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#1. "Freedom is fundamentally the possibility of standig on a street corner and shouting "There is no freedom here! - Author: Yoani Sanchez
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#2. In the darkness you could hear the crying of women, the wailing of infants, and the shouting of men. Some prayed for help. Others wished for death. But still more imagined that there were no Gods left, and that the universe was plunged into eternal darkness. - Author: Pliny The Younger
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#3. Maybe" when it seems the entire world is shouting "no! - Author: Winston Churchill
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#4. I asked Tuffins to put him in the garden, bring tea, and make sure no one disturbed us. I couldn't keep Mr. Braddock inside when I planned on shouting the roof down. - Author: Tarun Shanker
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#5. The armored men counted to three, then burst inside the flat, shouting impressive things like "clear!" or "go go go!" as they did. Oda said, "Gum?"
"You chew gum?"
"No. but I always carry it, to use as barter when visiting prisons."
"Do you see how I'm not asking you?"
"Smart. - Author: Kate Griffin
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#6. It doesn't mean anything to him, she can see by his now-furious glare. He inhales to start shouting, she has no idea what but she doesn't want to hear it, and before he can she snaps, "I'm here to fuck you, Earth burn it. Is that worth disturbing your beauty rest? - Author: N.K. Jemisin
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#7. We have for too long been taught that the sight of a man speaking to himself is a sign of eccentricity or madness; we are no longer at all habituated to our own voices, except in conversation or from within the safety of a shouting crowd. - Author: Teju Cole
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#8. I had not cried for Margo until then, but now finally I did, pounding against the ground and shouting because there was no on to hear: I missed her I missed her I missed her I miss her. - Author: John Green
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#9. There is no singing anymore, everything is yelling and shouting and rapping and that is real boring to a guy like me. - Author: Sebastian Bach
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#10. No,' she shouted. She shouted it over and over because she didn't know what she could do to change anything and at least shouting made her feel better. No one could hear except the house and the faceless old woman who secretly lives in it. - Author: Joseph Fink
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#11. I'm into capturing the moment. Sometimes, I'll rip the camera out of my assistant's hands and he'll be shouting, But there's no film in the camera! and I think, Never mind! Let's go. - Author: Ellen Von Unwerth
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#12. I'd been shouting and shouting and no-one wanted to hear me. - Author: Brenda Fassie
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#13. He is Running and Shouting and teasing around ,people know that he is just a vamp on the ground. people no more fear him . But the one sitting silent with no sigh of talky move,people simply fear him because no one knows what destruction he can bring to one in the this bushy grass of violence. - Author: Yash Hoskere
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#14. As a producer, I try to bring as many nice people as I can to insure that there's no screaming, there's no shouting, there's no bullying. The more of those kind of people that you can bring together, the better the experience everyone has on set. - Author: Lorenzo Di Bonaventura
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#15. When the devil is shouting 'no way', get ready ... the way is about to show up. - Author: Jerry Savelle
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#16. We are dreamers, shouting out in our sleep, pilgrims lost in a forest of symbols where no man can say with certainty who he is. - Author: Kem Nunn
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#17. Millard! Who's the prime minister?"
"Winston Churchill," he said. "Have you gone daft?"
"What's the capital of Burma?"
"Lord, I've no idea. Rangoon?"
"Good! When's your birthday?"
"Will you quit shouting and let me bleed in peace! - Author: Ransom Riggs
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#18. It's no use just by shouting out that it is bad or it's good. If someone feels bad about something, they should go and support the reins themselves. - Author: Mithun Chakraborty
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#19. Kids shouting and skidding in the playground with no idea what future Hells awaited them: boring jobs and ruinous mortgages and bad marriages and hair loss and hip replacements and lonely cups of coffee in an empty house and a colostomy bag at the hospital. - Author: Donna Tartt
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#20. We'll do it,' said Will Scott comfortably, shouting over the tumult. 'If it's no more than an hour, we'll do it.'

'Christ, I believe you're sorry, you flaming maniac,' said Lymond. 'Don't I keep telling you that this is bloody childishness, and don't you keep agreeing? - Author: Dorothy Dunnett
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#21. My brave fellows, let no sensation of satisfaction for the triumphs you have gained induce you to insult your fallen enemy. Let no shouting, no clamorous huzzaing increase their mortification. It is sufficient for us that we witness their humiliation. Posterity will huzza for us. - Author: George Washington
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#22. No one is fanatically shouting that the sun is going to rise tomorrow. They know it's going to rise tomorrow. - Author: Robert M. Pirsig
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#23. He said, McKinley was going around the country shouting prosperity when there was no prosperity for the poor man. - Author: Barbara W. Tuchman
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#24. It is no use speaking in soft, gentle tones if everyone else is shouting. - Author: Joseph Priestley, 1733-1804
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#25. With nothing else to distract her, Celeana eventually returned to thinking about Sam. Even weeks later, she had no idea how she'd somehow gotten attached to him, what he'd been shouting when Arobynn beat her, and why Arobynn had thought he'd need three seasoned assassins to restrain him that day. - Author: Sarah J. Maas
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#26. It's strange how money seems to silence a neighborhood," I say quietly. "On my street, where no one has money, it's so loud. Sirens blaring, people shouting, car doors slamming, stereos thumping. There's always someone, somewhere, making noise. - Author: Colleen Hoover
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#27. Thus must the bewildered Wanderer stand, as so many have done, shouting question after question into the Sibyl-cave of Destiny, and receive no Answer but an Echo. It is all a grim howling of wild beasts, or the shrieks of despairing, hate-filled men ...
(The Everlasting No) - Author: Thomas Carlyle
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#28. Now that I'm out and I'm shouting in doorways Freed from a love more like murder I should be singing but in liberation Feel like a ship with no rudder. - Author: Andy Partridge
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#29. Where there is shouting, there is no true knowledge. - Author: Sophie Kinsella
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#30. Maybe. We're all equals at the dark gate, no? The sands run for us all. Life is but a flicker shouting into the jaws of eternity. But it seems so damned unfair! - Author: Glen Cook
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#31. The MRI has a repertoire of noises that resemble, in no particular order: a game-show buzzer for a wrong answer, urgent knocking, a modem from 1992, a grizzly-bear growl, and a man with a raspy voice shouting what sounds like "mother cooler! - Author: A. J. Jacobs
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#32. Anymore, no one's mind is their own. You can't concentrate. You can't think. There's always some noise worming in. Singers shouting. Dead people laughing. Actors crying. All those little doses of emotion. - Author: Chuck Palahniuk
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#33. A judgment about life has no meaning except the truth of the one who speaks last, and the mind is at ease only at the moment when everyone is shouting at once and no one can hear a thing. - Author: Georges Bataille
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#34. Up, no?" said Ian soothingly. "Come now, mi dhu, ye shouldna worrit yourself, it's bad for the babe. And the shouting troubles wee Jamie too." He reached out for his son, who was whimpering, not - Author: Diana Gabaldon
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#35. I read bells. Not the sound of bells, no, no, but the feel of bells, the emotion of bells, the bright clanging joy, the hooting-shouting-ringing loudness, the song of the Joined, the togetherness and the sharing of it all. - Author: George R R Martin
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#36. It is the same in all wars; the soldiers do the fighting, the journalists do the shouting, and no true patriot ever gets near a front-line trench, except on the briefest of propaganda-tours. - Author: George Orwell
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