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#1. In a way, I think a part of you has to die in order to get through a thing like that. It's the only way a person can survive it. When - Author: Michelle Knight
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#2. I honestly do not think about celebrity or image or sexual expectations on me. It only comes up when people have a list of questions. But what I am told is that there is a quality that I have onscreen, where it's a little bit of everything. - Author: Richard Gere
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#3. By the time you are in your thirties, most of the time, you've got a job, you can pay for your rent, you can create this nice world around you. And still, you're only in your thirties - you're not that far away from your twenties, which is when you're making all of your stupid mistakes. - Author: Katie Aselton
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#4. In seeming contradiction of physical laws, time is heavy only when it is empty. - Author: Trevanian
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#5. We will only begin to forgive when we can look upon the wrongdoers as ourselves, neither better nor worse. We need to remember that we coexist as mortals in the world, together, the wronged and the wrongdoer, and that, in our common humanity, the situation could readily be reversed. - Author: Leo Buscaglia
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#6. Paradox as it may seem, we likewise find life meaningful only when we have seen that it is without purpose, and know the "mystery of the universe" only when we are convinced that we know nothing about it at all. - Author: Alan W. Watts
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#7. Here is another paradox: We become better people only when we give up the quest to become better people. That - Author: Charles Eisenstein
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#8. Perhaps that is the only way that true love can work, when it is prepared for and embraced without thought, without choice. - Author: Vu Tran
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#9. Even when other powers have been lost and people may not even be able to understand language, they will nearly always recognize and respond to familiar tunes. And not only that. The tunes may carry them back and may give them memory of scenes and emotions otherwise unavailable for them. - Author: Oliver Sacks
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#10. When you are modelling, you are creating a picture, a still life, perhaps something like a silent film. You convey emotion but you are only using your body. - Author: Helena Christensen
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#11. I feel you. Inside. In the parts of me I crushed the night my mother died. No matter how I tried to keep you out, you got in and I couldn't let you leave me behind. So listen to me when I say this. My life is yours. You're the reason I'll stay alive. The only goddamn reason. - Author: Dee Tenorio
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#12. When the April wind wakes the call for the soil, I hold the plough as my only hold upon the earth, and, as I follow through the fresh and fragrant furrow, I am planted with every foot-step, growing, budding, blooming into a spirit of spring. - Author: Dallas Lore Sharp
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#13. We each have a handful of those moments, the ones we take out to treasure only rarely, like jewels, when we looked up from our lives and realized: I'm happy. - Author: Tim Kreider
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#14. Your friend Plato holds that commonwealths will only be happy when either philosophers rule or rulers philosophize: how remote happiness must appear when philosophers won't even deign to share their thoughts with kings. - Author: Thomas More
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#15. Sylvie wishes the anti-depressants had been around when she was in her early twenties, not only to rescue her from the dark tunnels that came when her brother first got sick, but also to keep her from fucking all those assholes. - Author: Francesca Lia Block
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#16. We have not only to be witnesses and pleaders, but we have also to be examples ... If a man's life at home is unworthy, he should go several miles away before he stands up to preach, and then, when he stands up, he should say nothing. - Author: Charles Haddon Spurgeon
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#17. Only when there are no impressions of others clouding our mind, can we sit and practice the glorious practice of meditation. - Author: Frederick Lenz
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#18. Well, everybody knew their character. I was the only one who didn't have a partner. I basically showed up when people got in trouble. Where I came from, I don't know. Nobody knows. But I would show up to help. - Author: Bubba Smith
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#19. When we are sick, we want an uncommon doctor; when we have a construction job to do, we want an uncommon engineer, and when we are at war, we want an uncommon general. It is only when we get into politics that we are satisfied with the common man. - Author: Herbert Hoover
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#20. adults usually think you can only feel real love when you're fifty or something and have lived through a war. - Author: Callie James
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#21. When all our efforts have come to nothing, we naturally tend to doubt not just ourselves, but also whether God is just. At those moments, our only hope is to seek every evidence that God is just, by communing with the people we know who are strongest in faith. - Author: Bill Moyers
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#22. Just at present you only see the tree by the light of the lamp. I wonder when you would ever see the lamp by the light of the tree. - Author: G.K. Chesterton
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#23. When the hunter sets traps only for rabbits, tigers and dragons are left uncaught. - Author: Li Bai
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#24. You can't make me mad by calling me names that are true. Certainly I'm a rascal, and why not? It's a free country and a man may be a rascal if he chooses. It's only hypocrites like you, my dear lady, just as black at heart but trying to hide it, who becomes enraged when called by their right names. - Author: Margaret Mitchell
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#25. Ignore them. They don't know what it is to make a difficult decision."
