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#1. I do not drink from this jug every day. But sometimes at night when the wind blows and I am alone and feeling very solitary, it is my only friend and comfort. Right, Pancho?

Rick Skwiot

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#2. I sincerely hoped I'd beaten the bedding enough that any unwelcome guests of the microscopic variety had gotten the word their invitation was revoked. Pancho

April White

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#3. I didn't hit her, man, what happened was that Maria was obsessed with the Marquis de Sade and wanted to try the spanking thing," said Luscious Skin.
"That's very Maria," said Pancho. "She takes her reading seriously.

Roberto Bolano

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#4. So one Sunday night, as the church-bells chimed 24 times, we were not especially surprised when a fist hammered on our door. What was surprising, however, was the fact that the fist belonged to Pancho the Mayor. Beside him stood his assistant, Felipe Frog.

Victoria Twead

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#5. Fred Rice, gunslinger, badest hombre ever to grace the American Southwest desert since Pancho Villa.


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#6. Rock critics are often totally ignorant of the rock music of the past, they barely know the best sellers. No wonder they will think that the Beatles did anything worth of being saved.

Piero Scaruffi

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#7. When you have a choice, choose happy!

Pancho Barnes

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#8. My sole ambition is to rid Mexico of the class that has oppressed her and given the people a chance to know what real liberty means. And if I could bring that about today by giving up my life, I would do it gladly.

Pancho Villa

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#9. Good-bye
if you hear of my being stood up against a stone wall and shot to rags please know that I think that a pretty good way to depart this life. It beats old age, disease or falling down the cellar stairs.

Ambrose Bierce

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#10. Don't let it end like this. Tell them I said something.

Pancho Villa

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#11. Nothing ever stays in the middle. You always go from one extreme to the other, and politics is certainly that way.

Gloria Estefan

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#12. What else is there for the rich to do,
If not to relieve the poor of their misery?

Pancho Villa

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#13. He shrugs. "Doesn't help to waste my time thinking about would've-beens."
Laila whispers, "He says to the girl with a mind full of them.

Kasie West

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#14. Flying makes me feel like a sex maniac in a whorehouse with a stack of $20 bills.

Pancho Barnes

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#15. Ah hell. We had more fun in a week than those weenies had in a lifetime.

Pancho Barnes

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#16. Kavad himself, if obliged to fight on a Jewish holy day, had been known to request his adversaries for a temporary truce.

Tom Holland

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#17. Tell them I said something.

Pancho Villa

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#18. I am not an educated man. I never had an opportunity to learn anything except how to fight.

Pancho Villa

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#19. Consider that it is not failing in this or that attempt to come to Christ, but a giving-over of your endeavors, that will be your ruin.

John Owen

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#20. Marriage is a matter of more worth
Than to be dealt in by attorneyship.

William Shakespeare

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#21. A woman who is unfaithful deserves to be shot.

Pancho Villa

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#22. An hour of practice is worth five hours of foot-dragging.

Pancho Segura

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#23. We're not responsible for the bustling and hustling that may go on here. Lots of people bustle, and some hustle. But that's their business, and a very old one.

Pancho Barnes

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#24. The great champions were always vicious competitors. You never lose respect for a man who is a vicious competitor, and you never hate a man you respect. I don't like Rod Laver because he's such a vicious competitor, but I don't dislike him.

Pancho Gonzales

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#25. Now we can see a new world coming into view, a world where there is a very real prospect of a New World Order.

George H. W. Bush

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#26. There are some men formed with feelings so blunt that they can hardly be said to be awake during the whole course of their lives.

Edmund Burke

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#27. I'm just glad Open tennis is here. It's great for the game. That's more important.

Pancho Gonzales

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#28. Like a revolving door to hell.


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