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Top 10 Milestone Birthday Sayings

#1. Everybody can't have the life of a normal, average American person in India - they can't. So, it's about egalitarianism. It's about sharing things more equally. It's about access to natural resources. - Author: Arundhati Roy
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#2. Everything is dead, the dead are everywhere. There are only people, and all around them is silence - that's the earth. - Author: Fyodor Dostoyevsky
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#3. Local defense will always be important. But there is no local defense which alone will contain the mighty land power of the Communist world. Local defense must be reinforced by the further deterrent of massive retaliatory power. - Author: John Foster Dulles
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#4. Please, sir, I want some more. - Author: Charles Dickens
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#5. Soldiers in foreign camps, so far from being missionaries for good, require missionaries themselves, more than the natives. Andrew Carnegie - Author: H.W. Brands
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#6. None of us get to choose our race but we all get to choose how we overcome its hurtles. Whether we jump or stumble...what matters most is that we take each moment in stride. Compassion, love, forgiveness and empathy will always win the human race. - Author: Jason Versey
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#7. ROMEO: Fastest way to not hear what someone has to say? Hang up on them.

Did it make me an *sshole? Sure did. Did I give a rat's *ss? H*lls no. - Author: Cambria Hebert
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#8. The longer an event is anticipated-a milestone birthday, an eclipse, a new millennium-the more likely it is to be an anti-climax. - Author: Keith Waterhouse
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#9. My 50th birthday approaching felt like a big milestone to me. I've lived half a century. If I write about food and use my life as a fulcrum to move the story along, maybe I've lived long enough to fashion a narrative that has a happy ending. - Author: Kate Christensen
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#10. Being queer you're supposed to adore figure skating. It's a sport, not an art. I love the costumes and hate the music and of course I worship Johnny Weir because so does he. Also he's real. It's a full gay thing and it always has been. - Author: Mark Morris
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