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#1. Our Welsh teacher thinks he is young. He tells us that the Welsh for skiving in town is 'mitchio yn y dre'. - Author: Joe Dunthorne
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#2. Because we lived only a mile outside the town of Mayfield, I was acutely conscious of being country. I felt inferior to people in town because we had to grow our food and make our clothes. - Author: Bobbie Ann Mason
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#3. It was very much like Norman Rockwell: small town America. We walked to school or rode our bikes, stopped at the penny candy store on the way home from school, skated on the pond. - Author: Dorothy Hamill
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#4. I think our failure in the production of good town churches of distinctive character must have struck you often, as it has me, when contrasted with our comparative success in country churches. - Author: George Edmund Street
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#5. I think it's our obligation to play, Honor. It's just a game, so can I kiss you? - Author: Robin Bielman
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#6. I grew up outside of Boston in a town called Manchester by the Sea, and we spent our summers in Nantucket. - Author: Nat Faxon
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#7. I was down in Washington when 9/11 happened. We were in the middle of putting together the next summer season, and all I could think of was something somehow must make sense to us. Our Town kept coming into my mind. - Author: Joanne Woodward
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#8. There were only two other Chinese families in this town of 25,000, but to our parents, the determining factor was the quality of the public school system. - Author: Steven Chu
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#9. In our town, Halloween was terrifying and thrilling, and there was a whiff of homicide. We'd travel by foot in the dark for miles, collecting candy, watching out for adults who seemed too eager to give us treats. - Author: Rosecrans Baldwin
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#10. Maybe all those years when Josh was running around town, acting like an idiot, he was just trying to find a way to escape. Maybe that was what all of us were doing, in our different ways. - Author: Heather Demetrios
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#11. So, on the day after we lost Ted Kennedy's seat, when everyone in town was reading last rites over our health care bill, Obama began plotting the miracle of its resurrection. - Author: David Axelrod
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#12. And underscoring it all was my father's insistence that my sister and I were the prettiest, smartest, and baddest bitches in Gotham town, no matter how many times we pissed ourselves or cut our own bangs with blunt kitchen scissors. - Author: Lena Dunham
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#13. Toph looks at me. I nod gravely. In this world, in our new world, there will be rocking. We will pay tribute to musicmakers like Journey, particularly if this is Two-for-Tuesday, which means inevitably that one of the songs will be: Just a small-town girl ... - Author: Dave Eggers
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#14. I was born in Saratoga, Texas, a little town there in the Big Thicket about 60 miles north of Beaumont. Needless to say, we were very, very poor, but we always managed to have enough to keep our bellies full. - Author: George Jones
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#15. In our language rhyme is a barrel. A barrel of dynamite. The line is a fuse. The line smoulders to the end and explodes; and the town is blown sky-high in a stanza. - Author: Vladimir Mayakovsky
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#16. Ooh, big day in town for our park warden," I said. "They're even making you wear the uniform.
Hayley's mom will be happy. She thinks you look hot in it."
Dad turned as red as his hair.
Mom's laugh floated out from her studio. "Maya Delaney. Leave your father alone. - Author: Kelley Armstrong
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#17. I shall begin my story with an experience I had when I was ten and attended our small town's Latin school. - Author: Hermann Hesse
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#18. Speaker Boehner needs to understand the urgency for reform. Until the House passes a bill that includes a pathway to citizenship, we will continue to be in the streets, at town hall meetings and on the phones, demanding justice for the 11 million aspiring Americans in our country. - Author: Eliseo Medina
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#19. One of the problems with the fiasco of suburbia is that it destroyed our understanding of the distinction between the country and the town, between the urban and the rural. They're not the same thing. - Author: James Howard Kunstler
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#20. Our arrival there and not at a busier, more crowded airport on the other side of town was yet another example of the magical efficiency and convenience of vampire travel. - Author: Deborah Harkness
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#21. My mom, she was unbelievable. She ran the whole town. She was like the mayor. There would be 15 people eating at our lunch table. She'd drag people from the street. - Author: Francisco Costa
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#22. This time I join him, and our voices drift together across the sleeping town. When - Author: Jennifer Niven
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#23. In our beautiful memory
We were all handsome
We could all sing
We all had the heart
Of the prettiest girl in town
And we all hit .300 - Author: John Buck O'Neil
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#24. I'm just a Chicago actor who's a playwright. Even with the success of 'August,' the people in town who come to our theater know me by sight, because they've seen me onstage so much. - Author: Tracy Letts
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#25. But what is striking about this, in a town that often talks about tax cuts, we could quite easily, Republicans and Democrats working together, do something that everybody in America desires, and that is a simplification of our Tax Code. - Author: Richard Neal
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#26. Our town was known for two things--no, three: salted fish, expertly dyed fabrics, and corruption. - Author: Angela Elwell Hunt
