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#1. Whether you're an opera singer, a legislator or customer service operator, there is a way that we can find common ground with our audience - be they young or old, Democrats or Republicans, rich or poor, religious or secular. - Author: Charity Sunshine Tillemann-Dick
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#2. Love doesn't drop on you unexpectedly; you have to give off signals, sort of like an amateur radio operator. - Author: Helen Gurley Brown
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#3. My dad was a telegraph operator for the Cotton Belt Railroad. He worked seven nights a week from 4 until midnight, no vacation. - Author: Johnny Gimble
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#4. A big-time operator does not sleep with a woman of the town. - Author: Anyaele Sam Chiyson
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#5. Many a time in the past, when an active operator on Wall Street, he had done things ... which would have caused raised eyebrows on the fo'c'sle of a pirate sloop - and done them without a blush. - Author: P.G. Wodehouse
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#6. I'm sometimes described as a flamboyant leader and a hip-shooter, a fly-by-the-seat-of-the-pants operator. But if that were true, I could never have been successful in this business. - Author: Lee Iacocca
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#7. A great lathe operator commands several times the wage of an average lathe operator, but a great writer of software code is worth 10,000 times the price of an average software writer. - Author: Bill Gates
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#8. If I were you, the operator sounds happy he's not. - Author: Keri Hulme
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#9. Though a non-co-operator, I shall gladly subscribe to a bill to make it criminal for anybody to call me mahatma and to touch my feet. - Author: Mahatma Gandhi
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#10. I did not know it but I was already coming up against one of the great pitfalls of the small operator - the almost insoluble problem of when to enter the market. - Author: Nicolas Darvas
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#11. My own grandfathers were a submarine commander and a 'desert rats' tank operator in the Second World War. - Author: Benedict Cumberbatch
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#12. The taxonomy of medical error is vast, colorful, and at times confusing. There are slips, lapses, harmless hits, and near misses; errors of omission and of commission; operator errors, system errors, accidents, complications, and bad outcomes. - Author: Nancy Berlinger
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#13. Pictures ... are also opinions ... [they] set down what the camera operator sees and he sees what he wants to see and what he loves and hates and pities and is proud of. - Author: John Steinbeck
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#14. General Fuller just called to inform me Rock has officially been listed as a rogue operator." "What - Author: Julie Ann Walker
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#15. Walpole has no intellect. A mere surgeon. A wonderful operator but, after all, what is operating? ... Manual labour. - Author: George Bernard Shaw
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#16. One editor during the Civil War got a grievous message to meet his brothers corpse, only to find out that the telegraph operator had garbled the message to meet his living brother's CORPS. - Author: Harold Holzer
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#17. I've given him more mixed signals than a dyslexic Morse code operator. - Author: Rachel Cohn
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#18. Obviously, 'Lincoln' is not about the telegraph operator. There's a whole other movie before and after the two isolated scenes that I'm in. - Author: Adam Driver
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#19. I almost died. Fortunately, my mother was a nurse. She gave me a shot of something, and things turned out brilliantly.
