Top 100 My Enemies Quotes

#1. The same law applies to me. Nobody has sued me for libel because I do not defame my enemies.

Lee Kuan Yew

My Enemies Quotes #1418315
#2. I've got all of my enemies here in the Cabinet where I can keep an eye on them.

John Diefenbaker

My Enemies Quotes #982300
#3. Pinky: I've been in this kind of situation before. Fourth finger: I've felt these feelings before. Middle finger: I've survived them every time. Index finger: Everybody dies eventually. Thumb: That includes my enemies.

Elliott James

My Enemies Quotes #992565
#4. Questions are my enemies. For my questions explode!

Frank Herbert

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#5. To my surprise, my 70s are nicer than my 60s and my 60s than my 50s, and I wouldn't wish my teens and 20s on my enemies.

Lionel Blue

My Enemies Quotes #1016713
#6. I have always paid attention to the merits of my enemies, and found it an advantage.

Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe

My Enemies Quotes #1024184
#7. Those are my enemies: they want to overthrow and to construct nothing themselves. They say: "All that is worthless"
and want to create no value themselves.

Friedrich Nietzsche

My Enemies Quotes #1030565
#8. I always bow to my enemies before I destroy them!


My Enemies Quotes #1037245
#9. My Friends I Will Always Remember, And My Enemies I Will Never Forget!

Latif Mercado

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#10. O God, I can no longer fight my battles alone. I need Your help, Your love. Forgive me for all my mistakes. Cleanse my heart of all evil. Show me the way to peace and quiet and health, and fill me with love even for my enemies


My Enemies Quotes #1039325
#11. I was searching for the souls that would matched with mine and we can have a community together
but some of them are worried about my future and trying to make me centred on my life and they are acting like my enemies on the facts of life and realty.


My Enemies Quotes #1048404
#12. My enemies are everywhere, and my friends are fools.

George R R Martin

My Enemies Quotes #1053417
#13. I find that when I am gossiping about my friends, as well as my enemies, I am deeply conscious of performing a social duty. But when I hear they are gossiping about me, I am rightfully filled with righteous indignation.

Max Gluckman

My Enemies Quotes #1054075
#14. I owe much to my friends; but, all things considered, it strikes me that I owe even more to my enemies. The real person springs life under a sting even better than under a caress.

Andre Gide

My Enemies Quotes #1062806
#15. I will never quit. My nation expects me to be physically harder and mentally stronger than my enemies. If knocked down i will get back up, every time. I will draw on every remaining ounce of strength to protect my enemies and to accomplish our mission. I am never out of the fight.

Marcus Luttrell

My Enemies Quotes #1081004
#16. My enemies must nominate themselves; I have no interest at all in making, finding, or knowing them.

Ursula K. Le Guin

My Enemies Quotes #1082319
#17. When it's my time, and the reaper calls my name, there will be no stink of fear on me, and my only wish will be to die with grace, covered in the blood of my enemies.

Cedric Nye

My Enemies Quotes #1092521
#18. I walk among my enemies. But I carry my friends with me.

Ambelin Kwaymullina

My Enemies Quotes #1111272
#19. I consider every person an enemy until he has proven himself differently, and I find that in knowing my enemies, I can prepare against anything they might send against me.

R.A. Salvatore

My Enemies Quotes #1120326
#20. I don't hate my enemies. After all, I made 'em.

Red Skelton

My Enemies Quotes #1182467
#21. I always remember the faces and names of my enemies. I don't want to forget to kill anyone.

Maria V. Snyder

My Enemies Quotes #1186053
#22. I am happy to crush my enemies underfoot, but I don't fight without reason. I don't want war without end.

Rick Riordan

My Enemies Quotes #1200035
#23. I love beats that are hardcore, dirty and raw.
I love takin niggas burners when they scared to draw.
I love plottin on my enemies, I love to attack.
I love beatin down niggas when they rhymes is wack!

Bumpy Knuckles

My Enemies Quotes #1203092
#24. God deliver me from my friends! I'll take care of my enemies myself.

Duke Of Wellington

My Enemies Quotes #1233643
#25. Splatter the brain matter of my enemies, with the same bullet trajectory that murdered John Kennedy


My Enemies Quotes #1234986
#26. Supernatural healing was a handy trick for an absentminded vampire, although it would make my enemies harder to kill. Tit for tat, I guess.

Chloe Neill

My Enemies Quotes #1242924
#27. Coyote never loses. Because I change the rules of the games my enemies play. What are the rules of your game?

Patricia Briggs

My Enemies Quotes #1245474
#28. When my enemies seek my life, how can I do other than use my endeavor to destroy them in my own defense? The

Mark Kurlansky

My Enemies Quotes #1253561
#29. Anyone not paranoid in this world must be crazy ... Speaking of paranoia, it's true that I do not know exactly who my enemies are. But that of course is exactly why I'm paranoid.