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#27. I was a pretty lousy bass player. But the band I was in couldn't find a bass player in our small town and it was more important to have a bass than keyboards, so that's what I did. - Author: Anne Boleyn
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#28. Our family life, before figure skating turned it upside down, seemed normal. Our town of Riverside, Connecticut, was part of Greenwich, and we had the advantage of their wonderful community, with great beaches and beautiful parks. - Author: Dorothy Hamill
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#29. Two of the cruelest, most primitive punishments our town deals out to those who fall from favor are the empty mailbox and the silent telephone. - Author: Hedda Hopper
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#30. All of Africa's resources should be declared resources of the state and managed by the nation. Our experience in Bolivia shows that when you take control of natural resources for the people of the town and village, major world change is possible. - Author: Evo Morales
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#31. We lost our minds in the '80s and '90s; we really as a society just felt that everyone could only care about themselves. There was no responsibility to discuss what's going on in your town, your state, your nation. And it was a blast, it was really fun, but it doesn't work. - Author: Adam McKay
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#32. Good plan," Freddy was saying. "Let's get some decent sleep. Tomorrow we can shake our gravy asses into town and do some sluething. - Author: Ali Sparkes
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#33. As I have learned again and again from our nation's finest towns, like Madison and Austin and Boone and Bellingham, a college lends a town excellent personality and panache. - Author: Nick Offerman
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#34. We all have our handicaps. You're not mine. - Author: Kelly Moran
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#35. Love is best when mixed with anguish.
In our town,
we won't call you a Lover
if you escape the pain.
Look for Love in this way,
welcome it to your soul,
and watch your spirit fly away in ecstasy. - Author: Jalaluddin Rumi
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#36. This is, like, the biggest thing to happen in our town since that girl found a potato that looked like Mother Teresa. - Author: John M. Cusick
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#37. But my husband came from a small town and hardworking parents like I did, and I don't think we've lost that mind-set. We don't have a bowling alley in our basement. We don't have houses on the beach and one in New York and one in L.A. - Author: Carrie Underwood
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#38. A clock struck out the hour of twelve, and the bird in the hedgerow was still singing as we marched out to the roadway, and followed our merry pipers home to town. - Author: Patrick MacGill
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#39. There are seasons of our lives when nothing seems to be happening, when no smoke betrays a burned town or homestead and few tears are shed for the newly dead. I have learned not to trust those times, because if the world is at peace then it means someone is planning war. - Author: Bernard Cornwell
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#40. I'm living out a childhood fantasy. Our house is in a historic district of a small town that I used to read about in storybooks. - Author: Patty Duke
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#41. Our Father who art in nature ... must have a great and overwhelming love for no-goods and blots-on-the-town and bums, and Mack and the boys. - Author: John Steinbeck
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#42. Our goal was Munich in Bavaria in southern Germany, the town where Hitler had gotten his start in a beer hall. But on the way, we made a stop to liberate the concentration camp at Dachau. - Author: Charles Brandt
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#43. There is a town in north Ontario,
With dream comfort memory to spare,
And in my mind
I still need a place to go,
All my changes were there.

Blue, blue windows behind the stars,
Yellow moon on the rise,
Big birds flying across the sky,
Throwing shadows on our eyes. - Author: Neil Young
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#44. Maybe Macon Ravenwood wasn't the only town shut-in. I didn't think our town was big enough for two Boo Radleys. But - Author: Kami Garcia
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#45. Everybody has a right to their own troubles. - Author: Thornton Wilder
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#46. You're shocked, Mr. Burton, at hearing what our gossiping little town thinks. I can tell you this - they always think the worst! - Author: Agatha Christie
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#47. I did an 'Our Town' in San Diego in the seventies with amateurs that I can tear up just thinking about. - Author: Jack O'Brien
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#48. We were taught to be dependable, responsible, the top of our classes at school, the most organized and efficient babysitters in town, the very miniature models of our hardworking farmer/nurse mother, a pair of junior Swiss Army knives, born to multitask. - Author: Elizabeth Gilbert
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#49. As Desmond Tutu told me on a recent trip to Cape Town, We are only the light bulbs, Richard, and our job is just to remain screwed in! - Author: Richard Rohr
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#50. It was the beginning of the war. I was twelve years old, my parents were alive, and God still dwelt in our town. - Author: Elie Wiesel
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#51. Baby, this town rips the bones from our back it's a death trap, it's a suicide rap. We got to get out while we're young. - Author: Bruce Springsteen
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#52. Is it okay to go the roof of the tallest building in your town and jerk off into the street? - Author: Eugene Mirman
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#53. And Cape Town is not what it used to be. Foreigners have left their imprint on our culture. - Author: K. Sello Duiker
