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#1. If all do not join now to save the good old ship of the Union this voyage nobody will have a chance to pilot her on another voyage. - Author: Abraham Lincoln
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#2. Peter was a gentle, red-haired bear of a man. Standing at six-four in his socks, he moved everywhere with a slight and nautical sway, but even though he was broad across the chest there was something centered and reassuring about him, like an old ship's mast cut from a single timber. - Author: Graham Joyce
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#3. He has mercy on those who fear Him, from generation to generation." Fear is here understood as filial, that is, a shrinking from hurting one who is loved. Such is the fear a son has for a devoted father and the fear a Christian has of Christ. Fear is here related to love. - Author: Fulton J. Sheen
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#4. Breaking away from old psychological memes requires a Herculean effort in many cases. In essence, we are outgrowing a worldview while maintaining a relation-ship of sorts. Transcending an ideology can feel like going through a divorce and having to stay friends because of the kids. - Author: Gudjon Bergmann
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#5. When you are doing what you love to do, you become resilient. - Author: Dick Costolo
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#6. It's an old sailor's idea that every ship has a rope with one end made fast to her bows and the other held by the loved ones at home. - Author: Bruce Chatwin
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#7. It's things like this that makes a ship seem like home. Help you forget what a load of tedious old shit life out here can be. - Author: Scott Lynch
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#8. Then it hits me ...
And it hits me with the force of a blow. I am maybe fifteen years old. I am a girl. I am also acting lieutenant in the Royal Navy, and, by the Naval Rules and Regulations as regards the chain of command, I am in command of His Majesty's Ship Wolverine. - Author: L.A. Meyer
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#9. Read my letter to the old folks, and give my love to them, and tell my brothers to be always watching unto prayer, and when the good old ship of Zion comes along, to be ready to step aboard. - Author: Harriet Tubman
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#10. The Islamic community today is faced with a new version of an old struggle. My late mother used to say it doesn't matter whether you came to this country on the Mayflower or on a slave ship, through Ellis Island or the Rio Grande. We're all in the same boat now. - Author: Carol Moseley Braun
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#11. I'm hungry, Raul," she said from the head of the stairs. "Want to go down and see what this old ship's galley can whomp up for lunch? - Author: Dan Simmons
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#12. Then there's that 'You're only as old as you feel' business, which is true to a point, but you can't be Shirley Temple on the Good Ship Lollipop forever. Sooner or later, dammit, you're old. - Author: Joan Crawford
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#13. I think men can really get in the way when you are trying to sort your life out and get on with it. Because they just take up so much space. I'm not under any illusions that I could have been where I am now in literary terms if I had been heterosexual. I really believe I would not be. - Author: Jeanette Winterson
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#14. The ship was old, patched and ramshackle, as if repairs were done on the hop with whatever materials could be scavenged. - Author: J. Frances Crane
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#15. When a chainsaw rips into a 2,000 year old redwood tree, it's ripping into my guts. When a bulldozer plows through the Amazon rainforest, it's ripping through my side. And when a Japanese whaling ship fires an exploding harpoon into a great whale it's my heart that's being blown to smithereens. - Author: David Foreman
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#16. Out of the nameless and unfathomed weavings of billion-footed life, out of the dark abyss of time and duty, blind chance had brought these two together on a ship, and their first meeting had been upon the timeless and immortal seas that beat forever at the shores of the old earth. - Author: Thomas Wolfe
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#17. her down. She was limited by biology and her flightsuit. Dwelling on her own constraints gave Molly another crazy idea. She recognized the old Tchung ship designs they were up against. If the missiles - Author: Hugh Howey
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#18. I've been round Japan, Hong Kong, Korea, and China in the last few months and the message that I've been taking is that New Zealand is building an up market dynamic into a connected economy. And that we are not the old-fashioned, ship mutton kind of product the people associate their export in work. - Author: Helen Clark
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#19. I think that I was raised by two of the best people ever. My mother and father are just the definition of hard work, like what hard work brings to you. They've taught me and my brothers and sisters to set your goals high and to give everything to reach them. - Author: Josie Loren
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#20. Well, I could be wrong, but I believe diversity is an old, old wooden ship that was used during the Civil War era. - Author: Will Ferrell
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#21. Be decisive and persevere. You have to recognize that, at the end of the day, no one really cares if you make another movie. That decision falls on you. You're the leader of your own destiny and the one person who can't walk away. - Author: Ruba Nadda
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#22. If you have not clung to a broken piece of your old ship in the dark night of the soul, your faith may not have the sustaining power to carry you through to the end of the journey. - Author: Rufus Jones
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#23. Martha Stewart has two houses in East Hampton. She has an old fashioned Victorian house and a very new modern house. - Author: Steven Gaines
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#24. The Navy's a very gentlemanly business. You fire at the horizon to sink a ship and then you pull people out of the water and say, 'Frightfully sorry, old chap.' - Author: William Golding
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#25. S'up?" he asks. My voice rattles when I answer. "N-not much. You know, reanimated corpses chasing me on a cruise ship. Same old. - Author: Alison Kemper
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#26. Suddenly Star Wars came out while we were on hiatus, and we looked like the old Buck Rogers series, where they had cigarette smoke blowing out the back of the rocket ship. - Author: Gregory Harrison
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#27. My father used to take me to the movies on Saturdays. In 1940, when I was four years old, we encountered 'Flash Gordon Conquers the Universe.' I loved it. Especially the rocket ship, which I later realized had no airlock and no washroom. But they managed to get to Mongo with it. - Author: Jack McDevitt
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#28. Old Rose: It's been 84 years, and I can still smell the fresh paint. The china had never been used. The sheets had never been slept in. Titanic was called the Ship of Dreams, and it was. It really was. - Author: James Cameron
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#29. Eli was known to run a tight ship, and the last few years, old Pat had neglected the - Author: Michael Phillip Cash
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#30. Off Castle Garden, a mile to the southeast, near the western edge of Governors Island, a ship lay resting through a foggy spring night before the long and arduous trip back to the old world - whether Riga, Naples, or Constantinople is not certain. - Author: Mark Helprin
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#31. build a new ship out of old wood or you're destined to sink. - Author: Andrea Smith
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