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#1. The secret of life is honesty and fair dealing. If you can fake that, you've got it made. - Author: Groucho Marx
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#2. I understand that a man can have everything having nothing and nothing having everything. - Author: Mihai Eminescu
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#3. P.s. I am pretty certain Beyonce doesn't need you fighting any battles on her account. Seems like she's got everything covered perfectly well on her own. - Author: Shirley Manson
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#4. Work is the law of the modern world, which has no place for lazy people. - Author: Mihai Eminescu
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#5. The sky dreams of stars, the earth dreams of love. - Author: Mihai Eminescu
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#6. Your eye level is your reference point for drawing the perspective lines. All lines above your eye level will go down to the horizon vanishing point and all lines below your eye level will go up to the horizon vanishing point. - Author: Robert A. Lovett
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#7. Hollywood's a very weird place. I think there's less of everything except for attitude. - Author: Dean Cain
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#8. - You're very poetic.
- No, just sad. - Author: Jose Saramago
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#9. I hated my father all my life but in his final days I forgave him for all the suffering he caused us. As you grow older, marry, and have children of you own, you learn and forget. I do not forget easily, but I do forgive. - Author: Sophia Loren
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#10. Much as oblivion is the death of sorrow
So death is life's forgetfulness - Author: Mihai Eminescu
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#11. Might have gone further and have fared worse. - Author: John Heywood
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#12. Every human being is a repeated question asked to the spirit of the Universe. - Author: Mihai Eminescu
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#13. I've been wanting to do a documentary on the true heart of the groupie ever since I was one. The groupie is just a girl who loves music and loves to be around the people who make it. She is the fan that takes it to the next level to experience the whole shebang, - Author: Pamela Des Barres
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#14. Without 'tis autumn, the wind beats on the pane
With heavy drops, the leaves high upwards sweep.
You take old letters from a crumpled heap,
And in one hour have lived your life again.
- Author: Mihai Eminescu
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#15. Writing isn't easy because you have to relieve the most painful moments of your life, over and over again, and then you have to write them down, hoping that they'll matter to someone else other than yourself. - Author: Cristian Mihai
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#16. Unattached to man or matter,
You remain aloof and cold. - Author: Mihai Eminescu
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#17. People are divided into two parts: some of them look for and cannot find anything, others find but are not satisfied. - Author: Mihai Eminescu
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#18. I mean, it's the life lessons that I suppose you learn that nobody gets a free ride and that you do the best you can with the means that you can and try to open yourself to as much knowledge and all that that you can. - Author: Joe Mantegna
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#19. Am inteles ca un om poate avea totul neavand nimic si nimic avand totul. - Author: Mihai Eminescu
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#20. I am concerned about the growing problem of sexual abuse and exploitation of our children. - Author: Jim Ryun
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#21. We are who we are. - Author: Mihai Emilian Popa
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#22. Method helps intuition when it is not transformed into dictatorship. Intuition augments method if it does not instill anarchy. In every moment of our semiotic existence, method and intuition complement one another. - Author: Mihai Nadin
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#23. All we are doing are self-portraits. As simple that. We accumulate knowledge and wisdom and power, and we get our hearts broken, and we write. We write for others to absorb what took us so long to understand. - Author: Cristian Mihai
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#24. I don't pretend to understand these feelings, but I'm willing to let the inexplicable sit sacred. - Author: Marlena De Blasi
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#25. We are born and then we die. And in between lies only this strange darkness that we can't break. - Author: Cristian Mihai
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#26. Still earth shall only earth remain,
Let luck its course unfold,
And I in my own kingdom reign
Immutable and cold. - Author: Mihai Eminescu
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