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#1. Intelligent too, ooh you my sweetheart. I've always liked my women book and street smart. Long as they got a lil' class like half days and the confidence to overlook my past ways. - Author: Drake
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#2. Ooh! Jesus Christ had dreads, so shake 'em.
I ain't got none, but I'm planning on growing some.
Imagine all the Hebrews going dumb ...
Dancing on top of chariots and turning tight ones. - Author: E-40
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#3. With a soft gasp from Aaron, the soundtrack started up in Joey's brain again. Goldfrapp's "Ooh La La" was perfect for blow jobs. If he sang along, his tongue did interesting things. - Author: K.A. Mitchell
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#4. Ooh. Maybe he'll fuck you in Spanish. Can you call me while it's happening? God, I want to hear that. - Author: Tina Reber
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#5. Ooh baby, baby, it's a wild world, it's hard just to get by upon a smile. - Author: Cat Stevens
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#6. They call me the confuser. Is he a man ... is he a woman? Ooh, I'm not sure if I mind. - Author: Noel Fielding
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#7. Ian stepped closer to her, gritting his teeth. "We're no' babies. We're seasoned warriors."

She affected a big shudder " Ooh, I'm scared - Author: Kerrelyn Sparks
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#8. Never mind what I knew, nothing seems to matter now
Ooh, who I was without you, I can do without
No one knows where it ends, how it may come tumbling down
But I'm here with you now
I'm with you now - Author: Sara Bareilles
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#9. Even after I got my divorce, the ink wasn't even dry on the paper, and I said, 'Ooh, the next time I become a wife, I got this thing down pat!' I always believed that there was someone built for me. - Author: Niecy Nash
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#10. Let's use that empty noggin of yours as a punch bowl, so it's at least good for something!! Whadja say?! Ooh, but I love punch!! - Author: Aya Nakahara
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#11. Ooh, ah, ooh, ah, that's the sound of the men working on the chain gang. - Author: Sam Cooke
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#12. For the next few minutes, there was a thorough rehashing of the courses (That meat was delicious. The sauce was perfect. And ooh that chocolate mousse.) This was a social nicety that seemed more prevalent the higher you climbed the social ladder and the less your hostess cooked. - Author: Amor Towles
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#13. I'm amazed by just constantly - there's not a week that goes past where there's not someone in Ulan Bator or Rio De Janeiro suddenly says, 'Ooh, 'Downton' started this week.' You completely forget it's staggered across the world. - Author: Dan Stevens
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#14. Lils, you've barely even planned Sneak yet. Give it time. He'll get there."
"He did ask me out on Saturday."
"OMG, you two are totally getting married and having a litter of babies. Ooh, what if that's literally true?"
-Scout and Lily about werewolf Jason - Author: Chloe Neill
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#15. Trouble, Troublemaker yeah that's your middle name

Ooh - Author: Olly Murs
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#16. Ooh baby, I like it raw! - Author: Ol' Dirty Bastard
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#17. Bathroom, maybe? Which is where I need to go."
"Ooh, me, too," Eve said.
The boys rolled their eyes, like they'd planned it.
"What? It's what girls do. Get over it. - Author: Rachel Caine
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#18. For me, a record is valid when I actually hold the vinyl. Like, I've worked on the art for a while and I see the vinyl and I go "Ooh, it's an actual LP. How cool is that?" That's very sacred to me. You can't take that back, you know? - Author: Ryan Adams
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#19. How I keep trying to force our story into a fairy tale, but from the beginning, it's been more like a nursery rhyme."
"Bizarre and adorable?"
"Just like you."
"With rings in your pockets and bells on your toes"
"Ooh, I should really invest in some toes bells. - Author: Shannon Hale
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#20. Ooh, the staring at threads class. My favorite. - Author: Frank Beddor
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#21. Ooh-kaay. Moving on from odd reaction to completely innocent question.
Zart, Lindy (2014-09-04). Ordinary (Anything But Series Book 1) (p. 14). Crushing Hearts and Black Butterfly Publishing. Kindle Edition. - Author: Lindy Zart
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#22. I thought I was a fool for no one;
But ooh baby I'm a fool for you;
You're the queen of the superficial;
how long before you tell the truth? - Author: Matthew Bellamy
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#23. It wasn't until my late teens that I really got into soul music and then I was like 'Ooh, this is good!' You'd always here it at old family parties, like, Gladys Knight and I'd always love it but I didn't really get to know it and respect it until I was a bit older. - Author: Rebecca Ferguson
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#24. Ooh. Top secret angel business, huh? What're you going to do? Dance on a pinhead? Lobby for National Cute Puppy Day? - Author: Richelle Mead
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#25. People want to look taller and thinner. No one says, 'Ooh! Let me buy that dress because it makes me feel matronly!' - Author: Michael Kors
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#26. Real love, true love is not like the shooting star that makes you go, "ooh, aah". Real, true love is like the constancy of the sun that comes up slowly every morning - sometimes too hot; sometimes hidden behind the clouds, but always there. Therefore, often take for granted. - Author: Lucille Anderson
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#27. Some people are instantly brilliant. The Kenneth Branaghs of this world are ready-formed actors at 23 - he has used his success in lots of different ways - but there are people out there for whom acting is: 'Ooh, I can get on the telly and be famous.' - Author: Harriet Walter
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#28. Ooh, you look much tastier than Crabbe and Goyle, Harry" said Hermione, before catching sight of Ron's raised eyebrows, blushing slightly and saying "oh you know what I mean - Goyle's Potion looked like bogies. - Author: J.K. Rowling
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#29. My greatest fear is fear. Ooh, meta. - Author: Miranda Hart
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#30. He paused for a minute and I could feel him trembling. "I love you," he whispered against my skin and then his teeth, broke through. - Author: Kristen Middleton
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#31. Ooh, bet that went over like a fart in church. - Author: Gayla Drummond
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#32. North Korea is willing to go to any lengths for the whole world to honor its demands of 'Ooh, please pay attention to us.' - Author: Stephen Colbert
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