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Top 34 No Name Relationship Quotes

#1. Not Eve:
Under any condition, in any situation, a mature woman does not need to be checked by her man. She is not childish, but fully capable of [a] self check if she respects the wisdom given to her by The Most High; her name ain't Eve. - Author: T.F. Hodge
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#2. There are some actors that want you to call them by their character's name and they have no relationship with you outside of the character. But I like to get to know who I'm working with so that we can relax together, and it's more fun. - Author: Jeff Bridges
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#3. The name of mistress instead of wife would be dearer and more honourable for me, only love given freely, rather than the constriction of the marriage tie, is of significance to an ideal relationship. - Author: Heloise
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#4. I try to have a different relationship with the bike. I don't give it a name, but I always speak with it. I don't know if the other riders do the same. This is not only a piece of metal - there is a soul. The bike talks back too. But not with a voice, with the components - Author: Valentino Rossi
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#5. Belief in these solitary men springs from a longing for a fraternity without name, for a deeper spiritual relationship than is possible between human beings. - Author: Ernst Junger
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#6. There are no snares more dangerous than those which lurk under the guise of duty or the name of relationship. - Author: Marcus Tullius Cicero
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#7. Such a lie is unloving. In the name of caring about her, your lie became an inhibitor in your relationship with her, - Author: Wm. Paul Young
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#8. The sacred, I shall say, is that which acts as your partner in the search for the highest and deepest things: the real, the true, the good, and the beautiful. The name I'd like to give to the kind of relationship that gives us a chance to find such things is a 'circle of meaning.' - Author: Brendan Myers
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#9. My father chose my name , and my last name was chosen by my ancestors . That's enough, I myself choose my way - Author: Ali Shariati
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#10. Your love is unique. Let love remain love, don't give it any name. The love that is defined by a relationship is limited. The love that is beyond relationships, that is true love - Author: Sri Sri Ravi Shankar
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#11. Um," Sean began. "Who is that? What is her current relationship status? Why does she seem to like you?"
"Her name is Sammy," Xander laughed. "She's a new student. We met in class."
"I want one. - Author: Jon Messenger
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#12. The word 'God' defines a personal relation, not an objective concept. Like the name of the beloved in every love. It does not imply separation and distance. Hearing the beloved name is an immediate awareness, a dimensionless proximity of presence. It is our life wholly transformed into relation. - Author: Christos Yannaras
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#13. Not every relation has the same fate, not every relation has the same name, some relations are in our deepest desire which can never be fulfilled, but they ever remains in our heart for ever, ... there lies the purity of such relations ... - Author: Debolina Bhawal
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#14. We [ with Italo Calvino] had a great relationship. I don't think it's a coincidence that his only daughter's name is Giovanna. I loved his book dedications to me: "To Giovanna Cau, another book that won't be turned into a movie." - Author: Giovanna Cau
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#15. It is unnecessary to spoil your precious involvements with a person with some word. We cannot name and express every human relationship or feeling, and we confine our involvements by naming them. - Author: M. T. Panchal
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#16. On the seemingly one-sided relationship between Michael Jordan and his shoe sponsors Nike- The company should change its name to Mike. - Author: Alvin Robertson
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#17. You'll get this kind of psychological relationship to the imagery of the music, but that idea is translated to iPhone apps. It's translated to the small, you know, kind of icons on your computer. You name it. - Author: DJ Spooky
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#18. Mackenzie, the truth shall set you free and the truth has a name; he's over in the woodshop right now covered in sawdust. Everything is about him. And freedom is a process that happens inside a relationship with him. Then all that stuff you feel churnin' around inside will start to work its way out. - Author: Wm. Paul Young
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#19. There's nothing more narcissistic than being sure that you are built in the image of an all-powerful Creator-God, and that same God answers your prayers, knows your name, and has a personal relationship with you. - Author: David G. McAfee
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#20. I've always been able to sense the relationship between two people based on how one person says the other's name! - Author: J. August Richards
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#21. God is the name people give to the reason we are here. But I think that reason is the laws of physics rather than someone with whom one can have a personal relationship. An impersonal God. - Author: Stephen Hawking
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#22. I have a lifetime project which consists of boxes and boxes filled with envelopes on which people have written my name. I've always thought of it as a kind of double portrait, and a portrait of our relationship, which in some cases means nothing. But it makes me feel connected. - Author: Micah Lexier
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#23. In my relationship with a young guy I was going with in a band - his name was Sylvester, and I think he had another little girl on the side - I told him, 'If you lose me, you're going to lose a good thing.' And I went home and put that poem to music. - Author: Barbara Lynn
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#24. Writing to you like this is the same as saying your name when I've woken up late, feeling sick, tasting rot. It's pointless, but it happens. - Author: Gwendoline Riley
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#25. I should have checked the price tag before I gave them my last name. - Author: George Strait
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#26. "We can't name it, but we can sing along." That is my ultimate relationship to any art form, but especially music. - Author: Carrie Brownstein
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#27. The relationship with WWE obviously has gotten better because after my name has been shoved down their throats from 2K [Games] for the past years, they finally passed off on it. They finally okayed it. - Author: Bill Goldberg
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#28. Freedom is not to be destroyed in the name of love. Freedom is a far higher value than your so-called love. - Author: Rajneesh
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#29. The official name of the project is 'Jewish Museum' but I have named it 'Between the Lines' because for me it is about two lines of thinking, organization and relationship. One is a straight line, but broken into many fragments, the other is a tortuous line, but continuing indefinitely. - Author: Daniel Libeskind
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#30. I'm very pleased with being a part of the Bean Pole family. It's a relationship that makes sense to me. I'm very pleased to have my name associated with Bean Pole Jeans. - Author: Wentworth Miller
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#31. Lilli . . . Lilli . . . Lilli."

Sweet Jesus, she was going to kill him. She'd just gotten to sleep. Now he was running a finger up and down her spine, saying her name in an extremely life-threatening singsong voice. - Author: Susan Fanetti
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#32. My kids are in school and in all these clubs - chess club, fashion club, you name it. When my dad came home from work, it was late, and when he left, it was early in the morning. On my days off, I'm still taking my kids to school and picking them up. I do what I have to do to keep that relationship. - Author: Omar Dorsey
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#33. Commitment is another name for relationship not the compromise. - Author: Santosh Kalwar
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#34. One should never give up on hope. Unless that's the name of the girl who cheated on you in which case, yeah, give her up. - Author: Carroll Bryant
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