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#1. It is strange, how quickly people want to obligate their poets, as it were, on the exile. - Author: Peter Bichsel
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#2. Here I am frozen, when I deserve to burn. - Author: E. Lockhart
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#3. Errors, failures, They are just experiences that will obligate you to evolve. - Author: Roberto Llamas
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#4. When you do a normal film, you play the character for three months and you say goodbye to him. And then, when you watch the movie, you say, "I wish I could have done that differently. I wish I could have added this to it." - Author: Taylor Lautner
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#5. Reading student papers, blue books, etc., a form of torture ... a matter of rubbing an iron file over one's teeth, or holding urine in one's mouth, or having the racket of a bulldozer in one's ear for an hour or two on end. - Author: Newton Arvin
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#6. To photograph people is to obligate them in some way to face things they weren't expecting to. - Author: Susana Fortes
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#7. I'm the type of person who would rather stay home than get my picture taken. - Author: Ashley Olsen
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#8. I was twelve years of age when I chopped off my hair, dressed as a boy, and set off to save my family from impending ruin.
I made it almost to the end of my front garden. - Author: Stephanie Burgis
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#9. Restaurants with small courses that give the customer choices, and that don't obligate them to spend a fortune, are going to do very well. - Author: Danny Meyer
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#10. As a person i couldnt say, although i am well apuainted with tales of his atrocities. every time brom and i crossed paths with him, he was trying to kill us. or ratar, capture, torture, and then killus, none of which are productive to establishing a close relationship _ Jeod - Author: Christopher Paolini
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#11. Cats were not and are not tool makers the way humans became toolmakers. They are specifically adapted as obligate carnivores, This means the vegetarian cat is an oxymoron at best and a blatant lie at worst. Cats need meat. The concept of a Garden of Eden would be rather atrocious to them. - Author: Leviak B. Kelly
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#12. Socialism is the gradual and less violent form of communism, and socialist is the project of the European Union, which was born in Maastricht in 1992. The intent was to save socialism in Europe after the fall of the Berlin Wall and the predictable bankruptcy of the welfare state in the West as well. - Author: Vladimir Bukovsky
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#13. I have strong views about South African politics and I still don't feel I need to make public statements. - Author: Zola Budd
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#14. Being obligate carnivores, cats have a short, straight digestive tract perfectly suited for eating raw meat. Besides, you never see a cat in a field roasting a mouse over a spit, right? - Author: Jackson Galaxy
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#15. I have never put a gun to anyone's head to obligate him to marry me. - Author: Brigitte Bardot
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#16. To awaken chivalry we must return to femininity. We must stop doing the masculine things and become the gentle, tender, dependent women we were designed to be. - Author: Helen Andelin
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#17. A madman's ravings are absurd in relation to the situation in which he finds himself, but not in relation to his madness. - Author: Jean-Paul Sartre
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#18. What's the good of being true to your religion on the outside, if you don't change what's on the inside,were it really counts ? - Author: Randa Abdel-Fattah
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#19. Sometimes we are so focused on winning the race that we do not realize that we may possibly be in the wrong race. My - Author: Ashwin Sanghi
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#20. Unfortunately, loving someone doesn't obligate them to love you back - Author: J. Matthew Nespoli
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#21. In the end, human history is made up of all our decisions. - Author: David Miliband
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#22. I don't usually have time for TV. When I get home at night, I just want to fall asleep. - Author: Geoffrey Zakarian
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#23. I know that my in-box will be so full the day that I leave the planet. So you try to stay interested in life and bring some kind of comfort and pleasure to others on this planet as you're going through this journey. - Author: Kim Basinger
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