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Top 31 Never Stop Running Quotes

#1. Will you ever run out of creative ideas and expressions? Ha! The more creative ideas you have, the more you will discover. Creativity is a tree with countless branches that never stop blossoming. - Author: Alan Cohen
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#2. Goodbye," she told him, running her hand across his broad back one last time. "I love you. And I'll never, ever stop missing you. - Author: Kate Lattey
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#3. Look, we don't love like flowers with only one season behind us; when we love, a sap older than memory rises in our arms. - Author: Rainer Maria Rilke
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#4. What meant to be, will always find a way to you.
What wasn't meant to be, will never reach you.
Stop wasting time running behind things and people,
just do your thing and let the meant to be find you.

- World Hypnotized Making of the Fuhrer - Author: Akash Lakhotia
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#5. Almost every part of the mile is tactically important: you can never let down, never stop thinking, and you can be beaten at almost any point. I suppose you could say it is like life. - Author: John Landy
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#6. Never run from what you don't understand, as it will be waiting for you every time you come to a stop. - Author: Guy Finley
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#7. Never give up. Never stop being creative in finding ways to get exposure. Also, prepared anytime and all the time. You never know who you will run into. - Author: Christina Milian
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#8. I never stop running. I'm not one of the weenies who drop out just because the electoral college votes. I'm still in the race. I'm an extremely corrupt candidate and I stress that in case anybody in our reading audience is interested in sending me money. - Author: Dave Barry
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#9. You feel that nothing you have learned has put down roots, that while you're capable of entering the magical universe, you cannot remain submerged in it. You feel that all of this may be nothing but a fantasy dreamed up by people to fend off their fear of death. - Author: Paulo Coelho
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#10. Goliath's mother, who said to Goliath, Stop running around with David! You're always coming home stoned! Never got a dinner! - Author: Red Buttons
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#11. Eventually, you must stop running to something or from something and embrace where you are. Otherwise you'll never embrace anything. - Author: Lisa Wingate
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#12. People talk about the joy of running--of the endorphins and reaching a Zen-like clarity of mind. This had never happened to me. Mostly, all I thought about when I ran was how much further I had to go before I could stop. - Author: Laura Morrigan
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#13. When one does something, one must go back to the ancients. - Author: Marc-Charles-Gabriel Gleyre
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#14. Miami, you can never run out of material. As long as you have Miami around you, you will never, never stop being amused. - Author: Dave Barry
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#15. Never stop writing because you have run out of ideas. - Author: Walter Benjamin
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#16. The number one Runner rule: Never. Stop. Running - Author: James Dashner
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#17. Leo is looking down. Leo is looking down and his eyes and skin and hair like dark melted chocolate and he's saying to me, "Hello. - Author: Johnny Rich
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#18. The shudder of fear is as sensual as the shudder of pleasure, if not more so. - Author: Douglas Preston
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#19. Business owners are like joggers. If you stop a jogger, he goes on running on the spot. If you drag an owner away from his business, he goes on running on the spot, pawing the ground, talking business. He never stops hurtling onwards, making decisions and executing them. - Author: Jean Baudrillard
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#20. Pulling me into his arms, he trailed light kisses from my ear to my neck, almost making me forget how late I was running.I pushed him away. "You better stop that, or we're never getting out of here.""My thoughts exactly. - Author: Alyssa Rose Ivy
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#21. Never ... stop at the boundaries of what you think your knowledge or training would suggest. If a problem grabs you, run with it and try to understand it from beginning to end, even if that means learning new techniques or developing them yourself. - Author: Judith Rodin
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#22. Stop looking outside for help. You're sourced and fuelled and funded by a renewable resource, which is within you. It never runs out. It is your Essence. It's your life. - Author: Michael Beckwith
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#23. After a day spent running around outside, Clara never went home without first slipping through the orchard, where she would stop to pray to the spirits of enclosure to prepare her for her return within four walls. - Author: Muriel Barbery
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#24. I love you," he says gently, running his fingers along my hairline. "Never going to stop loving you, baby."
"Ev," I breathe, feeling tears burn my throat.
"I'll wait for you to find it again. I'd wait forever for you. - Author: Aurora Rose Reynolds
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#25. Once we begin chasing approval, we never stop running. It's servitude to a thousand masters instead of one to please. - Author: David Jeremiah
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#26. He bent and laid his lips on her hands, which were cold and lifeless. She drew them away, and he turned to the door, found his coat and hat under the faint gas-light of the hall, and plunged out into the winter night bursting with the belated eloquence of the inarticulate. - Author: Edith Wharton
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#27. Rita has spent her whole life being chased by boys. Because of that, she never had a chance to stop running long enough to figure out who she was and what kind of guy she should let catch her. - Author: Amy Harmon
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#28. All anger feels like righteous anger; sorrow does not care whether it is righteous or not. - Author: Mason Cooley
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#29. Of course, the Big Bad Wolf does yoga, Sabrina thought. Why did I even bother to ask? - Author: Michael Buckley
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#30. Defeat furnishes good material to the poets and the artists, but none of us care to have the glory of the conquered apply to us. - Author: Susan Glaspell
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#31. Sin, also for those who don't have faith, exists when one goes against one's conscience. To listen to and obey it means, in fact, to decide in face of what is perceived as good or evil. And on this decision pivots the goodness or malice of our action. - Author: Pope Francis
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