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#1. What's the rush? Recognise that with the time at our disposal, there is only a limited number of good books you can read, a few really good movies worth seeing, and a finite number of hours, days, years to enjoy them! - Author: Ken Puddicombe
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#2. May you occupy your mind with positive words. - Author: Lailah Gifty Akita
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#3. Even the village rain-maker no longer claimed to be able to intervene. He could not stop the rain now, just as he would not attempt to start it in the heart of the dry season, without serious danger to his own health. - Author: Chinua Achebe
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#4. Truly, a command of gall cannot be obeyed like one of sugar. A man must require just and reasonable things; if he would see the scales of obedience properly trimmed. From orders which are improper, springs resistance, which is not easily overcome. - Author: Giambattista Basile
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#5. We are all bound thither; we are hastening to the same common goal. Black death calls all things under the sway of its laws.
[Lat., Tendimus huc omnes; metam properamus ad unam. Omnia sub leges mors vocat atra suas.] - Author: Ovid
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#6. Death is not grievous to me, for I shall lay aside my pains by death.
[Lat., Nec mihi mors gravis est posituro morte dolores.] - Author: Ovid
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#7. Death approaches, which is always impending like the stone over Tantalus: then comes superstition with which he who is imbued can never have peace of mind.
[Lat., Accedit etiam mors, quae quasi saxum Tantalo semper impendit: tum superstitio, qua qui est imbutus quietus esse numquam potest.] - Author: Marcus Tullius Cicero
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#8. A well trained person needs only a knife to survive. - Author: Mors Kochanski
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#9. In cold weather a good rule is to light your fire first before doing anything else. It is always more sensible to keep yourself warm rather than trying to thaw yourself out later. - Author: Mors Kochanski
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#10. Read a nice poem or watch the sunrise, both are the same thing! - Author: Mehmet Murat Ildan
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#11. Either a peaceful old age awaits me, or death flies round me with black wings.
[Lat., Seu me tranquilla senectus
Exspectat, seu mors atris circumvolat alis.] - Author: Horace
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#12. Some Native people suggest that one should test how cold the hands are by touching the thumb to the little finger of the same hand. As soon as you cannot carry out this exercise you are reaching a dangerous state of incapacity and you should immediately take steps to warm up. - Author: Mors Kochanski
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#13. If you elect me president, we will have a president that believes America is the greatest country in the world and we will have a president that acts like it. - Author: Marco Rubio
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#14. Fire may be the simplest and sometimes the only recourse in protecting yourself from the discomfort of cold, counteracting the effects of hypothermia, or in making up for inadequate clothing, bedding, or shelter. - Author: Mors Kochanski
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#15. Step out onto the Planet. Draw a circle a hundred feet round. Inside the circle are 300 things nobody understands, and, maybe nobody's ever really seen. How many can you find? - Author: Lew Welch
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#16. Mors certa, vita incerta, as Mr. Sloat occasionally declared. Isidore, although he had heard the expression a number of times, retained only a dim notion as to its meaning. After all, if a chickenhead could fathom Latin he would cease to be a chickenhead. - Author: Philip K. Dick
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#17. When Negroes are average, they fail, unless they are very, very lucky. Now, if you're average and white, honey, you can go far. Just look at Dan Quayle. If that boy was colored he'd be washing dishes somewhere. - Author: Annie Elizabeth Delany
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#18. In a moment comes either death or joyful victory.
[Lat., Horae
Momento cita mors venit aut victoria laeta.] - Author: Horace
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#19. The quality of a survival kit is determined how much it can help you when you need to sleep. If you can sleep well at night, you have it made. It should also assist you in meeting your water needs. - Author: Mors Kochanski
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#20. Next to knowing how to dress well, fire is one of the most important bush skills there are, because it is one of the few means available to make up most great deficiencies. - Author: Mors Kochanski
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#21. Gamache had been to Three Pines on previous investigations and each time he'd had the feeling he belonged. It was a powerful feeling. After all, what else did people really want except to belong? He - Author: Louise Penny
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#22. The axe is the most important bush tool there is. Outside of fire, nothing may contribute to your comfort and leisure than a well chosen axe. - Author: Mors Kochanski
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#23. Death when to death a death by death hath given
Then shall be op't the long shut gates of heaven.
[Mors, mortis morti mortem nisi morte dedisset (dedisses).] - Author: Thomas Heywood
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#24. Pestis eram vivus ... moriens tua mors ero - Living, I was your plague ... dying, I shall be your death. - Author: Martin Luther
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#25. Your clothing is the most important survival tool you have. Dress properly and any emergency you may have to endure becomes more manageable. - Author: Mors Kochanski
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#26. The knife is the balance point for survival in the bush. Without it, you have to stay on the move. With it, you create the opportunity to rest. - Author: Mors Kochanski
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#27. Taceant Colloquia. Effugiat risus. Hic locus est ubi mors gaudet succurrere vitae. "Let conversation stop. Let laughter cease," Luke read aloud. "Here is the place where the dead delight to teach the living. - Author: Cassandra Clare
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#28. An honorable death is better than a dishonorable life.
[Lat., Honesta mors turpi vita potior.] - Author: Tacitus
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#29. The more you know, the less you have to carry. The less you know, the more you have to carry. - Author: Mors Kochanski
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