Edward Abbey

My Enemies Quotes #1264608
#30. What can my enemies do to me? My paradise is in my heart, it is with me wherever I go. To imprison me is to provide me with seclusion. To send me into exile is to send me away in the Path of Allah. And to kill me is to make me a martyr.

Ibn Taymiyyah

My Enemies Quotes #1264757
#31. May God have mercy for my enemies because I won't.

George S. Patton Jr.

My Enemies Quotes #1268072
#32. 7 i Though I walk in the midst of trouble, you j preserve my life; you k stretch out your hand against the wrath of my enemies, and your l right hand delivers me. 8 The LORD will m fulfill his purpose for me;


My Enemies Quotes #1272728
#33. But if I was a miracle, then that came with certain obligations and privileges.
Privileges I would call on in order to end them an who'd killed me. Obligations I meant to uphold now I was free. I'd returned from the dead. And I'd bring the wrath of hell toward my enemies.

Pepper Winters

My Enemies Quotes #1276339
#34. My enemies are legion.

George R R Martin

My Enemies Quotes #1296244
#35. We all have enemies, but my enemies would probably describe me as surprisingly ruthless.

Ron Funches

My Enemies Quotes #1309696
#36. No one had to impose my enemies on me. I selected them myself. I didn't avoid them: I pointed them out, marked them, attacked them.

Jacobo Timerman

My Enemies Quotes #1310058
#37. I wake up starving for success, and no matter how much I accomplish I go to sleep striving for improvement; I refuse to let my enemies outwork me.

Noel DeJesus

My Enemies Quotes #1316913
#38. Even in faith, it is not easy for me to say to God, I am sorry for wanting my enemies to be destroyed and punished before my eyes. It is dishonest to say that it is easy to forgive our enemies, even to ask forgiveness for longing for revenge.

David Kwang-sun Suh

My Enemies Quotes #1325316
#39. But you know what? When I die, everybody is invited to come take a selfie at my funeral. Except for my enemies. They're not invited to the funeral, period.

Ezra Koenig

My Enemies Quotes #1329550
#40. I had rather be plundered by my enemies than by my friends.

Henry IV

My Enemies Quotes #1343409
#41. A Prince asked the dying spanish statesman, "Does your Excellency forgive all your enemies?" "I do not have to forgive all my enemies," answered the stateman, "I have had them all shot.

Robert Greene

My Enemies Quotes #1343610
#42. I was called a terrorist yesterday, but when I came out of jail, many people embraced me, including my enemies, and that is what I normally tell other people who say those who are struggling for liberation in their country are terrorists.

Nelson Mandela

My Enemies Quotes #1355982
#43. O my Lord, whatever share of this world You have bestowed on me, bestow it to my enemies, and whatever share of the next world You have for me, give it to my friends. You are enough for me.

Rabia Basri

My Enemies Quotes #1360823
#44. I have a feeling of - wanting to confront my enemies. No, of wanting to confront the enemy part of my friends.

James Kirkwood Jr.

My Enemies Quotes #1361896
#45. Our enemies-my enemies-wouldn't win. The demon lizards had hurt me for the last time. Now, they had a new foe, and I would make sure they remembered my name when I destroyed them on the battlefield.
I would work hard.
I would excel.
I would become the perfect soldier.

Julie Kagawa

My Enemies Quotes #1380458
#46. All things seemed in their kinds to be my enemies...
It seemed then to my apprehension to proceed from indignation, wrath, and as it were a gnashing of teeth against me.

Richard Norwood

My Enemies Quotes #1385361
#47. I am sent to you to confute, not to embrace your heresy. The Catholic religion is the faith of all ages, I fear not death ... Pardon my enemies, O Lord: blinded by passion they know not what they do. Lord Jesus, have mercy on me. Mary, Mother of God, succor me!

Fidelis Of Sigmaringen

My Enemies Quotes #1385812
#48. I will destroy my enemies by converting them to friends.


My Enemies Quotes #1391544
#49. I have no trouble with my enemies. I can take care of my enemies in a fight. But my friends, my goddamned friends, they're the ones who keep me walking the floor at nights!

Warren G. Harding

My Enemies Quotes #1397608
#50. Then, at the last moment, I am forced to admit to myself that I was right after all,
and that it was really impossible to go down into the burrow without exposing the
thing I love best, for a little while at least, to all my enemies, on the ground, in the
trees, in the air.

Franz Kafka

My Enemies Quotes #1399207
#51. Hi! My name is Bambi! I like kittens and puppies and throwing flaming balls of death at my enemies!

Angela Knight

My Enemies Quotes #1399689
#52. This is my empire, Uriang-Khadai. I will not be made to leave. Ready the tumans for battle, Orlok. I will face my enemies and I will destroy them.