Lucky me, I thought. Why couldn't his mother have been a telephone operator? - Author: Tiffanie DeBartolo
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#20. Catwoman isn't a 'joiner.' She's a solo operator. She isn't naturally heroic; she's fairly selfish. - Author: Ann Nocenti
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#21. YouTube's traffic continues to grow very quickly. Video is something that we think is going to be embedded everywhere. And it makes sense, from Google's perspective, to be the operator of the largest site that contains all that video. - Author: Eric Schmidt
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#22. It is the duty of a non-co-operator to preach disaffection towards the existing order of things. Non-co-operators are but giving disciplined expression to a nation's outraged feelings. - Author: Mahatma Gandhi
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#23. Let's Face it, - Sinatra is a king. He's a very sharp operator, a keen record chief, and has a keen appreciation of what the public wants. - Author: Bing Crosby
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#24. He wishes he had never entered the funhouse. But he has. Then he wishes he were dead. But he's not. Therefore he will construct funhouses for others and be their secret operator
though he would rather be among the lovers for whom funhouses are designed. - Author: John Barth
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#25. Being a 911 operator means balancing seemingly contradictory skills. On one hand, operators have to be fanatically precise and well-organized. On the other, they must be able to establish rapport with panicky callers. - Author: Gary Wolf
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#26. I was in the Air Force and was a boom operator (in-flight refueling). I got my comedy start in the Air Force. - Author: Sinbad
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#27. A stock operator has to fight a lot of expensive enemies within himself. - Author: Edwin Lefevre
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#28. We want to be number one, from the ingestion of content to the play-out to any type of channel. Everything between there, you should see Ericsson if you are a broadcaster, telecoms operator, or cable operator. - Author: Hans Vestberg
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#29. Our aim was to insure repeat business based on the system's reputation rather than on the quality of a single store or operator. - Author: Ray Kroc
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#30. While the aesthetics of consumption (photographic or otherwise) requires a heroicized myth of the artist, the exemplary practice of the player-off codes requires only an operator, a producer, a scriptor, or a pasticheur. - Author: Abigail Solomon-Godeau
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#31. I grew up as a cameraman, so it's much easier for me to shoot it myself. I work with an operator and a crew, but it's way easier for me to function as a cinematographer, than to have a cinematographer between me and the lens. I don't need that. - Author: David Douglas
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#32. Similitude of the heart is like that of a telephone operator between man and God. - Author: Riaz Ahmed Gohar Shahi
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#33. Of course the cat will growl and spit at the operator and bite him if she can. But the real question is whether he is a vet or a vivisector. - Author: C.S. Lewis
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#34. One operator is no big deal. That can be fixed in a jiffy. - Author: Larry Wall
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#35. If you had a national grid with one operator, you had twenty or even a hundred operators, if you don't have the ability to compel people to observe high standards of conduct, then you run a greater risk. - Author: Spencer Abraham
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#36. I was a switchboard operator on the first season of 'Mad Men.' I was the oldest and bitterest. - Author: Stephanie Courtney
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#37. In the business world an executive knows something about everything, a technician knows everything about something and the switchboard operator knows everything. - Author: Harold Coffin
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#38. Maybe you'll call me someday Hear the operator say the numbers no good And that She had a world of chances for you She had a world of chances for you She had a world of chances Chances you were burning through - Author: Demi Lovato
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#39. We must treat arrest as the normal condition of the life of a non-co-operator. - Author: Mahatma Gandhi
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#40. Note that I avoid most "modern features" of C++, but inheritance and operator overloading are too useful for ray tracers to pass on. - Author: Peter Shirley
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#41. I'm hitting the driver so good I gotta dial the operator for long distance after I hit it. - Author: Lee Trevino
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#42. I see myself as the literary equivalent of a skilled lathe-operator, or a basket-weaver; a potter, maybe: I make mildly diverting objects that people want to buy. - Author: Robert Harris
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#43. Left alone with the dial tone ... excuse me, operator, why is no one listening? - Author: Melina Marchetta
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#44. After the church ceased to exist, an outfit calling itself the First Amendment Protection Society, Inc. - the largest operator of adult bookstores, topless bars, Internet porn sites, and karaoke cocktail lounges in the United States - intimidated - Author: Dean Koontz
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#45. Time plays tricks between here and home, said Mogget sepulchrally, frightening the life out of the telephone operator. - Author: Garth Nix
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#46. I'm the computer operator for Operation Rescue National. - Author: Norma McCorvey
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#47. Generally speaking, it's a very hard thing to wrap your head around that a drone operator in Nevada can be releasing munitions in the Middle East. - Author: Neill Blomkamp
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#48. Dogs and children vomit in distress. Women cry.