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#54. Love can be so hauntingly beautiful, waking up past selves that have been wandering aimlessly through the corridors of our soul, for far too long. When someone else can take us from the ghost-town of our inner-selves, to exciting new landscapes, it's worth the risk, just to feel reborn. - Author: Jaeda DeWalt
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#55. Participant (Productions) is the only production company in town that has a double bottom line: social good plus financial returns. It's too early to tell how our returns are going to look - though all signs are promising - but social good is what we're really after. - Author: Jeffrey Skoll
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#56. Our town was small enough that I never developed a healthy fear of strangers. To me, they were exciting things, gift-wrapped and full of possibilities, the sweet smell of somewhere else wafting from them like perfume. - Author: April Genevieve Tucholke
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#57. My major contribution to the format was to suggest that I be able to step out of the plot and speak directly to the audience, and then be able to go right back into the action. That was an original idea of mine; I know it was because I originally stole it from Thornton Wilder's play Our Town. - Author: George Burns
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#58. My favorite book title ever is Ross Thomas' THE FOOLS IN TOWN ARE ON OUR SIDE. Good book too as I recall read it a long time ago but Ross Thomas is consistently good. - Author: Howard Kaplan
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#59. The beginnings of my studies also came to me from my father, as well as from the Rabbinical Judge of our town. But they were preceded by three tutors under whom I studied, one after the other, from the time I was three and a half till I turned eight and a half. - Author: Shmuel Yosef Agnon
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#60. Why do we insist on building the largest and most impressive structures in our city when people on the other side of town are hungry, jobless and worshipping in storefronts? - Author: K.P. Yohannan
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#61. We didn't have a phone when I was a kid, and I was too shy to smash any public phones, and our town didn't have a pool hall either, so I had to hang out at the public library - and anyway, I told myself stories. - Author: John Sladek
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#62. I didn't sing for years and years, but I started playing harp when I was maybe 9 or 10. I had actually wanted to play for years leading up to that, but no teacher in our little town would take me on as a student, because I was too young. - Author: Joanna Newsom
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#63. My parents moved from ranch to ranch, valley to valley, town to town, but our roots in Fowler never really faded. For me, it's a place of history, stories and songs, not just facts and figures. - Author: Juan Felipe Herrera
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#64. But, for me, being attractive is about more than just what a man's been blessed with. I like that Gideon doesn't know he's the handsomest man in town. Once, when we were on our way to the Finnemore house, a girl almost walked into a post because she wasn't paying attention. But Gideon had no idea. - Author: Mary Jane Hathaway
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#65. Really? We are being herded on a bus to drive across town to an all-boy academy where we disembark and join our lonely counterparts on a dance floor. Sounds like a scorecard situation to me. - Author: Adriana Trigiani
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#66. After two hours and a half of this odd travelling (including a stoppage at a small town, where we were saluted by a gun considerably bigger than our own chimney), we reached Hartford, - Author: Charles Dickens
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#67. Everyone in our town has a story
but it's not the one he tells himself. Its author has a thousand eyes, a thousand ears, and five hundred pens that never stop scribbling. - Author: Carsten Jensen
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#68. ...it is not news that we live in a world
Where beauty is unexplainable
And suddenly ruined
And has its own routines. We are often far
From home in a dark town, and our griefs
Are difficult to translate into a language
Understood by others. - Author: Charlie Smith
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#69. There is a cannibalism that's loose in our society in which public figures such as the Clintons could try to come into this town and do something good for this country and then they get hammered away even though they're trying to do the right thing. - Author: David Gergen
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#70. Hain't we got all the fools in town on our side? And hain't that a big enough majority in any town? - Author: Mark Twain
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#71. Because they're twins. they've got each other, wolf. This is a tough town in a tough world. But no matter how tough it get - our boys will always have each other. - Author: Ben Elton
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#72. The specific patterns, out of which a building or a town is made
may be alive or dead. To the extent they are alive, they let our inner
forces loose, and, set us free; but when they are dead they keep
us locked in inner conflict. - Author: Christopher Alexander
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#73. She's a lovely young woman from upstate New York, but you should be very thankful for those romance-novel-reading, tween-movie-watching women. They've had a big hand in making our town a success." "And Julian's love life, once he learned to spray himself with glitter. - Author: Kristen Painter
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#74. In our town there was a Gestapo officer who loved to play chess. After the occupation began, he found out that my father was the chess master of the region, and so he had him to his house every night. - Author: Bruno Schulz
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#75. Gosh, I'd like to direct Our Town on stage. - Author: Robert Englund
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#76. At the end of the day, we're defined by our predicament, not by the sides of town. - Author: Jesse Jackson
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#77. No one in our town ever really died, because no one in our town ever lived, or did good or evil. We had no saints or sinners, only daydreamers in the World of Illusion. - Author: I.L. Peretz