Conn Iggulden

My Enemies Quotes #1643693
#53. Whatever defamation of character my enemies are spreading about me, I do not feel the need to justify myself toward them. While discretion obliges me to remain silent, my duty compels me to prevent them from doing any more harm.

Toussaint Louverture

My Enemies Quotes #1868081
#54. My strength: My enemies, they keep me strong enough to face the worst - MB

Bharath Mamidoju

My Enemies Quotes #1862331
#55. I have resolved never to start an unjust war, but never to end a legitimate one except by defeating my enemies.

Charles XII Of Sweden

My Enemies Quotes #1831307
#56. When my enemies stop hissing, I shall know I'm slipping.

Maria Callas

My Enemies Quotes #1823756
#57. I believe being strong means I can kiss you and still fight my enemies and succeed. I can show emotion and be complicated and hope for love and family and friends in a world that is telling me I can die tomorrow.

Alicia D'Aversa

My Enemies Quotes #1821223
#58. I don't see why I should bow my head when I could hold it high, or place it in the hands of my enemies when I can defeat them.

Jose Rizal

My Enemies Quotes #1819234
#59. You p prepare a table before me in q the presence of my enemies; you r anoint my head with oil; my s cup overflows. 6 Surely [4] goodness and mercy [5] shall follow me all the days of my life, and I shall t dwell [6] in the house of the LORD u forever.


My Enemies Quotes #1816352
#60. My enemies embarrassed you. So they embarrassed me, Darrow. You told me you would win. But then you lost. And that changes everything.

Pierce Brown

My Enemies Quotes #1779367
#61. I hold no mercy for my enemies because mercy is for suckers.

T.M. Goeglein

My Enemies Quotes #1778389
#62. To fight my enemies I need friends behind me, and I'm clean out of friends. You have to be realistic. It's been a while since my ambitions went beyond getting through each day alive.

Joe Abercrombie

My Enemies Quotes #1773835
#63. Yes, I can endure guilt, however horrible; The laughter of my enemies I will not endure. Now


My Enemies Quotes #1773600
#64. One night I prayed to God, I asked could he please remove my enemies from my life, and before you knew it I started losing friends.

Meek Mill

My Enemies Quotes #1751687
#65. I pledge myself to the Rose Society until the end of my days, to use my eyes to see all that happens, my tongue to woo other to our side, my ears to hear every secret, my hands to crush my enemies. I will do everything in my power to destroy all who stand in my way.

Marie Lu

My Enemies Quotes #1741765
#66. Agnes Darling, if such should be we never meet again, while firing my last shot, I will gently breathe the name of my wife - Agnes - and with wishes even for my enemies I will make the plunge and try to swim to the other shore.

Wild Bill Hickok

My Enemies Quotes #1727582
#67. I moved forward. Gut-check time. Now or never, do or die-all of that inspirational BS. Kill my enemies or die trying.

Amanda Bonilla

My Enemies Quotes #1721226
#68. I won't forgive I won't forget. Let hell open and rain my wrath down on them all. I will not be stopped and I have no mercy left inside me. I am death and I revel in the killings of my enemies. Bring me them all until I'm drunk on their blood.

Sherrilyn Kenyon

My Enemies Quotes #1713239
#69. All my enemies are self-appointed.

Robert A. Heinlein

My Enemies Quotes #1711998
#70. Let no one think of me that I am humble or weak or passive; let them understand I am of a different kind: dangerous to my enemies, loyal to my friends. To such a life glory belongs.


My Enemies Quotes #1711945
#71. Deception is parcel to ruling. I tell my enemies, my allies, and my subjects what they need to know, when I feel they need to know it. This philosophy tends to have some effects. A man cannot take it as his business to repeatedly deceive the world, without somehow deceiving himself.

Ta-Nehisi Coates

My Enemies Quotes #1707306
#72. Let's play it safe. I'm not in the mood to run right now and I know fighting is suicide. Last thing I want to do is make my enemies happy by dying. (Syn)

Sherrilyn Kenyon

My Enemies Quotes #1680470
#73. I like to kill my enemies and listen to the lamentations of their women

Ben Fountain

My Enemies Quotes #1678338
#74. I choose my friends for their good looks, my acquaintances for their good characters, and my enemies for their intellects. A man cannot be too careful in the choice of his enemies.

Oscar Wilde

My Enemies Quotes #1664568
#75. I know what I need to know, like, who my enemies are.

Rick Riordan

My Enemies Quotes #1663847
#76. The gold of a lowland lord is as worthless as a half man's promises' Gunthor said.
'Half a man I may be' Tyrion said. 'Yet I have the courage to face my enemies. What do the Stone Crows do, but hide behind rocks and shiver with fear as the knights of the Vale ride by?

