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Top 11 Miri Ben Ari Quotes

#1. It was beautiful - in a terrible sort of way, of course. But still, the arrangement was perfect, compelling, beautifully bloodless.

Jeff Lindsay

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#2. No problem except old age ever vanquished my mother.

Miles Franklin

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#3. My first hip-hop performance was at Carnegie Hall with Wyclef, ... I got a little feature and he announced me as the 'hip-hop violinist.' The next night I played at the Apollo.

Miri Ben-Ari

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#4. The more 'adequate' we make relief, the more people we are going to find willing to get on it and stay on it indefinitely. The more we try to make sure that everybody really in need of relief gets it, the more certain we can be that we are also giving it to people who neither need nor deserve it.

Henry Hazlitt

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#5. We Gonna Win' is a song of triumph, It represents my personal belief that with hard work, talent and dedication, everything is possible. It's a one of a kind marriage between rap and classical music, where the music doesn't accompany the vocalist, but rather stands on its own.

Miri Ben-Ari

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#6. When the sword of the tongue is drawn, the emperor thought, it inflicts deeper cuts than the sharpest blade.

Salman Rushdie

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#7. We were using Brooke as an actress; she was playing different roles: a liberated woman, a teenager, a vamp.

Calvin Klein

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#8. Drink whatever you like, just so long as it coordinates with your nail varnish.

Victoria Beckham

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#9. I am also aware that ideals are hard to practice, especially when they are new.

John Scalzi

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#10. The model of Coca-Cola is local, whether it's investing, partnering, sourcing, producing, or selling. We market and distribute locally; we pay taxes locally. And it works.

Muhtar Kent

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#11. You are the hip-hop violinist, the creator, the visionaire, ... and therefore you should do whatever the hell you wanna do because whatever you do is right. They're not gonna have like 20 hip-hop violinists in the company. I know what to do.

Miri Ben-Ari

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