"You wouldn't have done it, I bet."
"That is only because I have been taught to be cautious when I don't know all the information, and you have been taught that risks can produce great rewards. - Author: Veronica Roth
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#26. It only takes one minute to find a really good book, but it can give you a lifetime of memories when you read a really good book that leaves you with lasting impression. - Author: Nahisha McCoy
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#27. I was only fifteen when I finished my high-school studies, always having held first rank in my class. The fatigue of growth and study compelled me to take almost a year's rest in the country. I then returned to my father in Warsaw, hoping to teach in the free schools. - Author: Marie Curie
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#28. But I can only write what the muse allows me to write. I cannot choose, I can only do what I am given, and I feel pleased when I feel close to concrete poetry - still. - Author: Ian Hamilton Finlay
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#29. I was only 23 and just out of college when I filmed 'Casualty' and so nervous, but it was brilliant fun. I was really lucky, and it really helped my career. - Author: Laura Donnelly
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#30. When you are shooting a movie, you have to collaborate with many, many, many people. First of all, the director with all his own ideas and I can only just help him with that. I cannot change his idea. - Author: Vilmos Zsigmond
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#31. Psychology plays a big part but I always say psychology will only be a differentiator when the players are of equal technical strength. - Author: Viswanathan Anand
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#32. When you lose your face ... , it is like dropping your necklace down a well. The only way you can get it back is to fall in after it. - Author: Amy Tan
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#33. Only when one is connected to one's inner core is one connected to others. And, for me, the core, the inner spring, can best be re-found through solitude. - Author: Anne Morrow Lindbergh
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#34. A fellow's a fool when he marries who don't go to work deliberately to study and understand his wife. Women are awfully understandable if you only go at it right. - Author: Eleanor Hallowell Abbott
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#35. When the mind stops searching, when it stops wanting refuge, when it no longer goes in search of security, when it no longer craves more books and information, when it ignores even the memory of desire, only then will Love arrive within. - Author: Samael Aun Weor
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#36. I don't pray. When I was young, I vowed I never would be caught begging God. If I want something I get it for myself. I go to church only to show the old hens they don't get me down. - Author: Louise Erdrich
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#37. It seems to me that the soul, when alone with itself and speaking to itself, uses only a small number of words, none of them extraordinary. - Author: Paul Valery
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#38. When a man says that he is Jesus or Napoleon, or that the Martians are after him, or claims something else that seems outrageous to common sense, he is labeled psychotic and locked up in a madhouse. Freedom of speech is only for normal people. - Author: Thomas Szasz
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#39. Tom hunts alone. While shunned by all he sees, he grows aware that, in reality, life is lived alone. When with a hen, there's only an illusion of sharing; a pretence that life's trials are easier to endure. Even sleep is a barrier that can't be shared. - Author: Peter Gray
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#40. The earth doesn't move backward (very much) when you walk only because it's much more massive than you are. - Author: K.C. Cole
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#41. Allowing women the power to decide when and whether to have children is the only way to solve the 7 billion human load on this planet that threatens to destroy it. Women's equality is also men's survival. - Author: Gloria Steinem
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#42. When you die, are you ever allowed to come back?"
"Only if you had your hand stamped ... - Author: Charles M. Schulz
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#43. That one won't crack, though, Mendel decided with approval; one of your flabby oak trees, Smiley was. Think you could blow him over with one puff, but when it comes to the storm he's the only one left standing at the end of it. - Author: John Le Carre
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#44. You can only succeed when people are communicating, not just from the top down, but in complete interchange. Communication comes from fighting off my ego and listening. - Author: Bill Walsh
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#45. A woman can only satisfy and fulfil herself, I understood, when she establishes her own authority, and see beyond equality, realising how terrible and damaging her own power - if unleashed - might be. - Author: Ronald Frame
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#46. Frustration is the first step towards improvement. I have no incentive to improve if I'm content with what I can do and if I'm completely satisfied with my pace, distance and form as a runner. It's only when I face frustration and use it to fuel my dedication that I feel myself moving forwards. - Author: John Bingham
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#47. When the light that kisses the back of her eyes were birthed, her ancestors were not yet born. How many human lives have ended in the time it took that light to reach her?

