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#1. God, help me. Help me to be wise and full of courage and sound judgment. Harden my heart to the sights that I must see so soon again, grant me only the power to think clearly, boldly, resolutely, no matter how unnerving the peril. Let me not fail them. - Author: Anton Myrer
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#2. That which has quelled me, lives with me, Accomplice in catastrophe. - Author: Edna St. Vincent Millay
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#3. The better to eat you with, my dear. - Author: Marissa Meyer
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#4. If some of our teenage thrill seekers really want to go out and get a thrill, let them go up into the Northwest and tangle with the Grizzly Bear, the Polar Bear, and the Brown Bear. They will get their kicks, and it will cleanse their souls. - Author: Fred Bear
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#5. I really don't require a whole lot in life. - Author: Jeff Foxworthy
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#6. She picked up the ballpoint pen lying on the table, and played with it for a few seconds, but then she looked at the clock again. It had done its job: in the five minutes since her last look, it had advanced five minutes' worth. - Author: Haruki Murakami
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#7. Have you ever felt that, Ts'an Tsan? - a hunger for knowledge so desperate you begrudge food and sleep, you cannot wait for another dawn to get on to more and more?" Damon nodded. "Yes. Well, I had that fever. I had to know: it was more important than life." From - Author: Anton Myrer
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#8. Inflexibility is the worst human failing. You can learn to check impetuosity, overcome fear with confidence and laziness with discipline. But for rigidity of mind, there is no antidote. It carries the seeds of its own destruction. - Author: Anton Myrer
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#9. That's the whole challenge of life - to act with honor and hope and generosity, no whatter what you've drawn. You can't help when or what you were born, you may not be able to help how you die; but you can - and you should - try to pass the days between as a good man. - Author: Anton Myrer
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#10. if it comes to a choice between being a good soldier and a good human being -- try to be a good human being". - Author: Anton Myrer
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