("Dial 'O' For Operator") - Author: Robert Presslie
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#49. When it comes to meetings and preparing for that, it doesn't matter if it's a meeting with the U.N.; with a large operator, CEO, or chairman; or if I have an internal meeting - in all cases, I know that the energy and the engagement in every discussion is extremely important. - Author: Hans Vestberg
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#50. I once fed a dog-fight operator to the dogs he had abused for so long, and do you want to know something? It felt so good. It was justice, girl. The fucking law never gave a shit about a victim, but justice is all heart. - Author: Cedric Nye
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#51. The day after my high school graduation in 1952, I headed to Alaska. I was 17. I started out greasing equipment, then became a heavy-crane operator. I made and saved good money there for two years. - Author: Dennis Washington
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#52. Yes, if I had it my way I would do all the shots myself - I used to do that when I was just a cameraman, an operator - but there's no way; you can't do that anymore. - Author: Dennis Muren
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#53. What do you think of Chicago?
Well, the telephone operator woke me up today and said, 'Good morning, Miss Lee. It's eight o'clock, and three below zero. - Author: Harper Lee
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#54. Before the days of video village a director should stand right next to the camera, look with his naked eye and if he sees something that is real to him, he'd look up at the [camera] operator and if he gives the look to indicate he'd seen it to, then you print and you'd move on. - Author: Matt Damon
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#55. The essence of education is that it is a change effected in the organism to satisfy the operator. - Author: Bertrand Russell
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#56. Roughly fifty percent of procedure in a Marine basic-training program is about disconnecting the young American boy from his concept of himself as a unique individual, a lone operator. - Author: James D. Bradley
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#57. I have never known a great trader, with his first reputation established as a bear operator, who did not either turn bull or drop out of the market altogether. - Author: William Peter Hamilton
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#58. Operator! Give me the number for 911! - Author: Dan Castellaneta
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#59. So. Her husband-to-be was a philanderer. A smooth operator. A debaucher. A rake. A frisker. (Jane was something of a walking thesaurus when she was upset, a side effect of too much reading.) - Author: Cynthia Hand
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#60. I saw on the pad not an operator's number from my home town, but one which seemed to interrupt the beating of my heart. - Author: John Knowles
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#61. A common pickpocket trick is for the operator to carry a shawl or overcoat carelessly over the left arm, and to take a seat on the right side of the person they intend to rob in a streetcar or other vehicle. - Author: Harry Houdini
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#62. You might be a redneck if the Home Shopping Channel operator recognizes your voice. - Author: Jeff Foxworthy
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#63. which will enable either a human or an automatic operator to control the insect's movements remotely and to absorb and transmit information. - Author: Yuval Noah Harari
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#64. I thought we were gonna get "Smooth Operator." That song was big in the '90s. - Author: Rush Limbaugh
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#65. Can you connect me with my mechanic?" "Sir, this is an emergency line. You need to go through the operator." "Listen, I don't have a quarter, and my taxes pay your wages. You're a public service. So connect me right now. - Author: S. Schell
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#66. When the machine had been fastened with a wire to the track, so that it could not start until released by the operator, and the motor had been run to make sure that it was in condition, we tossed a coin to decide who should have the first trial. Wilbur won. - Author: Orville Wright
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#67. I was a co-operator too in the sense that I non-co-operated for co-operation, and even then I said that if I could carry the country forward by co-operation I should co-operate. - Author: Mahatma Gandhi
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#68. Every serious nuclear accident involves operator error, so you want to eliminate the operator altogether. - Author: Nathan Myhrvold
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#69. With twelve horse power at our command, we considered that we could permit the weight of the machine with operator to rise to 750 or 800 pounds, and still have as much surplus power as we had originally allowed for in the first estimate of 550 pounds. - Author: Orville Wright
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#70. If you look at the causes of the accidents, quite a few of them are operator error. We need people to be diligent and follow the rules of the road and drive more defensively. - Author: Bob McKenzie