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#78. Our fellow-citizens, as they now realized, had never thought that our little town might be a place particularly chosen as one where rats die in the sun and concierges perish from peculiar illnesses. - Author: Albert Camus
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#79. You've got to love life to have life, and you've got to have life to love life. - Author: Thornton Wilder
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#80. Help, and you will make a huge impact in the life of the street, the town, the country and our planet. If only one out of four of each one hundred of you choose to help on any given day, in any given cause, incredible things will happen in the world you live in. - Author: Tom Hanks
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#81. When our identities are tethered to externals, our sense of self-worth is always in danger. In the end, we become hypersensitive, insecure, and discontent, always comparing ourselves to the next parent, the next young professional, the next pastor across town. But - Author: David Hickman
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#82. The whites have resolved to destroy our liberty and have therefore brought a force commensurate to their intentions. The Cape, after a proper resistance, has fallen into their hands, but the enemy found only a town and plain in ashes; the forts were blown up, and all was burnt. - Author: Toussaint Louverture
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#83. Our house was bombed, and the roof fell in. We were sitting under the stairs of the basement, and we were quite safe, but it brought home the realization. In two nights 400 people were killed in small town. - Author: Roger Bannister
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#84. We get so used to the gregarious nature of our towns and villages that we forget how crowded our existence has become. - Author: Fennel Hudson
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#85. The fact that our team had penetrated 150 miles into Pakistan, carried out the raid in the middle of a military garrison town, and then escaped without the Pakistani military being the wiser was an awful black eye. - Author: Robert M. Gates
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#86. The people I bring out of suspension to populate my town won't have Facebook or iPhones, iPads, Twitter, next-day delivery. They'll interact like our species used to. Face-to-face. And - Author: Blake Crouch
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#87. Man, Duke and I work our fannies off. We don't eat expensive dinners out. We don't go to the mvies or buy our clothes anywhere but Kmart
our biggest treat is taking the kids to Walmart on Friday nights, having a fast food hamburger and doing the grocery shopping. - Author: Lori Copeland
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#88. Things ain't never gone change in this town , Aibileen. We living in hell. Our kids is trapped. - Author: Kathryn Stockett
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#89. All over town kids lay awake & wondered: Am I smart enough, pretty enough, strong enough, tall enough? If our fears were smoke, the town would be covered night & day by an inky pall. - Author: Ron Koertge
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#90. Sorry, ladies. I guess that's our cue. We like to storm into town, inflict maximum damage, and then disappear ... like a KISS concert. - Author: Brian K. Vaughan
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#91. Smell brings to mind ... a family dinner of pot roast and sweet potatoes during a myrtle-mad August in a Midwestern town. Smells detonate softly in our memory like poignant land mines hidden under the weedy mass of years. - Author: Diane Ackerman
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#92. Lordy, lordy, lordy do I love money. It is a character flaw, no doubt, one that springs from a panicked childhood in which I always felt as if our family was only a couple missed child support payments from being tossed onto the pitiless streets of our suburban New Jersey town. - Author: Michael Ian Black
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#93. The library drew Bean down the street, as it had drawn all of us over the years. Our parents had trained us to become readers, and the town's library had been the one place, other than church, that we visited every week. - Author: Eleanor Brown
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#94. In our national mythology, we seem to include only one-way migrations to the great capitol cities. The journey from the small Wisconsin town or Minnesota city to Chicago or New York or Los Angeles. Certainly for some people, that journey is a round trip. - Author: Mona Simpson
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#95. We moved around a bit when I was younger, but I grew up primarily in Rhode Island, in a beautiful seaside community called East Greenwich. It was a small town, and so safe that we rarely locked our doors at night. - Author: Michelle Gagnon
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#96. Our town carves up and spits out a few seeds each year. We all approach autumn with dread because nobody wants to be a seed. - Author: Howard Odentz
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#97. Our town was christened Buyan, after the legend of a Slavic island that appeared, and disappeared, at will. That would later seem an eerie, and disconcerting, premonition. - Author: A.B. Shepherd
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#98. Obligation
They cannot ask for kindness
Or for mercy plead,
Yet cruel is our blindness
Which does not see their need,
World-over, town or city,
God trusts us with this task:
To give our love and pity
To those who cannot ask. - Author: Edgar A. Guest
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#99. We know our neighbors - so far as we have the right to know them. We hear of their joys and their sorrows, and hasten to make them ours so far as we may. Life in a small town is like a layer cake. One gets the whole of it, frosted top, lemon filling and all. - Author: Laura E. Richards
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#100. We had been given flowers, good food, and a soft bed, all in exchange for declaring our love. I thought we might go from town to town and marry in each one. - Author: William Klaber
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