How many people have loved only to have lost? How countless, the hopes that have died?

But not this one. - Author: Amie Kaufman
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#48. Success is like toilet paper, it only seems important when you don't have it. - Author: Richard Jeni
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#49. When words lose their meaning and expression, silence is the only language that heart follows, speaks and celebrates. - Author: Akshay Vasu
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#50. I think Haiti is a place that suffers so much from neglect that people only want to hear about it when it's at its extreme. And that's what they end up knowing about it. - Author: Edwidge Danticat
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#51. You only break out the good stuff when you want something. Usually something that includes blood, death, and/or mayhem. - Author: Alexandra Ivy
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#52. Not truly living in the present moment and later regretting is like closing your eyes when a peacock is dancing, only to want to see it dance once it is gone.-RVM - Author: R.v.m.
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#53. You want to be loved? Love yourself first and passionately. Forgive yourself readily. Care for every part of you. Only when you love yourself do you have love to give to others. - Author: Toni Sorenson
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#54. He destroys that he might build; for when He is about to rear His sacred temple in us, He first totally razes that vain and pompous edifice, which human art and power had erected, and from its horrible ruins a new structure is formed, by His power only. - Author: Jeanne Marie Bouvier De La Motte Guyon
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#55. When I had first been hurled into the world of the 1970s I had thought I found Utopia. And now I was discovering that it was only a Utopia for some. Shaw wanted a Utopia which would exist for all. - Author: Michael Moorcock
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#56. Cinema for me only has meaning when it has a relationship with what I see outside on the street. - Author: Jacques Audiard
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#57. When we are forced to stop the noise around us and in us, we begin to hear everything that is not us, and this is the beginning of humility and the renewal of our soul's energy; as only by listening to all that is larger than us can we discover and feel our place in the Universe. - Author: Mark Nepo
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#58. I only worked theater jobs, but they were all really silly when I first graduated. I was a line monitor at 'Spamalot,' which means I got there at 8 A.M. and told people how much the tickets were for standing room. I was an NYU Medical School fake patient, to teach doctors how to talk to patients. - Author: Lauren Worsham
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#59. I do play all the characters, when I write them, one after another. If they actually had to film me, the only one I could play would be Samwell Tarly or Hot Pie. - Author: George R R Martin
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#60. When to use iterative development? You should use iterative development only on projects that you want to succeed. - Author: Martin Fowler
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#61. We learn from conflicts only when we are willing to do so. - Author: Sharon Salzberg
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#62. I have read only the first 'Harry Potter' book. I thought it excellent, perhaps the best thing written for older children since The Hobbit. I wish the books had been around when my kids were the right age for them. - Author: Gene Wolfe
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#63. When I sit down in front of a Windows machine, I can't write; when I sit down in front of my Mac, I can write. So I only use Macs. - Author: Michael Crichton
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#64. There are a lot of considerations that come into play when you craft one of these 'Saw' scripts, and there's only so much you can put into them. - Author: Tobin Bell
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#65. Religious fermentation is always a symptom of the intellectual vigor of a society; and it is only when they forget that they are hypotheses and put on rationalistic and authoritative pretensions, that our faiths do harm. - Author: William James
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#66. The truth shouldn't be told only when it's convenient. Honesty must be a way of life. - Author: Frank Sonnenberg
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#67. Having exhausted every possibility at the moment when he was coming full circle, Antonino realised that photographing photographs was the only course that he had left - or, rather, the true course he had obscurely been seeking all this time. (Last line of the story The Adventure of a Photographer ) - Author: Italo Calvino
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#68. Sometimes she wondered if she only loved him when it was cold, in the middle of winter when everything was dead. - - Author: Brit Bennett
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#69. Only when painting isn't painting can there be an affront to modesty. - Author: Pablo Picasso
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#70. For a scientist, it is a unique experience to live through a period in which his field of endeavour comes to bloom - to be witness to those rare moments when the dawn of understanding finally descends upon what appeared to be confusion only a while ago - to listen to the sound of darkness crumbling. - Author: George Emil Palade
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#71. All girls are beautiful, and when they say they're ugly they only lie to themselves, for it's impossible for them to be ugly. - Author: Damon Willis
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#72. Happiness is only gained when your mind is in extended states of attention, when your mind is merging with the infinite. - Author: Frederick Lenz
