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#1. good data organized effectively was the most important commodity for any analyst. - Author: Tom Clancy
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#2. No. I was going to say his work changed my life, but that's not right. I don't think a teenager has much of a life to change. I just turned eighteen last month. I guess what I mean is his work changed my heart. - Author: Stephen King
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#3. Then her story and the way she told it had touched his heart. That she should have tried to understand - to offer help - and been turned away so often. Oh, he would not turn her away, he would take what she had to give and count himself rich for it. - Author: Ahdaf Soueif
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#4. You'll never forget," Alden said, for the first time the pure evil of his soul showing in his eyes. His voice was bloodcurdingly gentle as he added, "And neither will I. Nothing feels as good as your own flesh and blood. - Author: Justine Davis
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#5. He wasn't there to save her. She must know how to save herself. - Author: Lesley Lokko
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#6. He has chosen you, in a mysterious but real way, to make you saviors with Him and like Him. Yes, Christ calls you, but He calls you in truth. His call is demanding, because He invites you to let yourselves be 'captured' by Him completely, so that your whole lives will be seen in a different light. - Author: Pope John Paul II
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#7. I root through your remains,

looking for the black box. Nothing left

but glossy chunks, a pimp's platinum

tooth clanking inside the urn. I play you

over and over, my beloved conspiracy,

my personal Zapruder film - Author: Erin Belieu
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#8. It's also true, however, that having conquered the regional writer ghetto, I am now intent on conquering the nationalist writer ghetto and moving out into the world more. - Author: Rick Moody
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#9. In [chess], where the pieces have different and "bizarre" motions, with various and variable values, what is only complex, is mistaken (a not unusual error) for what is profound - Author: Edgar Allan Poe
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#10. The war in Iraq is still going on. The British are helping. Mexico wants to help, but they need a ride over there. - Author: Felipe Esparza
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#11. You can't condemn a whole group of people because of the actions of a few. - Author: Justin Somper
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