George R R Martin

My Enemies Quotes #1651604
#77. I'm a pretty clean eater, so my beard probably just smells like the blood of my enemies, as usual.

Eric Hendrixson

My Enemies Quotes #1533640
#78. Am I not destroying my enemies when I make friends of them?

Abraham Lincoln

My Enemies Quotes #1429369
#79. So, like a treasure found at home, That I have gained without fatigue, My enemies are helpers in my Bodhisattva work And therefore they should be a joy to me. 108. Since I have grown in patience Thanks to them, To them its first fruits I should give, For of my patience they have been the cause.


My Enemies Quotes #1431323
#80. I'm not always able to think about so much loss without bitterness and anger. I don't know if I'll ever be capable of loving my enemies; I'm not always capable of forgiving myself.

Sara Miles

My Enemies Quotes #1440817
#81. I keep my enemies close/ I give 'em enough rope/ They put themselves in the air/ I just kick away the chair.


My Enemies Quotes #1445941
#82. What is it that you think is going to get me?" My arm rubs against his when I shift to look at him. "The list is endless." "Since when did you become so protective?" "Since my enemies have determined that you're my Daughter of Man.

Susan Ee

My Enemies Quotes #1460193
#83. Wait!" Conrad said. "Did someone ... one of my enemies set this fire?"
Nix turned back with a grin. "Unless you'd pissed off some wirring-hungry nutrias, then I'm going with no.

Kresley Cole

My Enemies Quotes #1482223
#84. Rafe pulled Cassandra into his arms. "At first, I wanted my arm back to feel whole again and to not appear weak before my enemies. Now I only want it to hold you.

Brooklyn Ann

My Enemies Quotes #1490277
#85. Xerxes: It isn't wise to stand against me, Leonidas. Imagine what horrible fate awaits my enemies when I would gladly kill any of my own men for victory.
King Leonidas: And I would die for any one of mine.

Frank Miller

My Enemies Quotes #1498931
#86. But this word will I say to my enemies: What is all manslaughter in comparison with what you have done to me!

Friedrich Nietzsche

My Enemies Quotes #1510539
#87. My name is Imam Jamil Abdullah Al-Amin, the former H. Rap Brown. I am a devoted servant of Allah, and an unwavering devotee to His cause. For more than 30 years, I have been tormented and persecuted by my enemies for reasons of race and belief.

H. Rap Brown

My Enemies Quotes #1515494
#88. Yes I know my enemies. They're the teachers who taught me to fight me, compromise, conformity, assimilation, submission, ignorance, hypocrisy, brutality, the elite, all of which are American dreams.

Zack De La Rocha

My Enemies Quotes #1517853
#89. Peace be with all the world! My blessing on my friends! My forgiveness to my enemies! For I am in the realm of quiet!

Nathaniel Hawthorne

My Enemies Quotes #1526820
#90. I nod and wave to my enemies like Miss America, pausing to blow kisses at the worst of them as I work my way across the cafeteria with a plate loaded with horridly healthy food.

Eliza Crewe

My Enemies Quotes #1575077
#91. Sometimes I feel I know strangers Better than I know my friends Why must a beginning Be the means to an end? The stones from my enemies These wounds will mend But I cannot survive The roses from my friends.

Ben Harper

My Enemies Quotes #1640599
#92. I will live to piss in the open mouths or the open graves of my enemies, whichever comes first.

Harlan Ellison

My Enemies Quotes #1600349
#93. I'm down for you, so ride with me.
My enemies your enemies,
Cause you ain't ever had a friend like me.

Tupac Shakur

My Enemies Quotes #1586860
#94. What my enemies call a general peace is my destruction. What I call peace is merely the disarmament of my enemies. Am I not more moderate than they?

Napoleon Bonaparte

My Enemies Quotes #1586797
#95. Today I will work when others procrastinate, I will confront my fears when others hide from theirs, and I will create solutions when others find excuses; today I refuse to allow my enemies to out work me.

Noel DeJesus

My Enemies Quotes #1583621
#96. I can't relate to these haters, my enemies never made it.


My Enemies Quotes #1549672
#97. I saw my enemies in Munich, and they are worms.

Adolf Hitler

My Enemies Quotes #1541628
#98. He hath disgrac'd me and hind'red me half a million; laugh'd at my losses, mock'd at my gains, scorned my nation, thwarted my bargains, cooled my friends, heated my enemies. And what's his reason? I am a Jew.

William Shakespeare

My Enemies Quotes #1545949
#99. I was so incensed that I was oblivious to all as I ran over broken glass, holding a five-foot weightlifting bar. The glass tore the soles of my feet as I chased the gang's car up the street. I remember breathing heavily as I cursed failing to catch my enemies.

Stephen Richards

My Enemies Quotes #2208
#100. My Throne is made from the swords of my enemies.

George R R Martin

My Enemies Quotes #1553334

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