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Top 12 Multitrillion Quotes

#1. What has drug addiction done for me? It's cost me my career, my fortune and basically my sex life when I found out I was HIV positive ... - Author: Robbin Crosby
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#2. Folks that blurt out just what they think wouldn't be so bad if they thought. - Author: Kin Hubbard
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#3. I like L.A., but I think what's changed is that the kinds of films I do, the mid-range dramatic film, has become an endangered species. - Author: Christopher Hampton
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#4. Although the outlook is clouded by a number of uncertainties, the central tendencies of the projections .. imply continued good economic performance in the United States. - Author: Alan Greenspan
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#5. Do you know where Lakri is right now?" I asked Ingra as we headed inside the wall to our usual spot - Author: Charon Lloyd-Roberts
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#6. I don't know of any plans to remaster the Mr Mister catalog. - Author: Pat Mastelotto
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#7. Only the virtuous man jumps over his shadow. - Author: Kristian Goldmund Aumann
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#8. I wouldn't want [the people of Baleyworld] to live that long as a general thing. The pace of historical and intellectual advance would then become too slow. Those at the top would stay in power too long. Baleyworld would sink into conversation and decay - as your world has done. - Author: Isaac Asimov
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#9. Things, however, rarely happened the way you understood them. Mostly they just sort of drove up alongside what you thought was the case and then moved randomly down some other way. - Author: Lorrie Moore
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#10. We've created a multitrillion-dollar edifice for dispensing the medical equivalent of lottery tickets - and have only the rudiments of a system to prepare patients for the near certainty that those tickets will not win. Hope is not a plan, but hope is our plan. - Author: Atul Gawande
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#11. Any fool can make things complicated, it requires a genius to make things simple - Author: Ernst F. Schumacher
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#12. 'Senior Citizen' and 'Silver Surfer' are the new euphemisms. Unless you're a female presenter on TV, in which case you're ready for the knacker's yard at 35. - Author: Terry Wogan
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