#2. Science does not deny religion, it just offers a simpler alternative.

Stephen Hawking

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#3. I don't believe men want women to have grotesque plastic surgery or be undernourished and bony. All the plastic surgery in the world can't stop you getting older.

Michelle Pfeiffer

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#4. Life has made me discover the world as it is, that is, a world of suffering and oppression, of undernourishment for the majority of people, things that I didn't know when I was young and when I imagined that to discover the world was to discover something beautiful.

Simone De Beauvoir

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#5. What matter it if a man gaineth the whole world and loseth his own soul?

Theodore Dreiser

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#6. It is no achievement to walk a tightrope laid flat on the floor.

Ray Kroc

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#7. He wasn't good or evil or cruel or extreme in any way but one, which was that he had elevated grayness to the status of a fine art and cultivated a mind that was as bleak and pitiless and logical as the slopes of Hell.

Terry Pratchett

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#8. I'm full of contradictions.

Juliana Hatfield

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#9. If I hear the phrase "selfie" one more time, I'll have to enroll myself in anger management classes.

Rebecca McNutt

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#10. grass is slightly frosty and I enjoy hearing it crunch

Emma Healey

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#11. If they were honest, many parents would confess that their primary reasons for not allowing their child to quit something is because of financial reasons, or personal reluctance to get involved, or both.

Richard Blackaby

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