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#73. For years of our lives the days pass waywardly, featureless, without meaning, without particular happiness or unhappiness. Then, like turning over a tapestry when you have only known the back of it, there is spread the pattern. - Author: Jane Gardam
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#74. Let us all so live as we shall wish we had lived when we come to die; for that only is well, that ends well. - Author: Benjamin Whichcote
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#75. She says screens are the cigarettes of our age. They're toxic, and we're only going to realize the damage they're doing when it's too late. - Author: Sophie Kinsella
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#76. Better to be safe than to be sorry' is a remark of value only when these are the actual alternatives. - Author: Idries Shah
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#77. If this is a sad story, don't tell it to me tonight.'It is not sad,' she said. 'Only some things happen and are there for always even though you forget why or when. - Author: Jean Rhys
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#78. There is an innate decorum in man, and it is not fair to thrust Truth upon people when they don't expect it. Only the very generous are ready for Truth impromptu. - Author: Christopher Morley
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#79. But [Patrick's] character is partly based on a boy named Mark who lived across the street from me when I was growing up ... I liked hanging out with him and was sad when he moved away after only a year in the neighborhood. I guess writing about Patrick is a way for me to spend more time with Mark. - Author: Linda Sue Park
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#80. Politicians tend only to like democracy when it is to their personal advantage
(From LONE WOLF, p.50) - Author: Len Webster
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#81. A cigarette is the only consumer product which when used as directed kills its consumer. - Author: Gro Harlem Brundtland
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#82. Is anything sadder than a trainThat leaves when it's supposed to,That has only one voice,Only one route?There's nothing sadder.Except perhaps a cart horse,Shut between two shaftsAnd unable even to look sideways. - Author: Primo Levi
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#83. The only time a relationship is good is when you really love them. - Author: Leighton Meester
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#84. You're a great man, but only when seen from afar. - Author: Brent Weeks
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#85. When today's race is over, it's over. The only race that matters is the one coming up. - Author: Harry Gant
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#86. Failures are not your own self. See to it that you are free from them. Only when you can relinquish them can you really be free and no longer assailed by them. - Author: Thich Nhat Hanh
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#87. Only when the eagle believes it was born to fly does it take flight. - Author: Matshona Dhliwayo
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#88. True listening and understanding occurs only when the other person understands that you understand. - Author: Henry Cloud
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#89. There is only one expert who is qualified to examine the souls and the life of a people and make a valuable report - the native novelist ... And when a thousand able novels have been written, there you have the soul of the people; and not anywhere else can these be had. - Author: Mark Twain
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#90. It's when you have friends that you can afford to be lonely. When you know a lot of people, loneliness becomes a luxury. It's only when you're forced to be lonely that it's bad. - Author: Vera Caspary
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#91. Leisure is only possible when we are at one with ourselves. We tend to overwork as a means of self-escape, as a way of trying to justify our existence. - Author: Josef Pieper
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#92. During our session, I told Tove about how I'd done mind-speak on Duncan, but it only worked when I was irritated. Using that logic,Tove spent most of the morning trying to irritate me into using it. Sometimes it worked, but most of the time I just got pointlessly annoyed. - Author: Amanda Hocking
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#93. I think when I was younger, I wanted to be a star, until I became a star, and then it's a lot of work. It's work to be a star. I don't enjoy the stardom part. I only enjoy the creative process. - Author: Barbra Streisand
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#94. The great challenges of life appear to us when, and only when, we have everything we need to survive and heal from the experience. - Author: Gregg Braden
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#95. The only bad meditation is when you don't meditate. - Author: Frederick Lenz
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#96. The better the script is the more you can commit,but you can only really commit with full confidence when you know the material is as strong as your level of commitment to it and it frees you up. - Author: James McAvoy
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#97. I'm only interested in heavy metal when it's me who's playing it. I suppose it's a bit like smelling your own farts. - Author: John Entwistle
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#98. When the laws have ceased to be executed, as this can only come from the corruption of the republic, the state is already lost. - Author: Montesquieu
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#99. I think that technologies are morally neutral until we apply them. It's only when we use them for good or for evil that they become good or evil. - Author: William Gibson
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#100. 'She's an era for you, an era of your life. If and when you break with her, you break with the only one alive who has shared that time with you. You fear that, the isolation of it, the burden, the scope of eternal life. - Author: Anne Rice
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