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#1. Dead grass is awakened by fire,
dead earth is awakened by rain.
One life will give way to another,
the cycle will begin again. - Author: Susan Dennard
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#2. Where are my blades, Threadwitch?" He stubbornly still spoke in Dalmotti.
So Iseult stubbornly answered in Nomatsi: "Hidden. - Author: Susan Dennard
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#3. There is no true peace without fairness , truth , justice and solidarity . - Author: Pope John Paul II
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#4. Roosevelt was the one who had the vision to change our policy from isolationism to world leadership. That was a terrific revolution. Our country's never been the same since. - Author: W. Averell Harriman
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#5. My normal routine is pretty much putting out fires all day. - Author: Vera Wang
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#6. You can have all the advanced war methods you want, but, after all, nobody has ever invented a war that you don't have to have somebody in the guise of soldiers to stop the bullets. - Author: Will Rogers
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#7. This is the problem with inventing. Virtually everything has been done already. These days most things are just the same things but tweaked. Everything is 'new and improved'. - Author: Karl Pilkington
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#8. In 1750, 75 percent of people on the planet worked to support the top 25 percent. - Author: Peter Diamandis
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#9. I find fairies with cell phones disconcerting enough. Do they really need to use text talk? - Author: Kelley Armstrong
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#10. To be fair, I don't think it's a plague to say I have the misfortune of making movies for a living. - Author: A. J. Bowen
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#11. I just go for what makes me feel good. Especially in 2011, it's so easy to sound like a dickhead when describing yourself because anything anyone says is a catch-word or a buzz-phrase. - Author: Mike Tucker
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#12. Englishmen rarely cry, except under the pressure of the acutest grief; whereas in some parts of the Continent the men shed tears much more readily and freely. - Author: Charles Darwin
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#13. Thank you," she said, tears leaking out of her eyes. "Thank you so much."
A gentle and hesitant hand came down on her back. "Don't cry, Treasure. You'll get me all wet and then I'll melt. I'm made of sugar, don't you know."
(Jack Dandy And Finley) - Author: Kady Cross
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#14. Remember that politics, colonialism, imperialism and war also originate in the human brain. - Author: Vilayanur S. Ramachandran
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