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#71. It is important to use
your hands, that is what distinguishes
you from a cow or a computer operator. - Author: Paul Rand
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#72. It ain't the picture and it ain't the camera - it's the operator. - Author: Simon Travaglia
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#73. There's always room for an operator like Airbnb, but it's quite a different thing to my serviced apartments. Airbnb is a different market - it has nothing to do with me. - Author: Harry Triguboff
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#74. All myth is an enriched pattern, a two-faced proposition, allowing its operator to say one thing and mean another, to lead a double life. - Author: Anne Carson
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#75. I called the hotel operator and she said, "How can I direct your call?" I said, "Well, you could say 'Action!', and I'll begin to dial. And when I say 'Goodbye', then you can yell 'Cut!'" - Author: Mitch Hedberg
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#76. I am not, by trade or character, a spotlight operator. I'm the goober with a flashlight, stumbling into corners and crannies, not looking for anything specific but knowing when I've found it. - Author: Mary Roach
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#77. I learned later that the former operator of Abdullah had been a dwarf who cannot have been fastidious about his person, and there was a strong whiff of hot dwarf as I grew hotter myself. - Author: Robertson Davies
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#78. His enemies said he [Robert Kennedy] was consumed with selfish ambition, a ruthless opportunist exploiting his brother's legend. But he was too passionate and too vulnerable ever to be the cool and confident operator his brother was. - Author: Jack Newfield
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#79. The telephone operator has one of the biggest roles in creating your organization's image ... indeed, many people may come into contact with no one except your operator. - Author: Guy Kawasaki
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#80. The best place to catch a baseball hit by (Mark) McGwire is definitely not within the confines of the playing field, or sometimes even the ballpark. Other players dial '1' for long distance. McGwire has to ask for an international operator. - Author: Thomas Boswell
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#81. Rupert Murdoch is probably the most successful media proprietor and operator in history. - Author: Conrad Black
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#82. just programmed into the bomb's guidance system. "Hey!" the copilot told the Delta operator. "We don't - Author: Eric Blehm
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#83. The center will not hold if it has been spot-welded by an operator whose deepest concern is not with the weld but with his lottery ticket. - Author: Donald Barthelme
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#84. With automobile accidents, mechanical failure is seldom the cause; and most often, operator error. I find the same to be true with corporate failings ... . the people are rarely the issue ... the shortcoming is most often found in the leadership. - Author: Steve Maraboli
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#85. I'm a doctor," she reminded him. "Nothing embarrasses me."
"Yeah? So if I call the hospital while you're making rounds, you won't be embarrassed when I have the operator page Dr. Smarty-pants? - Author: Julie Garwood
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#86. As for you, Private, if you mention a word of this to anyone, I'll feed you to the cat thing here. Understand?"
"Yum," said Mogget.
"Yes, sir!" mumbled the telephone operator, his hands shaking as he tried to smother the burning wreckage of his switchboard with a fire blanket. - Author: Garth Nix
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#87. I apologize if I've rated your book but not left a review. I've noticed lately that some of my reviews are disappearing after a day or two. It may be a tech issue, might be operator error (me) but I always intend to leave at least a short comment along with a rating. - Author: Chris Norbury
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#88. In order to be the master of your life, you must first recognize that you are the rightful master of your brain, its owner and operator. - Author: Ilchi Lee
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#89. We don't expect every operator to be Christian, but we tell them we do expect them to operate on Christian principles. - Author: S. Truett Cathy
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#90. In 'Winter's Bone,' it's literally the director and the camera operator. That's it. Just a super-small Kubrick crew. You know what I mean? Like, 8 people. - Author: Bill Hader
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#91. The only true and effective "operator's manual for spaceship earth" is not a book that any human will ever write; it is hundreds of thousands of local cultures. - Author: Wendell Berry
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#92. The audacious telegraph operator took the flower from his buttonhole and said to her: I give you my life in this rose. - Author: Gabriel Garcia Marquez
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