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#1. Lat take a cat, and fostre him wel with milk, And tendre flesh, and make his couche of silk, And let him seen a mous go by the wal; Anon he weyveth milk, and flesh, and al, And every deyntee that is in that hous, Swich appetyt hath he to ete a mous.

Geoffrey Chaucer

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#2. Sometimes, you just needed a friend to sit on your couch and watch your favorite movie. They

Mary Jane Hathaway

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#3. When Lee and Jack win, it is good for golf. When I win, it is better.

Chi Chi Rodriguez

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#4. It is noble to be shy, illustrious not to know how to act, great not to have a gift for living.

Fernando Pessoa

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#5. gentle movement and deep breathing can relieve pain and create healing

Raven Sadhaka Seltzer

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#6. I've never had a really close friend, and I'm unclear how you make one

Gayle Forman

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#7. I'm able to support my wife and family off of gymnastics. But at the same time I do take it very seriously - it is a job for me.

Jonathan Horton

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#8. Nothing is more common than for persons to hate those whom they have injured.

Charlotte Lennox

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#9. Part of Steve's job was to drum into us how important what we were doing actually would be to the world.

Andy Hertzfeld

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#10. Love is transcending the ego to connect with another,

Joan Konner

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#11. The soul mate doesn't have to
be a romantic relationship.
Sometimes in life, you meet
people when you need them,
and there is an immediate

Alison G. Bailey

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#12. To make the child in your own image is a capital crime, for your image is not worth repeating. The child knows this and you know it. Consequently you hate each other.

Karl Shapiro

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#13. People's emotions are rarely put into words , far more often they are expressed through other cues.
the key to intuiting another's feelings is in the ability to read nonverbal channels , tone of voice , gesture , facial expression and the like

Daniel Goleman

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#14. Friendship is one of the grand fundamental principles of "Mormonism"; [it is designed] to revolutionize and civilize the world, and cause wars and contentions to cease and men to become friends and brothers

Joseph Smith Jr.

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