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Top 10 Multicelled Quotes

#1. Less than five hundred people run this country and those who hand out the most free stuff get elected.

Thomas A. Watson

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#2. Everything is available in the natural state,

Lama Surya Das

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#3. even a small warren. This one had

Richard Adams

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#4. Shadow is not an umbrage only but the proof of our Existence

Samar Sudha

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#5. As long as you feel like a victim, you are one.

Morgan Freeman

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#6. When Clinton took office, members of that community still faced a host of legal and cultural barriers. Sodomy laws banned same-sex acts, even in the privacy of one's bedroom, in more than half of the country's states plus the nation's capital.

Ann Bausum

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#7. Whining is a virus, a lethal, infectious, epidemic disease.

Peter Hoeg

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#8. I'm just so against kids being on Twitter because they are not thinking about the ramifications of what they are saying or the emotion of how they say it.

Sherri Shepherd

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#9. There have only been about a half dozen genuinely important events in the four-billion-year saga of life on Earth: single-celled life, multicelled life, differentiation into plants and animals, movement of animals from water to land, and the advent of mammals and consciousness.

Elon Musk

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#10. The daily standard of unlivability isn't news. So when the exceptional passes, everything is silent and everything continues to rot.

Elena Ferrante

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