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#1. The prison guards are capable of committing daily atrocities and obscenities, smiling the smile of the angels all the while. - Author: Jean Harris
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#2. Even the leftover carats of tar in the gutter, so black they seemed to suck
the light out of the air.
By nightfall kids had come across them: every sidewalk on the block was
scribbled with obscenities and hearts. - Author: C. K. Williams
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#3. Roni stabbed her claws through one long, muscled arm, past bone, and all the way into the rear seat, pinning the arm in place. He howled in pain, hurling obscenities at her. Well, she had warned him; he'd chosen to ignore her, so there was really no need for that kind of language. - Author: Suzanne Wright
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#4. Generally speaking: Expect nothing but nightmarish obscenities to be born when human heads come together in intercourse. - Author: Thomas Ligotti
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#5. He was a little guy, a former winger too, and he was a transplant from England who could talk the most civilized-sounding shit you would ever hear, and he could cuss you out with the most vicious obscenities and - Author: Andrew Smith
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#6. I'd heard that Lenny Bruce used a lot of profanity and obscenities in his act, and I was curious. - Author: Sheldon Harnick
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#7. Well as, one judge said to the other, 'Be just and if you can't be just be arbitrary.' Regret cannot observe customary obscenities. - Author: William S. Burroughs
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#8. One must say bluntly that it is an unattractive sight when, with a view to smearing the Soviet people, leaders of such a country as the United States resort to what almost amounts to obscenities alternating with hypocritical preaching about morals and humanism. - Author: Yuri Andropov
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#9. There is something powerful in the whispering of obscenities, about those in power. There's something delightful about it, something naughty, secretive, forbidden, thrilling. It's like a spell, of sorts. It deflates them, reduces them to the common denominator where they can be dealt. - Author: Margaret Atwood
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#10. Obscenities are too often used for shock value, as a kind of shorthand for real expression of emotion. You've got to scale down your monstrosities. A scream is not a discovery. - Author: John L'Heureux
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#11. One store owner said he was going to leave a dictionary on a public bench so the vandals could at least spell the obscenities correctly. It - Author: Anne Bishop
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#12. When Chanel peeped into James' eyes as he yelled obscenities at her, she saw power; a commander. She saw someone who was that nigga once upon a time. - Author: Nako
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#13. He didn't recruit me," Cett pointed out. "I got pulled by my balls into this little fiasco."
"I wish I cared enough to apologize," Elend said, staring at them. - Author: Brandon Sanderson
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#14. There are some varieties of fiction that I never touch - mystery stories, for instance, which I abhor, and historical novels. I also detest the so-called "powerful" novel - full of commonplace obscenities and torrents of dialog. - Author: Vladimir Nabokov
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#15. Jeers and obscenities trailed after us like optimistic pickpockets. - Author: Lyndsay Faye
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#16. Richard Papen: As it happened, I knew Gartrell. He was a bad painter and a vicious gossip, with a vocabulary composed almost entirely of obscenities, gutteral verbs, and the world postmodernist. - Author: Donna Tartt
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#17. I do not permit blasphemy, the F-word, or obscenities such as soy milk at my table. Consider yourself chastised. - Author: Dean Koontz
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#18. I once heard an elder say that the dead who have no use for their words leave them as part of their children's inheritance. Proverbs, teeth suckings, obscenities, even grunts and moans once inserted in special places during conversations, all are passed along to the next heir. - Author: Edwidge Danticat
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#19. Anger has become one of the trendiest emotions of all. In moderation it can be a righteous force for constructive change. But its hackneyed omnipresence means the vast majority of its outbreaks are trivial. The paucity of colorful obscenities is aggravated by an abundance of frivolous fury. - Author: Rob Brezsny
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#20. When somebody comes to your front door, and they're screaming obscenities at you and telling you to come outside, and you've had your life threatened several times, you take it pretty seriously. It's the reason I have a Rottweiler. - Author: Willie Aames
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#21. Exactly," Guccio said. "The image I'm getting now is some fat alien lounging in a spherical spaceship, drinking a beer, watching The Wizard of Oz on TV, and yelling obscenities at the screen. I think I'd prefer a computer. - Author: Al Macy
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#22. Obscenities ... I think a lot of dumb people do it because they can't think of what they want to say and they're frustrated. A lot of smart people do it to pretend they aren't very smart - want to be just one of the boys. - Author: Andy Rooney
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#23. It's a mistake, you know. You have no idea what you'll be exposed to ... the obscenities and lewd comments, the lecherous gazes, the groping and pinching ... and that's just my house. Imagine what it would be like here. - Author: Lisa Kleypas
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#24. The moment Israel could look on a calf of gold, formed by their own hands, and call it a god, they were able to rise up and play and practice all manner of obscenities without reservation. The idol would not rebuke them; it was powerless to convict or to condemn their wanton ways. - Author: James W. Knox
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#25. It leads to self-fulfilling prophecy and justifications for all manner of obscenities," Leto said. "This ... rhetorical despotism, Lord?" "Yes! It shields evil behind walls of self-righteousness which are proof against all arguments against the evil. - Author: Frank Herbert
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#26. Even a mentally challenged shark would figure out that sea turtles did not wear boxer shorts printed in flying piggies, and no sea turtle would be yattering streams of obscenities between chain-smoker gasps of breath. - Author: Christopher Moore
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#27. People are obscenities. Would rather be music than be a mass of tubes squeezing semisolids around itself for a few decades before becoming so dribblesome it'll no longer function. - Author: David Mitchell
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#28. If a woman is old enough to push a ten-pound child through her birth canal, she can hear words like 'penis' and 'cervix.' These are medical terms, Miss Charingford, not obscenities. - Author: Courtney Milan
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#29. Russian can't convince another Russian of anything without obscenities. I - Author: Svetlana Alexievich
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#30. Real love is gritty. It sweats and waits, it causes you to hold your tongue when you want to scream obscenities in anger, and it causes many men to accomplish extraordinary feats. - Author: Meg Meeker
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#31. He was a bad painter and a vicious gossip, with a vocabulary composed almost entirely of obscenities, guttural verbs, and the word postmodernist. - Author: Donna Tartt
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